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So Metal

K.O. Noize.

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05 Dec 2020 05 Dec 2020
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This boss will be either really fun or really annoying depending on your preferences, but it follows a two part pattern each phase.

---On Stage---
At the start of each phase, instead of fighting her directly you'll have to dodge her "Guitar Hero" style mini game, while she's immune on stage. Six columns on the floor will have colored "notes" moving down screen which you'll need to jump over to the best of your ability. Annoyingly, they can still dmg you even when they are "offscreen" at the bottom. I highly recommend using the "Frill Bra" item (obtained after defeating Hibari) which gives one extra second of invulnerability after getting hit as it will greatly help you recover from mistakes.

---Off Stage---
When the game ends she will jump down to you and deal dmg in a horizontal line across the arena which persists for a few seconds. When the speaker lights end, jump up or down to avoid this.
Don't stay near her until she finishes her combos. She will spin her guitar, and start dashing around the room, leaving a visible path. When she stops, her guitar will come back to her, following the path she drew. Additionally she summons two crazed fans that (for some reason) pursue you instead of her. They only need one hit but will chase you and dmg you on contact. They will not go away if you ignore them and if you kill them they come back on her next combo, however they can never exceed the max number for each phase.
When her guitar returns to her, she will dash a final time at which point she will stand there gloating for you to hit her.

---Additional Notes---
This pattern repeats for each phase with the new changes:
-More "notes" to dodge when she's on stage
-Far more dashes for her guitar to follow before stopping
-More crazed fans summoned (four in phase 2, six in phase 3)
-Phase 2 new ability: Noize will summon two energy balls that you can only avoid until they deplete. Best to ignore all else and avoid these (she'll be busy dashing anyways)
-Phase 3 new ability: Noize can disappear and reappear at which point she'll do a ground aoe that can easily be jumped over
BlairbatYeah, this boss fight can either be really annoying or really fun. It was fun for me until the 10th death XD
Posted by Blairbat on 13 Dec 20 at 01:41
SincereSeeker6The guitar portion is extremely difficult.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 25 Oct at 04:00
FruitofPassion@SincereSeeker6 It just takes practice. You can do it!
Posted by FruitofPassion on 25 Oct at 22:34
corpirateKey is just being patient and not chasing her around, focus on avoiding her spinning axe and taking out fans – only head over to her once she's stopped attacking as described in the guide above. When she spawns the tracking projectiles in phase 2 & 3 try to avoid them as best you can, but when one hits you, just stand still whilst you are invulnerable after getting up and the others should hit you and disappear without you taking further damage.

Phase one
Head to her once her spinning axe comes back to her, do damage

Phase two
Head to her after her axe comes back to her and she's done an additional single swing of her axe, do damage

Phase three
She has a lot going on here, just be patient and wait for her to stop moving and go passive, do damage. Spend your time avoiding her attacks and taking out fans whilst you wait.
Posted by corpirate on 05 Nov at 09:39