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Rec Roomer II

Reach level 50

Rec Roomer II-528.7
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07 Dec 2020 10 Mar 2021
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Warning this achievement takes around 108 days to complete lvl0 -> lvl 50

We heard it was too easy to get to level 30, so we made getting to 40 and 50 more challenging. It will take significant time and investment to get to Level 50, and those who make it there should feel proud of their achievement. In addition, we made the lower levels come a bit faster to keep the excitement up for new players.
- published on Rec Room official forums

To reach level 50 you need about 16k xp (8x as much time as it took to reach lvl 30). Unclear if that's the total amount or amount of xp needed to get from 49 to 50. Click the link below to see XP chart

It also seems like there is a cap to how much xp you can get every single day. This daily xp cap is mentioned on multiple forums. Either a cap or glitch which seems to reset every day. Please note your xp only increases after you left a room/new round starts. Some sources suggest resetting the game if XP doesn't increase.

My xp cap resets at 00:00 UK time, Max in the comments section said his xp cap resets at 20:00 EST

Level 0 -> 30 progress is in my "Rec Roomer I" guide
Starting off with: lvl 30.1
Day 1: lvl 30.5 ---- Day 14: 35.9 ---- Day 27: 40.45
Day 2: lvl 30.9 ---- day 15: 36.3 ---- Day 28: 40.60
Day 3: lvl 31.4 ---- Day 16: 36.75 -- Day 29: 40.73
Day 4: lvl 31.8 ---- Day 17: 37.2 --- Day 30: 40.87
Day 5: lvl 32.25 -- Day 18: 37.62 -- Day 31: 41
Day 6: lvl 32:6 ---- Day 19: 38 ----- Day 32: 41.13
Day 7: lvl 33.1 ---- Day 20: 38.45 -- Day 33: 41.26
Day 8: lvl 33.5 ---- Day 21: 38.87 Day 34: 41.39
Day 9: lvl 33.9 ---- Day 22 39.25 ---- Day 35: 41.51
Day 10: lvl 34.27 -- Day 23: 39.75 -- Day 36: 41.63
Day 11: lvl 34.73 -- Day 24: 40.03 -- Day 37: 41.85
Day 12: lvl 35.12 -- Day 25: 40.15 -- Day 38: 41.95
Day 13: lvl 35.5 --- Day 26: 40.28 -- Day 39: 42.09
Day 40: 42.23

Starting at level 40 you should be progressing at a steady rate of around 0.13 per day (A little over 1/8 of the square per day, or half a straight bar). If you finish the day with fresh lvl 43 for example, then the next day you can expect to be just past the first corner (about 3-4 pixels past)

To see your own level open your watch interface (menu button) and click the top left corner (profile). This will display your profile dashboard including what level you are.

There are 2 strategies found so far

1, Active
- Play 3 games to complete daily challenges + another 10 games to max out the daily xp cap. Results may differ, depends on how long the 10 games take

2, Passive
- Join a community room (watch -> play -> select community in the right-hand side menu) The UI has been updated earlier on this week. Select Watch -> play and pick hot from the top bar menu to see levels where you can earn XP or recommended to play levels you joined before and afk for about 30 mins, after 30 mins leave the game and rejoin, repeat 4 times to get 2 hours play time (There seems to be a cap to how much XP you can earn at once)

Some ways to get XP:

Daily login bonus:
Logging in every day grants you a small amount of XP.

Cheering people:
Dpad left and up to select cheer, approach someone and hold LT. This will bring up a menu where you can cheer people. Limit 16 per day.

Getting Cheers:
If someone happens to give you "cheer" a notification will pop up. Confirm the cheer to get a small amount of XP.

Completing challenges:
There are weekly and daily challenges in your watch interface. Completing those challenges rewards you with an item and xp

Playing games:
Most important of all, playing games. I tend to stay away from team games like: paintball, laser tag, baseball etc. I find it easier to play solo games like: disc throw or quest games (^GoldenTrophy, ^CrimsonCauldron).
As pointed out by Max you should only play rec room original games or games with #RRO in descriptions, just to be safe hit the first icon in game filter menu (square box icon with some lines in it)
Community rooms do give XP now
With quest games up to 4 people work together to clear stages of enemies. The more enemies you kill the more xp you seem to get, hence if you are in a lobby alone start the game. Take it easy and let the enemies come to you. It's a one hit kill so be careful.
With disc throw up to 4 people compete against each other to get a disc from point A to B. Again if you're in a lobby alone, start the game.

Making rooms:
Probably the hardest one on this list. Make a room and publish it. If it's good enough people have the chance to like it (cheer), more people like the more xp you get. It's difficult for a room to become popular. Wouldn't waste my time on it.

