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Lose a game of strip-a-bobble

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N7 ReyesN7 Reyes402,047
06 Dec 2020 06 Dec 2020
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If you’re like me and you spent the majority of your time outside and sleeping outside and especially EATING outside then brace yourself. I feel like I had to go through every cutscene of every collectible item in my “Stuff” tab before I got this cutscene to play!

Solution: Eat in the ship as often as you can. Only cook when you can eat because if you eat the same type of meals, as in Appledew is the base (Left side ingredient), then a cutscene will not occur. Sleep to induce hunger by exiting the ship and immediately returning inside to be able to sleep and then eat one or two meals. Rinse and repeat until you get this cutscene.
JumpStart57Thanks man your help is appreciated for these last achievements im getting before i do the ending
Posted by JumpStart57 on 06 Dec 20 at 06:05
ShadowLordXZYou can make this a bit faster by pressing the LB button during cooking cutscenes (or any other cutscene if you don’t care what they say) to Fast Forward it to the next choice you can make.
Posted by ShadowLordXZ on 27 Dec 20 at 20:24
UNeakOneHow many items are in your stuff tab?
Posted by UNeakOne on 30 Dec 20 at 02:21
TotalBlankGuyarow, go into the house and find the Zooloolum game. Cook Appledew, eat it, sleep. Rinse and repeat until you go through all of your collectible cutscenes and they will eventually play strip-a-bobble. There are 2 more strip-a-bobble scenes before the achievement unlocks, 3 in total.
Posted by TotalBlank on 15 Jan at 03:07
Jesus Del PozoFor this achievement sleep and eat marble appledew cake that helps to trigger the cutscene 3 or 4. You will see them on the floor playing cards
Posted by Jesus Del Pozo on 10 Mar at 15:02
W1ntermuted+1 for Marble Appledew Cake making it easier to trigger
Posted by W1ntermuted on 17 Mar at 21:58