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An eye for an eye

Take a spill each, back-to-back

An eye for an eye-0.4
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N7 ReyesN7 Reyes402,324
05 Dec 2020 05 Dec 2020
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On the bottom of the map (either Katehi or Katepa) you’ll learn how to propel each other forward in order to catch those jellyfish looking creatures. After learning this you just have to “miss” and throw either Yu or Kay onto the floor followed by the other.
Inferno118Doesn’t seem to work in free roam, they don’t land on the floor like in the tutorial. Anyone know if there’s a way to reattempt this? I hope it’s not locked to the tutorial only..
Posted by Inferno118 on 17 Dec 20 at 02:11
Inferno118Nvm my comment, it started to work randomly after I just kept throwing
Posted by Inferno118 on 17 Dec 20 at 05:31
Calex dEUSFor me this event happened in Guyahi, triggered after I camped there.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 17 Dec 20 at 17:16
Gutsy GoddessThis achievement isnt buggy or anything. First you need to have an critters around and try to throw your partner on it. If theres no critters, u cant miss it to piss your partner off. Next u need to play as the characters who bite the dust 😅 then do the same. When he/she says revenge. The achievement should pop. For me i was playing as kay when he went pantless, threw Yu on that ant eater looking creature, then used Yu to throw kay at the same critter but intentionally missed and he hit the ground with face and Yu said revenge!. And cheevo popped
Posted by Gutsy Goddess on 11 Jan at 19:52