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The Final Countdown

Complete The Final Countdown in Campaign on any difficulty.

The Final Countdown-0.1
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30 Nov 2020 30 Nov 2020
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heya guys

so i show you in the video guide below how to get 'The Final Countdown & Scorched Earth 2' at the same time

the final countdown mission is easy itself but it just requires you to tell the truth when being questioned in identity crisis (you will have 2 options in yellow when adler asks you where Perseus is)

as far as Scorched Earth 2 goes that one is a little more tricky ... near the start of the mission you will be given a grenade launcher ... you need to take out the first watchtower on your right , then the trucks are in this order - left, right , left, right ... then its a case of taking out the next 4 watch towers ahead of you

the only thing that makes that part hard is how fast paced it is but once you learn the pattern youll be fine ... it took me about 50 attempts lol but you can restart the checkpoint as many times as you like