Big thanks to all the people who helped me write this guide:

Iggsy81I wonder how long it would take just logging in and cheering a few ppl per day?
Posted by Iggsy81 on 09 Dec 20 at 20:00
pomikoliHi iggsy, in 4 days of playing and reaching xp cap every day I managed lvl 19 3/4. I'd say it's possible to get to lvl 30 in about a week. Since lvl 50 should take 8x as much you could reach it in about 8-10 weeks by playing every day and reaching the xp cap. Now login in gives you a tiny amount of xp. We could be talking months and months before you reach lvl 50
Posted by pomikoli on 09 Dec 20 at 20:12
pomikoliIt takes about 30 mins to reach the xp cap if you're doing the quests.
Posted by pomikoli on 09 Dec 20 at 20:13
Dampish10I'm on day 3 and reached 15.8 @_@ is it random for everyone???
Posted by Dampish10 on 12 Dec 20 at 09:39
pomikoliIf you didn't reach the xp cap on one of the previous days you can't be the same level as I was on day 3
Posted by pomikoli on 12 Dec 20 at 16:45
justintime44444How do you know if you hit the cap?
Posted by justintime44444 on 14 Dec 20 at 03:44
pomikoliHi, if you check my other solution for lvl 30, it says how much xp you can reach every day, as well as gives you a graph where you can see what your progress should be
Posted by pomikoli on 14 Dec 20 at 12:09
Cerberustorm@pomikoli will you updating your progress on this since the last guide was to take us to level 30

Would be good to see your daily progress continued from the last guide as this is for level 50

Let the 93 day sentence begin... I'm day 12/13 in toto this madness 😂
Posted by Cerberustorm on 18 Dec 20 at 08:10
qManballinI wish it displayed exactly how much XP one has and how much one gets for completing certain tasks/quests/games. Does anyone any idea what has the most value at this time? AFKing in a lobby is not something I'd rather do but if that's the most efficient..........
Posted by qManballin on 18 Dec 20 at 08:21
pomikoli@Cerberustorm AHHHHHH sure, I'll be updating this guide as I go.
@qManballin I'll see what I can do, Will play different games and record the progress
Posted by pomikoli on 18 Dec 20 at 12:54
Cerberustorm@pomikoli it appears to be time spent in each mode and a lil extra xp for beigg on the winning side but not much. 5 games of laser tag and completing the daily only takes about an hour each day... Even if you don't complete the daily... 5 laser tag and half hour idling in an explore map and your sorted for the day on maxing out thr xp cap
Posted by Cerberustorm on 18 Dec 20 at 23:56
SwiftSupafly@qmanballin Idling in lobbies is the easiest way. As for most time efficient vs. Playing mini games such as paintball, its really going to depend on how long rounds last. In my experience, for games it only counts if they are being played or you are out like in Dodgeball. Time spent waiting for the game to start means more time in game. Getting more kills does not seem to do anything. Wins may have a very marginal boost. With disc golf, getting under par seems to give a marginal extra amount but if its any its so little that idling is better. I found that full idling was around an 1 and half vs full playing seemed to be around 2 and a half to reach max (this did vary with how quickly games started and rounds lasted). I originally thought just have a team quickly win in paintball would be best but that's not the case for full exp. That idea will work for completing daily challenges.There could be something else im missing but as far as least amount of effort, idling seems best. The only way I'm seeing as far as passing an exp cap would be due to people cheering a room you've made but there's no information for this yet and is going to be hard to test.
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 19 Dec 20 at 15:24
qManballin@SwiftSupafly - it may be a good idea for TA Boosters to post their creations and have each other hop and cheering them up. Idling is definitely the simplest way of doing it but man I can't just leave it on and browse the web for long at all. Are you hopping in and out of games and then moving into the rec center or dorm room to see the progress? I may need to be more diligent in checking. When I get into a good laser tag or paintball game, I like to run it back and win win win >.<

The completionist in me has me going for the daily challenges and then 5 wins in laser tag or paintball.
Posted by qManballin on 20 Dec 20 at 08:18
pomikoliHi, I do the same. 2 - 3 games to complete the challenges and 5-6 to finish the day. Cheering gives so little xp it would be worth boosting
Posted by pomikoli on 20 Dec 20 at 11:58
SwiftSupaflyYeah what pomikoli said is how I go about it I do daily challenges then afk in a playlist room. I dont normally hop back and forth because I have a general idea of how much more time I need. It just comes down to how you want to do it. You could just as easily play until your bored of it for the day and just level up at you own pace but when asking for quickest and least amount of effort, pomikoli has done that research and seems spot on.

