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Nothing Can Stop You

Get all pup treats and collectables for Rescue Mission “Save Mandy”

Nothing Can Stop You-1.6
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable
19 Nov 2020 19 Nov 2020
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This level contains 750 pup treats and 3 collectables.

The first 250 pup treats are from flying in the sky with Skye, the remaining 500 are in the normal level.
NOTE: Even though you start and complete the beginning of the level with Skye, it will NOT count towards the achievement "In The Air." That one must be completed in the mini games section.

Pup treats and collectables are scattered all throughout the levels. Pup treats are found either by themselves worth 1 pup treat, in a bag worth 3 pup treats, or by interacting with certain obstacles in the level by pressing cn_Y with the appropriate character.

Collectables are shield icons with the Paw Patrol logo (which is just a paw print.)

Pup treats and collectables are difficult to miss as the game is fairly linear. If you do happen to miss a pup treat or collectable, you can replay the level to locate the treats you had missed. Previously discovered treats will be highlighted blue to differentiate from non-discovered pup treats.