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Reach settlement level 6

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23 Nov 2020 18 Jan 2021
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So, this will take you some time. Don't get ahead of yourself, this will likely come during/after the last story arc with Sigurd. You must complete each raid location and each Alliance that grants you supplies as well as the ones that increase your population. You will, after completing all raids and alliances, conveniently have just enough raw materials to build everything, so the only issue is supplies. The final addition to the cattle, grain, and fowl farms cost 1200 supplies and 90 raw materials. (another edit: you must do this upgrade 2-3 times. for me the first UPGRADE cost the same as building the farms, the next 2 UPGRADES required 1200 n 90. (maybe the game glitched out idfk, i also did it REALLY early in the games life so it coulda been reworked.) Loot every supply box you come across, I had to spend two hours trying to find 1000 supplies last night so to avoid that I'd say just thoroughly loot every monastery, and big cities like London and wincester will also have plenty of supplies, as well as the smaller villages and river raid locations (not the main raids, the smaller ones that arent marked with red-axes on your map) (credit to JewsusHKrist for pointing out the village and river raid areas being good areas for supplies.) supply boxes are more...homemade? looking, as opposed to the weapon and armor upgrade materials chests which look like actual stereotypical video-game chests

Edit: Jan. 16th. 2021. There are 3 upgrades to the 3 farms after you build them. If the buildings have signs next to them, they must still be upgraded further. When looking at the village through your Ravens point of view, any buildings that require upgrades will have their symbols outlined in blue.

I hope this helps! Good luck achievement hunting :)
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DarylDixon681I have raided almost every monastery..i only have 1 left unraided and my settlement is only at level 5 (halfway mark)... it seems each time i upgrade one of my settlement places, it only gives me a sliver of progress towards my settlement... where can i find more raw materials through other means besides raiding monasterys? i have more than enough supplies.. thats not the problem... the raw materials is what i need. because if i cannot find the materials, then i am totally screwed... because i have only one place left to raid....i need help please
Posted by DarylDixon681 on 03 Dec 20 at 00:17
DarylDixon681I mean i need more materials not supplies
Posted by DarylDixon681 on 03 Dec 20 at 02:51
DarylDixon681But when u upgrade a settlement section does it say build or upgrade on the sign?
Posted by DarylDixon681 on 03 Dec 20 at 21:26
DarylDixon681Also when i try to upgrade a section, it takes my materials and it doesnt seem like it upgraded. Like i spent my resources on the fowl farm 2 times, its like it didnt upgrade at keeps asking for more
Posted by DarylDixon681 on 03 Dec 20 at 21:29
tacticlblackmanI left most of the mysteries till post game, I apologize for not realizing some had materials tied to them and I am positive That I got all of my materials from raiding/alliances. the "upgrading" thing threw me off too, i believe that you must build the farms and then upgrade three times each (not 100% on that) and they do give TINY slivers by the end of it on upgrade level 5/6. Like i said, dont try to rush it it is something meant to happen laaaaate into the game if not post game. for a very long time i thought i had done all raid but when i looked at a map online i found 4 more that i hadnt done yet, perhaps you havent discovered them all yet? it could also be bugged which would be massively unfortunate :/ Not sure what to tell you besides alliances/raids give you materials man
Posted by tacticlblackman on 03 Dec 20 at 23:08
JewsusHKristUse your raven and look at your settlement from above... if the building marker is still blue it means it can be upgraded further, if not it means it's done. It even tells you how many materials and supplies you need to make that upgrade and also tells you what the feast perk is from your upgrade... near the end your upgrading the perk not the physical building
Posted by JewsusHKrist on 03 Dec 20 at 23:56
count023I upgraded my fowl farm twice but it doesnt seem to have registered... anyone know what the go is there? I dropped 200 raw materials and a pile of supplies on it but it still says "build" and the letter in the longhouse still syas "2nd and final upgrades needed for fowl farm" AND the build sign is still there...
Posted by count023 on 05 Dec 20 at 13:05
Calex dEUSFor those short on supplies look at the map and look for yellow dots allow the rivers , these are usually in camps and will have 100 supplies, you can either raid on your boat or go by yourself.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 06 Dec 20 at 22:22
JewsusHKristYes good call! The river bank raider camps are a good source for supplies and small towns have a small amount too. The closer to the water the better. You need to look for the smaller gold dots that you can only see when you're totally zoomed in on your location. They seem to be in the chests with the flat tops, not the rounded ones. This is how I ended up obtaining the last few I needed.
Posted by JewsusHKrist on 07 Dec 20 at 15:24
VanGekoi had enough raw materials in the end. i only must find the last 2 houses to build für Hunwald and Mayda after that iam on zero raw materials.
Posted by VanGeko on 08 Dec 20 at 02:12
MattynicklinI have done all raids and completed everything in the game and by my calculations still need another 4300 supplies. This is going to be a grind.
Posted by Mattynicklin on 11 Dec 20 at 05:04
THOR4205I'm hoping the note in your long house room is static. It says 2nd upgrade for cattle, grain, and fowl no matter what I do. The grain shows fully upgraded; the upgrade sign is gone and no blue halo around the icon. Both cattle and fowl, however, seem glitched. Maybe they wanted to allow for continuing to get more buffs (ranged for cattle and melee for fowl). When I do the 1000/85 upgrade on my fowl, it says "building complete", the settlement meter moves a little, but the upgrade sign remains (now 1200/90) with the blue halo. My cattle I must have done twice already, because it wants 1200/90. Similarly, when I do the upgrade, it says "building complete", the settlement meter moves a little, but the upgrade sign remains (still 1200/90) with the blue halo. So I'm going to wait on both until I have a ton of resources or I complete the story line.