In theory, yeah someone could make a room and post it but you can only cheer it once so the experience is still so little that its almost nothing and I'm not sure it breaks the experience cap. It is the only thing remaining that I have not seen any research on. With that said, likely so small you wouldn't notice it unless you somehow got thousands of folks to cheer your room.
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 20 Dec 20 at 15:57
Cerberustorm@pomikoli I dunno about the boosting cheers. Everyday I login, I only seem to have a whole 6 to give, sometimes 7. I started the game with 16 and very seldom do I give somebody a cheer do I get it back. For minimal XP return, it's not even worth irm Il just co tinue my daily challenges then 5 games then a wander for 10-15 minutes in the community room to max out my daily XP cap
Posted by Cerberustorm on 21 Dec 20 at 07:20
SwiftSupaflyThat's what he was trying to say it would not be worth it. Yes, its a mis-type but from context you can figure out that's what he was saying. Login, complete challenges, go in the Hangout playlist, use your cheers that you have, and then idle to the cap. Rinse and Repeat as often or as little as you'd like.
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 21 Dec 20 at 14:38
pomikoliOh yeah, funny android keyboard, always messing with me. It wouldn't be worth it
Posted by pomikoli on 21 Dec 20 at 16:32
CerberustormSo from level 30 onwards, it only goes up 0.4 so it takes 5 days to even level up 😭
Posted by Cerberustorm on 22 Dec 20 at 01:29
pomikoliAnyone else noticing it takes far longer to reach the daily xp cap now? I swear I played like 11 games yesterday before hitting what I believe was the xp cap. Daily challenges do sweet f all now
Posted by pomikoli on 22 Dec 20 at 10:55
pomikoli@cerb 3 days
Posted by pomikoli on 22 Dec 20 at 12:44
qManballinDamn... just hit level 30 and after what I think was my cap, put me at around 30.1. Will see what my cap looks like tomorrow facepalm
Posted by qManballin on 23 Dec 20 at 02:55
Cerberustorm@pomikoli my minds just numb playing this and yeah, it has taken more games to level up. Is it really just 3 days, feels like iv played this game forever 😂

Daily challenges gave me a smidge of XP 🤔 Hardly even worth it
Posted by Cerberustorm on 23 Dec 20 at 07:16
pomikoliI know right, the amount of xp I am getting right now is tiny, yet the xp cap seems to be the same 150xp as before
Posted by pomikoli on 23 Dec 20 at 11:30
qManballin30.1 --> 30.65 ish. Fudgesicles this is gonna take forever.
Posted by qManballin on 24 Dec 20 at 08:39
pomikoliLvl 0 -> 40 = 6000xp. Lvl 40 -> 50 = 10000xp. The forever part is yet to come my friend
Posted by pomikoli on 24 Dec 20 at 12:29
pomikoliMerry Christmas to y'all mofos. We'll see each other again next year hehehehe
Posted by pomikoli on 24 Dec 20 at 20:38
CerberustormOh brilliant, level 40-50 😂 Reminds me of GTA IV when you hit level 9 and it does something similar with the level system 😂
Posted by Cerberustorm on 25 Dec 20 at 07:46
Angels Kill TooProud of their achievement? Did they cure something NAH they played garbage everyday for like ever lol

How do you know when you've reached the xp cap?

so i played laser tag and it says daily bonus complete after every game it was saying 1/5, 2/5 etc.

So you can play 5 games and then you have to wait another day or something?

I also try and do the daily every day and the weekly as long as it's not a quest one; but what you're saying is that I'll still get xp even if my character dies during the quest I just keep replaying it and getting kills and stuff?

Then quit and come back in a few hours or something or whenever I notice that xp bar isn't moving?
Posted by Angels Kill Too on 26 Dec 20 at 10:22
pomikoliHi, I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge.

You know you reached the XP cap once your XP bar stops to increase after playing multiple games. Say you're level 20.5, after 3 games go back to your down room, rec room, reset the game and play one more game. If the bar is still at 20.5 that's your daily cap

Laser tag increases your multiplier every game you play. This is solely for earning tokens and has nothing to do with xp. Say you earn 70 tickets x multiplier 3 = 280 tickets

It's usually around 8 games to reach the daily cap. 3 to complete daily tasks and 5 to max out the daily cap. Then you have to wait till next day. My xp cap resets at 00:00UK, max said it's 20:00EST. After this time has passed you can earn XP again. If you check my recromer 1 achievement guide there's a graph i made. Check your level say 20. Using my graph find how much XP that is. Say X=20, Y=1000. Add 150 to your XP and see where Y=1150 is. Say 21.3, that should be your daily cap.

Yes, if your character dies during the quest you still gain xp. Some people say it's based in how long you spend in the quest room and some say it's based on how many kills you get. The XP bar only ever increases after you change rooms, sometimes you have to reset the game
Posted by pomikoli on 26 Dec 20 at 12:47
CerberustormSadly there isn't a progress bar, its just a guessing game of when you've maxed it but I always play 10 games once the daily challenges are knocked to be sure but I don't reset my game during my run to save time.

I think it's time spent in the game like dodgeball (can be quick) lasertag or paintball. I could be wrong as players are saying it's when the games completed win or lose.

For the quest ones I just do them in private as I usually get paired up with idiots who just friendly fire you for the sake of it.
Posted by Cerberustorm on 27 Dec 20 at 10:22
pomikoliNew game mode should be added soon. Hopefully they increase/remove the xp cap
Posted by pomikoli on 28 Dec 20 at 19:14
SincereSeeker6Hey... So to reach the xp cap, you can just go in and out of several games and don't actually have to play them?

