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Blindman’s Bluff

Win a hand without ever looking at your cards

Blindman’s Bluff0
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21 Nov 2020 21 Nov 2020
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By following this guide carefully you can earn 6 achievements off one hand (blind mans bluff/bet bet bet/risk it for a biscuit/bluffing eh/ handy/bring it on) first you need a friend one off you needs to create a custom cash game buy in amount does not matter, set to friends/club only and no AI players. Start the game do not look at your cards, on the first hand raise min amount have your friend re raise min amount then re raise back, your friend raises one more time then you go all in your friends folds then show your cards.
OOGI got this by playing H2H tournament. Guy I went up against was a frequent folder. Didn't look at my cards and he folded preflop and was awarded the achievement.
Posted by OOG on 24 Nov 20 at 09:36