Update 13 Dec 2020: I waited until I had enough resources. When I do the "90 resources" upgrade three times, the "keep building" sign disappears. When I did that for both the cattle and fowl, the achievement popped and Settlement Level 6 was reached. The appearance of both also changed.
Posted by THOR4205 on 12 Dec 20 at 03:00
Danielwang008Remember, only after Eurviscire main story quest all finished this achievement can be popped out. Since Eurviscire alliance gives development of settlement. All multiple-upgradable farms can be updated for 3 times(if I remember correctly)
Posted by Danielwang008 on 13 Dec 20 at 14:33
AntiDoubloon37I have done all the upgrades, reached level six, finished all territories and having no more indications of any needed upgrades for Ravensthorpe but the trophy doesn’t still appear. My be one of the many bugs in the game?
Posted by AntiDoubloon37 on 15 Dec 20 at 12:08
kT EchoJust a word of warning, I had done everything in the game and I still wasn't getting level 6. Apparently the Fowl Farm doesn't show up when using the Raven. Go to the easternmost part of the lake in Ravensthorpe to find it! Once I upgraded that I got the achievement
Posted by kT Echo on 02 Jan at 23:43
kids got soulThe suggestion to check small villages for gold dots for extra supplies was an amazing tip. Needed a couple hundred more to finish off my last upgrade and visiting two spots and got what I needed easily.
Posted by kids got soul on 10 Jan at 20:35
DoG Suey IDI have a raid that won’t complete. I’ve killed all the soldiers and looted all the treasure. I’ve tried completing it three times. Still won’t let me finish. I’m assuming this is the only this holding me back since I’ve completed everything else.
Posted by DoG Suey ID on 11 Jan at 17:56
AgentOfAbyssThe final addition to the cattle, grain, and fowl farms cost 1200 supplies and 90 raw materials. Do you have to do this multiple times? I know I've done this upgrade to each of them but it's still not a Level 6 and it's asking me to do the same upgrade again.
Posted by AgentOfAbyss on 15 Jan at 14:36
tacticlblackmanThen you have to upgrade it again. The building will no longer have the sign used to initiate the upgrade(s) once you have done the final upgrade.
Posted by tacticlblackman on 16 Jan at 08:48
AgentOfAbyssOkay so the "final" upgrade to each is 1200 supplies x3 each so really 3,600?
Posted by AgentOfAbyss on 17 Jan at 18:29
tacticlblackmansure, whatever makes you happy man.
Posted by tacticlblackman on 18 Jan at 01:59
burninhemroidI don't know about anyone else, but I still have 30 Raw Material left that I can't spend anywhere. I know that I have upgraded everything because there are no upgrade signs around town. And I can tell by the progress bar that if I find whatever it needs to be spent on I'll hit level 6.
Posted by burninhemroid on 18 Jan at 23:29
tacticlblackmanfowl farm?
Posted by tacticlblackman on 19 Jan at 07:24
bishop SWEburninhemroid: I had the same problem but I found a new building to build: ”Hunwald and Swanburrow’s House” that costs 400 supplies and 30 raw materials. West of the docks. That was the last sliver to level 6 for me.
Posted by bishop SWE on 23 Jan at 14:57