If not, what is the most efficient method to reach the xp cap and how long will it take per day?
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 29 Dec 20 at 01:51
qManballin@SincereSeeker 6 - I'm pretty sure the duration and activity in the game affect the final XP bonus from any given event. Otherwise, we would just join 100 games and quit out, right? Most efficient is a subjective statement at this point where we don't have physical numbers to compare. As others have mentioned, to prevent boredom, a lot of us are doing the daily/weekly challenges and then 5+ Laser Tag games because at least the Laser Tag has a winning bonus up to 5x per new game day. Could you get more XP after that? Perhaps. However, doing that would push me to my limit of how much I really want to play this game -.-
Posted by qManballin on 30 Dec 20 at 17:44
pomikoliThe winning bonus is just for tickets with which you can buy in game items
Posted by pomikoli on 30 Dec 20 at 22:02
qManballin@pomikoli - right, the displayed bonus are just tickets. However, how do we prove winning a laser tag game does or does not equate to more XP? No quantitative value displayed is just rude
Posted by qManballin on 30 Dec 20 at 23:55
pomikoliWe don't. It's all just assumtion
Posted by pomikoli on 31 Dec 20 at 00:19
CerberustormWinning or losing a game does not make a huge difference as I'm still needing to do 10-11 games before I'm hitting my XP cap for the day so I'm usually about 2 hours a day before I'm done.

Wishful thinking on the XP cap being removed but it would be nice to see it displayed
Posted by Cerberustorm on 02 Jan at 06:36
Sir PaulygonThank you for the updates. And, not a huge deal, but you have *two* Day 12 logs.
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 04 Jan at 15:46
pomikoliThanks I'll fix it
Posted by pomikoli on 04 Jan at 19:00
CerberustormNot even 30 days and I have lost the plot with this game. Iv gotten super bored of paintball/laser tag I just play golden conquest now to max out my XP 😂
Posted by Cerberustorm on 04 Jan at 21:10
pomikoliI just afk in community rooms. Parkour community maps in this game are great. Between this and Free Fall Frozen it's the most bored I've ever been playing games.
Posted by pomikoli on 04 Jan at 23:26
qManballinI've started afc'ing in community rooms as well. Fell off the wagon for a little bit and refused to even log on for a couple of days T_T
Posted by qManballin on 05 Jan at 05:01
CerberustormThe community rooms are decent due to low traffic for AFK whilst my character is spinderella for the 2 hours as I go do things around the house 😂
Posted by Cerberustorm on 05 Jan at 07:25
Sir Paulygon@ Cerberustorm - laugh Depending on my mood, I'm either constantly jumping for joy or tea-bagging air for those two hours.
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 05 Jan at 19:32
pomikoliTbagging the game
Posted by pomikoli on 05 Jan at 21:11
pomikoliHi guys, make sure you know how long it takes on average to reach the daily xp cap before you hit lvl 40. After lvl 40 the daily gain will be really small. It should take 8-9 days to go up a level
Posted by pomikoli on 06 Jan at 21:38
NINJA LORD 117what mode is the best for getting xp fast
Posted by NINJA LORD 117 on 07 Jan at 00:04
SincereSeeker6Interesting. Any estimate on how long it takes to reach the cap when you idle in the community room? That seems like the most productive method. (also, the community room is the "Rec Center?")
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 07 Jan at 05:14
pomikoliCommunity room is when you select play and "community" from the right side menu. Takes about 2 hours
Posted by pomikoli on 08 Jan at 14:29
SincereSeeker6Oh, that's definitely the way to go. Thanks.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 08 Jan at 20:31
Cerberustorm8-9 days a level after 40 😭😭
Posted by Cerberustorm on 09 Jan at 01:59
pomikoliDon't give up now guys, we're 1/3 of the way there YAAAYYY (sounds better than saying 62 days left OOPS)
Posted by pomikoli on 10 Jan at 13:42
Cerberustorm1/3 😂😂😂 It deffo feels much longer but can't give up now or it's all for nothing. It's only an hour a half of idling everyday anyway. My method is go in, load up into a community room for half hour, back out to dorm then repeat. Hour n half max and I don't bother with thr challenges no more as I couldn't give a monkeys what my character is wearing or what rubbish I can buy with my whatever currency they have ingame 😂
Posted by Cerberustorm on 11 Jan at 07:50
FlipYourWigHDThe trouble with this BS game is there are probably hundreds of 10 year olds that will get this through paintballing 2 hours a day, yet we will never know because they aren't on True Achievements!!
Posted by FlipYourWigHD on 11 Jan at 11:23
SincereSeeker6That's not really a bad thing. This game will have an insane ratio because very few people are going to do it. The level 30 already makes the game a 2.1, and the 200 point achievement for level 50 hasn't even been calculated yet.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 11 Jan at 15:35
Sir Paulygon@ SincereSeeker6 - Excellent point. Wonder what the ratio and TA score will end up being?
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 11 Jan at 19:21
pomikoli@Sir Paulygon If we assume 10% of people who reached lvl 30 are hardcore completionists then the TA score for this achievement would be in the 6000 range. Based on current numbers
Posted by pomikoli on 11 Jan at 21:08
Sir PaulygonNot bad at all! I'm a little bit behind you since I started this late, but if all goes well, should be unlocking this late March.
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 12 Jan at 16:26
SincereSeeker6Yeah me too. I started 5 or 6 days ago, after I figured out you can just idle. Definitely worth it since you don't have to waste any time with it, just wait a lot of days.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 13 Jan at 00:13
ShSilentFartFantastic guide! On point in every way! Love the game! Currently at 31 but i play a lot and switch through games but mine seems to be going super slow lately.... But some days when its normal ill get plenty of XP in the day. Follow there guide and youll be at 50 in no time!
Thanks for the guide! Lota of help!!!!! =D
Posted by ShSilentFart on 13 Jan at 01:04
Cerberustorm@pomikoli Not sure if it's just me but since hitting level 40, I seem to be hitting my xp cap within an hour. I think the xp cap got smaller from hitting level 40 and I'm double checking everyday taking note of how long iv spent in the game modes but 3 days in a row, all done within an hour with the bar not even moving so much as a ball hair 🤔
Posted by Cerberustorm on 15 Jan at 01:12
pomikoliHi i noticed afk ing in community rooms only gives so much xp. Say 40 mins and 2 hours in the same lobby gives the same amount of xp. I have to switch lobbies in order to gain more xp. There was an update yesterday or the day before, maybe they changed something
Posted by pomikoli on 15 Jan at 16:05
Cerberustorm@pomikoli I noticed that XP stops after a certain time, its probably to stop player's idling full stop so 30 minutes each time for me before I switch rooms. Yeah I know exactly what you mean by 40 minutes or 2 hours and still the same XP, learned my lesson the time wasted way!

