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Abandon Ship!

Save one or more crew members from certain death by issuing the abandon ship command

Abandon Ship!-0.2
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Jagd Gray WolfJagd Gray Wolf622,070
26 Nov 2020 26 Nov 2020
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I saved this achievement for last.

After completing the campaign you can continue doing missions with a ship and crew. What you need to do is have your ship be under attack and have a red bar appear on the HUD with a countdown. This means that if you do not repair the component in time your crew could face death. Either get the red bar for needing to repair the oxygen machine or repair the power core. While the time is running out you simply must have at least two crew members eject via a pod. I ejected all 6 crew members including the pilot. As soon as they ejected, the Space Crew logo came out and the achievement popped.