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Only Thyme Will Tell

3rd Date with Saffron was a Success

Only Thyme Will Tell-0.1
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18 Nov 2020 19 Nov 2020
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Note: there are probably better options to unlock this, but these are all the dialogue choices I made to unlock the achievement.

Set your career as Other, your interests as Spirituality, Arts, Charity, and your astrological sign to Cancer.

First Date
-Poem (Note: The Planting the Seed achievement will unlock here)

Second Date
-2 of Swords
-7 of Cups
-Stay (Note: the Not Alone achievement and the most embarrassing scene in acting history will unlock here)

Third Date
-How long have you had them?
-Quality time
-Long distance
-I'd like to keep seeing you

Achievement unlocks after the credits, which you can skip with RB.
MasterChief Tom"and the most embarrassing scene in acting history" - You get a +1 just for this! toast
Posted by MasterChief Tom on 03 Jan at 13:59
MrkDhn10+1 from me as well. She managed to out-Nicholas Cage, Nicholas Cage!
Posted by MrkDhn10 on 16 Jan at 13:40