I just head to the dorm room then go back into the same community room I was in seems to work and I have a little hiding spot in one of the maps where nobody seems to find me lol
Posted by Cerberustorm on 16 Jan at 01:14
pomikoliA new guide has been published for 'RecRoomer II' achievement. Was really looking forward to seeing what new strategies and glitches have been found. Links to an unfinished complaint post I made on RecRoom Reddit forums where I didn't even list any strategies. Not impressed, back to afk ing
Posted by pomikoli on 19 Jan at 03:22
pomikoliOkay, i saw the first person with lvl 50 on xbox. Some guy called MellowRR, unlocked both lvl 30 and 50 on 5/1/2021. Time played 5hr. This makes me think once you have lvl50 you can log in to all your alt accounts and unlock the achievements for lvl 30 and 50
Posted by pomikoli on 19 Jan at 23:06
CerberustormThe highest iv seen so far is level 47 few days ago for Xbox so I just thought is was a games tester with early access
Posted by Cerberustorm on 20 Jan at 01:10
pomikoliThe game is crossplay + progress caries over. If you were to log in on a phone or ps4 you would be at the same level as you are now
Posted by pomikoli on 20 Jan at 01:13
SincereSeeker6Yeah that's what I'm doing. Running it on Steam until I get level 50 so I can avoid having an incomplete game for such a long time. The XP cap exists on all platforms unfortunately.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 20 Jan at 02:22
CptWillyBoyIf I play on my phone and get to level 50, will the achievement unlock if I boot up on Xbox? Been AFKing my Xbox for hours, rubberbanding dodgeball (sorry teammates)
Posted by CptWillyBoy on 20 Jan at 03:09
pomikoliMy opinion is based on players who got this or lvl 30 achievement already. If you look up the first ever person who got lvl30 on TA he did it without leaving his dorm room (not possible). Player MellowRR got both achievements on the same day (Less than 5hr playtime) Either there is something fishy going on, or you can play on other devices and still unlock this achievement when you log in to xbox
Posted by pomikoli on 20 Jan at 13:59
SwiftSupaflyThanks for the shoutout mate! I've switched back and forth on ideas lately testing out. It almost seems like afking in dogeball might be the way to go. After a few test, can reach max EXP around an hour and some change. Theres a catch here, you need the games to go all 5 rounds and full rounds. I have found it seems theres almost always one guy on each team going full tryhard and they never get hit. Whys this important? Theres now an option to vote to kick people for afk (or at least people are now using it). I've found in the main hangout lounge, more often than not im getting booted for spinning in circles vs not getting booted in dogedball. That along with the slight exp advantage maybe a better route. If your having issues or just have limited time, give this a try.
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 26 Jan at 12:43
JakkeSWEI just AFK paintball for 1-2h a day. Done it for a week now and im lvl 21. So it takes time but you dont really have to play, i do that when going to bed. Xbox dont kick you from the lobby.
Posted by JakkeSWE on 26 Jan at 17:48
Sir PaulygonFull disclaimer: I'm horrible at math (laugh), but seems at the rate the XP is trending once you reach level 40, this will definitely take over 100 days to achieve. If I had to guess, 116 days.
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 27 Jan at 16:23
pomikoliHahahaha thanks a lot. I am not sure where my math went wrong but 16150xp / 150 (daily cap) does seem to be around 108. Must've been drunk when I did the maths. I'll fix it now
Posted by pomikoli on 27 Jan at 18:04
Cerberustorm@pomikoli did my jail sentence just get extended for an extra 12 days on top of the 96 original days 😂
Posted by Cerberustorm on 28 Jan at 07:08
pomikoli@Cerberustorm look at the bright side, you get to enjoy this gem of a game for 12 more days
Posted by pomikoli on 28 Jan at 11:52
pomikoliI think i am done with this guide now. The progress from now on will be constant .13 and i feel like there's no need to further record those changes. I've written a review, worked with y'all on guiding future players and i feel like there's nothing more I can do. Time to move on to other guides. I will still be playing rec room and in case of a major update will update the guide. Thanks everyone
Posted by pomikoli on 28 Jan at 20:19
Cerberustorm@pomikoli thanks for putting everything together for this extremely boring and grindy achievement.

