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Party Patrol

Get 10 squad wipe medals in Fireteam.

Party Patrol-1.0
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30 Nov 2020 30 Nov 2020
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heya guys

this achievement just takes time and patience

a squad wipe is achieved by killing the last guy in an opponents squad (the group of 4)

fireteam dirty bomb consists of up to 10 different squads

there is actually no way of knowing whether someone your about to kill is the last man in a squad which can be a problem but the simple answer to this is just to get more kills ... its kind of luck based because you can go into a game , get 50 kills and get no squad wipes whereas you can just get 1 kill and its a squad wipe

there a 3 easy ways to get kills in this game mode

1 is to just camp an objective ... this means you go to an objective (probably with a sniper) and just kill anyone trying to upload their uranium

2 is getting in a vehicle ... any vehicle will do because the snowmobiles / motorbikes are great for running people over and ofc the tanks are great at just blowing people up

3 is by getting lucky and getting a good score streak out of the boxes that are dotted around the map where you get the uranium

hope this helps guys ... personally i used the krig for my set up but gun choice is whatever your most comfortable with