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Thar she blows

Beat the Beruberu

Thar she blows-6.2
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05 Dec 2020 06 Dec 2020
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Edit: Dev response thanks to WhiterValkyrie for asking! You just have to spend 2-3 days without coming back to the nest for this creature to appear.

If you stay out late enough a giant angry whale will menacingly start following you. I don’t recommend fighting unless you have at least 2 healing balms, some blast/impact capsules, and preferably if your duo attack damage is maxed.

I believe the whale has 3 stages in the fight:

First phase easy peazy just deal damage using duo blast then duo impact.

Second phase it’ll have either a red or green aura. The red is weak to only DUO blast while the green is weak to only DUO impact

And finally the third phase is when it starts charging up its laser attack. Plenty of time to prep your shields and wait for it to attack. Not worth trying to squeeze in one more hit, trust me. I believe it attacks in two successions so wait for that second attack. After the second laser it should be stunned and you’re good to continue the combo.

Now for actually getting some damage on this unit you’re going to want to hit it with a blast or impact capsule while it’s stunned. Charging up duo attacks takes too long in comparison to having one/both of you using a capsule attack. Good luck and remember to block!
Tyger7I'm pretty sure it spawns when you don't sleep for a long time. It's the punishment for ignoring the need to rest.

Seeing as you got it early on and I discovered almost all areas before the rumbling. There was a specific place I found the tremors twice, but could have been coinciden
Posted by Tyger7 on 06 Dec 20 at 02:03
Tyger7What about needing to eat?
Posted by Tyger7 on 06 Dec 20 at 23:04
DarklinkvortexHas it been confirmed that you can eat? Also how long is a haven day
Posted by Darklinkvortex on 07 Dec 20 at 19:28
DarklinkvortexHas it been confirmed that you can eat? Also how long is a haven day
Posted by Darklinkvortex on 07 Dec 20 at 19:49
WhiterValkyrieNo it has not been confirmed. A day is more or less 15 min !
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 09 Dec 20 at 06:10
CosmoSeriouslyWhy doesn't it appear to me? :(
Posted by CosmoSeriously on 09 Dec 20 at 19:42
Calex dEUSOk I can spawn this at will now. You need to wait a full day in game anywhere really for 25 minutes to get it shake the screen. In order for it to show up you need to be in an area with rust. Shit you cleared out all the rust like I did???? Go to the top upper left corner of the map there will always be rust there.

I waited in a non rust area to get the initial screen shake/roar and made my way to the area I mentioned and he didn't appear. Thats ok you just need to sit some more like for about 5-7 minutes.

Seems this fight has to be done hungry so don't rest or eat or it will reset. Also go into settings and sett enemy attack speed to slow and damage to light.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 18 Dec 20 at 22:31
Fougere721So for me I afked in an island for like 45 minutes and nothing happened. Once i went elsewhere to go eat food at a camp the earthquake happened as soon as I switched places. I went back thinking he was coming for another 10 minutes. Still did not come so I left once again to go camp cause Yu and Kay we’re starving once I got back to the island he showed up immediately so for me I had to leave the land and come back to trigger both quake and his arrival. Very annoying achievement
Posted by Fougere721 on 03 Jan at 19:25
BStringbeanCamping and eating is a very good idea to avoid fighting it hungry. I found the tonic really helpful in the second phase to get attacks off quicker in time.
Posted by BStringbean on 10 Jan at 11:10