Just wish they would increase the XP cap or remove it completely
Posted by Cerberustorm on 28 Jan at 23:19
Sir PaulygonAppreciated the updates! Probably not going to bother with this over the weekends going forward. I use an iPad while at the office, so I'll just idle there and that will free up my console while at home, playing games that are slightly better than this, haha.
Posted by Sir Paulygon on 31 Jan at 02:28
SwiftSupaflyNice work @pomikoli! Thanks for the work on this.
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 01 Feb at 17:43
FlipYourWigHDMet someone at level 49 today, so soon people will be lucky enough to get the achievement and then delete this trash game!! Sadly I'm only at level 28 so I've probably got like another year or two of this nonsense to go!!
Posted by FlipYourWigHD on 04 Feb at 21:50
SincereSeeker6Some people already have it... It's 0.02% unlock rate on Xbox. They just had an account already level 50 prior to the Xbox release.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 05 Feb at 00:33
thanatos8285I'm confused how people are AFKing any of this. I've tried it on Xbox, phone, and Steam, and I always get kicked for inactivity after maybe 10 minutes. What is the trick people are using to just idle away for several hours?
Posted by thanatos8285 on 08 Feb at 19:52
FlipYourWigHDIs there a way to tell exactly how far you are in a level? For example I look at the watch and it looks like I'm 30 and a quarter level but would like to know my exact level
Posted by FlipYourWigHD on 08 Feb at 19:56
SincereSeeker6@thanatos8285 On PC, I use a controller and position it so it's pressing the A key down and leaning against the side of the monitor to hold it up. Any way of continuously pressing or holding a button will work. If you just sit there, you will be disconnected.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 09 Feb at 04:58
pomikoliI usually place my controller facedown so that one stick is jammed against the table making me constantly spin
Posted by pomikoli on 09 Feb at 21:06
Lu770 P3rP37u0I can't connect, does anyone else has the same problem?
Posted by Lu770 P3rP37u0 on 10 Feb at 14:01
Lu770 P3rP37u0I can't connect, does anyone else has the same problem?
Posted by Lu770 P3rP37u0 on 10 Feb at 14:02
SwiftSupaflyJust be sure if you are using the just hanging out in hang out rooms to get your experience you change rooms or go out to the rec room or dorm room every 30 mins. It does seem it caps out of giving you experience in one room after that and you'll need to change rooms or exit and come back. Also use the other hangout rooms other than the lounge, it seems people will vote to kick you on occasion if they notice you spinning in circles (its uncommon but some people notice and do it). As a smaller aside, I'm not sure what the idle timer is attached to but I've noticed in the main lounge room when its full, at times I can only get away with around 6 mins of being fully afk. In some of the smaller less visited hangout rooms, I'm able to get to a full 10 mins and at times up to 12 mins. You can of course get around this with making your sticks or something keep you in motion but to make sure I'm not overspending time, I use the 10 mins and kick out to make sure I'm not over the 30 mins mark. Other then these, unless there's an update, I'm not sure there's much else to add. So best Happy Hunting!
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 12 Feb at 04:04
Mr MahHaThis is abysmal. Why do developers do things like this? 8 out of 10 achievements take 5 minutes tops. The last 2: 75-100 hours minimum of AFKing. This would be a lot more tolerable if there wasn’t a daily XP cap. I’ve never heard of this game until a few months ago. Did this game ever do like a “double XP weekend” where the daily cap was removed!?
Posted by Mr MahHa on 21 Feb at 03:10
SincereSeeker6As far as I know, there has never been double xp or cap removal. I'm just thankful that you don't actually have to sit around and play it every day.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 21 Feb at 04:28
pomikoli@Mr MahHa just to fix your math there it's more like 200hr+ 😅. Probably not the fix you want to hear tho. 108 days * 2 hours, been playing for good 80 days now and never had double xp or something similar
Posted by pomikoli on 21 Feb at 16:30
Mr MahHa@pomikoli I figured it was a lot higher and that’s why I wrote minimum. Thanks for update haha
Posted by Mr MahHa on 21 Feb at 19:48
pomikoliTo those following this thread/guide, have you missed a day so far?
Posted by pomikoli on 22 Feb at 21:08
SwiftSupafly@pomikoli I'm at Lvl 39. I have not missed a day since I started but I think I started a little later than most and thought the limit was around 1 and half for a large portion of it, so I'm a bit off the pace of those who haven't missed.
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 23 Feb at 00:48
Alahert@pomikoli I missed multiple days because of study or other obligations, I'm at level 41 and 3/4, this is going to be a REALLY long grind compute
Posted by Alahert on 23 Feb at 10:13
SincereSeeker6@pomikoli I've hit every day since January 8th. About 41 and a half now.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 24 Feb at 01:52
pomikoliI've missed one day so far due to watching anime. Forgot to switch servers. 😂 About 80 days in. Lvl 46
Posted by pomikoli on 24 Feb at 14:22
AlahertDamn you are light years ahead, I'm probably around 60 days in but surely lost multiple days and sometimes forgot to max out the daily XP cap!
Posted by Alahert on 24 Feb at 14:31
Dampish10I've been grinding a ton lately and only got to level 39.10
god I can't wait to be done with this game forever... screw devs that do this
Posted by Dampish10 on 03 Mar at 04:06
pomikoli39.10 isn't bad now, the halfway point is around 42
Posted by pomikoli on 03 Mar at 14:43
FuchsdhI just leave the game on a community room for 30 minutes, back out, join again X3 to max out my daily XP (if there's simply challenges like liking someone or shooting a basket I do those too.) Not extremely regular but will hit 39 tomorrow.

Considering the game saved my bacon during 12 Days of Christmas, having a brainless grindy achievement that doesn't require my attention is hardly the worst compensation. Doing something like actively grinding XP for General in Halo Wars... now that was real torture :)
Posted by Fuchsdh on 04 Mar at 23:34
CerberustormI missed a week due to repairs needed in the house but wow, the progress takes a massive decline. Level 46 n half but it's like watching paint dry at this rate. A week in the jail would go by quicker
Posted by Cerberustorm on 06 Mar at 07:40
pomikoliNew Play UI has come out and it looks absolutely horrible
Posted by pomikoli on 06 Mar at 15:20
VudixIt caught me off guard a bit at first too! I’m mind blown by how many random little kids I’m running into that are level 50. Haha.
Posted by Vudix on 06 Mar at 17:26
Alahertyeah me too, I recently stumbled upon multiple kids at levels 46-50, sounds insane to me ahaha
Posted by Alahert on 07 Mar at 11:00
CerberustormI don't mind the new look. My favourite idle maps are all together now 😂
Posted by Cerberustorm on 07 Mar at 17:12
pomikoliLOL the TA ratio on this hahaha
Posted by pomikoli on 13 Mar at 21:03
DoomScottHas anyone actually gotten this achievement that is a member of True Achievements? It says one tracked gamer but then there are no completions so that doesn't make any sense. The achievements other than leveling take 10 mins and getting to 30 isn't that hard really. So who would actually get this achievement and yet not get the completion?
Posted by DoomScott on 15 Mar at 12:07
pomikoli@DoomScott the 2 achievement the person with lvl 50 didn't get are for creating and publishing a room. If you play the game normally, not for achievements you wouldn't really touch those features. Also the person unlocked lvl30 the same day the game was released, showing he played it before xbox release on another platform. Probably a player who really enjoys the game. I am lvl 48.5 right now. We should see more people unlock this in the next 2 weeks
Posted by pomikoli on 15 Mar at 13:12
SwiftSupaflyYeah, just a quick glance at the profile will give you an answer. Does not look like they are huge into achievements. Maybe made the account years ago and don't do achievements anymore. Which would point to what pomikoli said, just natural playing will get you the rest of them, but those two for creating and publishing a room aren't really things you'd do if you are just playing because you like the game. I hope they see it though and complete it first, sorry Pomikoli :).
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 15 Mar at 16:55
Grape Vanswhat's hilarious to me is the kid (presumably) who unlocked this has no idea that there's a whole community on this site dissecting why he didn't 100% the game lol
Posted by Grape Vans on 16 Mar at 08:03
TheurgicStar87Defenitly using afk method lol
Posted by TheurgicStar87 on 17 Mar at 01:31
Mr MahHa36,750 for this one achievement haha. Was not expecting it to be that high. @pomikoli hopefully you’re first on the site to finish the game.
Posted by Mr MahHa on 20 Mar at 00:15
pomikoli@Mr MahHa you very much jinxed it, thank you fren :'(
Posted by pomikoli on 21 Mar at 01:24
SwiftSupaflySurely you'll be next @pomikoli!
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 21 Mar at 14:56
CerberustormOn the last stretch from level 49 tomorrow for myself and iv been putting tally marks on the wall like it was a jail sentence 😂

@pomikoli thanks for keeping this guide running and giving us all hope where can share hints n tips to get thos blasted achievement out the way with.
Posted by Cerberustorm on 22 Mar at 07:49
pomikoli@cerberustorm we shall all meet again, when rec room 2 comes out, featuring 100 levels and 2 years of work, all for 20g
Posted by pomikoli on 22 Mar at 11:44
SwiftSupaflyDon't say things like that, rumor has it if you speak of it, it will come to life.
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 22 Mar at 17:58
Cerberustorm@pomikoli That's just outrageous idea that there would be a Rec Room 2 😂 Believe me, I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole with s*** on the end of it 😂😂😂
Posted by Cerberustorm on 22 Mar at 21:58
pomikoli@cerberustorm LMAOO, okay okey, rec room 1 dlc worth yet another 200 for reaching lvl 100. There fixed it. hahahha, not even your pole with s*** on the end would save you now,
Posted by pomikoli on 22 Mar at 23:03
SwiftSupaflyU sir must like to see the world burn...I say that in all kindness.
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 23 Mar at 02:44
pomikoli@SwiftSupafly hahaha it's all jokes, I would probably cry if a DLC like that came out
Posted by pomikoli on 23 Mar at 02:46
Cerberustorm@pomikoli the devs at Rec Room will be hiring you for ideas on how to make players stay longer 😝

If they do bring out a dlc, it should be made up of a 1000gs achievement alone of they wanna take us to 100 😂
Posted by Cerberustorm on 23 Mar at 08:07
SincereSeeker6Haha, I wouldn't put it past them to not make more levels... The max level was 30 when it first came out on PC and then they raised it to 50.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 23 Mar at 13:33
SincereSeeker6Congratulations Pomikoli!
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 27 Mar at 04:06
pomikoliThank you, this nightmare is finally over
Posted by pomikoli on 27 Mar at 09:36
TheurgicStar87I'm having a problem woth the afk method it only works for an hour and a half not 2 hours when I sit for 30 minutes on the final time I get nothing when I back out
Posted by TheurgicStar87 on 28 Mar at 00:50
pomikoliIt could be that they adjusted the rate at which you earn xp
Posted by pomikoli on 28 Mar at 01:04
CerberustormThe rate is still the same. Back out every 30 minutes to the dorm room and go into into any mode again preferably community rooms
Posted by Cerberustorm on 29 Mar at 22:16
SwiftSupaflyAgree with Cerb, not seeing a difference.
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 30 Mar at 14:05
MCPandagamerzIdk about the rate but I can confirm pretty much since lvl 40 xp stops in the hour to hour and a half portion. I always did an extra half hour to make sure I hit the xp cap but when I noticed how little it was after lvl 40 I just start doing 10 minutes extra.
Posted by MCPandagamerz on 05 Apr at 05:16
qManballinCongrats, @pomikoli. I gave up/moved on to other games for a while at 35 but guess I'll grind some more until I get bored again. Was hoping they would adjust xp gain/bonuses by the time I came back, haha...
Posted by qManballin on 11 Apr at 15:24
AlahertI also stopped grinding for quite some time a couple of weeks back but I started pretty strong again, sitting at level 46 and 2/3 at the moment, can't wait for this to end though laugh
Posted by Alahert on 11 Apr at 15:31
pomikoli@Alahert only a month of grind left then hahalaugh
Posted by pomikoli on 11 Apr at 17:46
AlahertWell, considering I started in December only 1 more month seems like nothing clap
Posted by Alahert on 11 Apr at 18:10
SincereSeeker6Nice. I have 23 days left. Just reached 47 yesterday! Would be 16 days left if I didn't go on vacation.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 12 Apr at 00:31
SuperPowers762Just finally finished, I actually had fun for most of it. Wont miss the hardcore racism in lobbies
Posted by SuperPowers762 on 16 Apr at 01:50
pomikoli@SuperPowers762 congrats
Posted by pomikoli on 16 Apr at 09:55
FlipYourWigHDHow do i get an exact figure of what level i'm at? ie you say 34.7 all i know is im between 34 and 35, thanks in advance for any help
Posted by FlipYourWigHD on 22 Apr at 07:25
pomikoli@FlipYourWigHD You don't, it's just an estimate. Are you familiar with old watches? The non digital one? If a hand is pointing at 12 it means 0% of the circle is covered, 3 means 25%, 6 means 50% and 9 means 75%. In this case suppose 0 means 34.0 and 3 means 34.25 etc. Each corner is in the middle of 2 number meaning 12.5, the corner between 0 and 3 is 34.15, the corner between 3 and 6 is 34.375 etc
Posted by pomikoli on 22 Apr at 09:03
thanatos8285God damn do I ever hate these achievements that are intentionally grindy. I’m barely at 43.25 so I still have almost 2 more months of this to do. Grinding it out on Steam so that I can just load it up on Xbox and pop both achievements at once for a community event if need be. Has anyone else done it that way? I’m gonna lose my mind if it turns out I’m locking myself out of these achievements.
Posted by thanatos8285 on 28 Apr at 15:41
pomikoliPlenty of people unlocked both at the same time so it's safe to say you can do so
Posted by pomikoli on 28 Apr at 16:40
SwiftSupaflyShort answer it works. Smart answer would be to check every so often by logging in the game on your console to ensure your progress is carrying over. If there's any worry though and to 100% avoid lost progress, I'd suggest doing it via your Xbox.

Also I'll take the grind of this over 100% RNG chevos especially given you can set it and forget it for 30 mins come back and repeat 3 times and you are done for the day. At least with this you know the exact amount of time you need to put in to get there.
Posted by SwiftSupafly on 29 Apr at 04:13
SincereSeeker6As far as I know, there's no worry for loss. I'm level ~49.76 and going to get 50 tomorrow night, and only logged onto console once the entire time at around level 45 just to make sure it would work. I do recommend going onto the console when you actually do pop level 50 though, just to make sure.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 01 May at 13:44
SincereSeeker6All done with this! Had no problems at all getting the achievement even with doing 99% of the work on Steam. Thanks to Pomikoli and everyone who helped contribute to this guide!
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 03 May at 02:06
Posted by pomikoli on 03 May at 11:06
Stevee x1Level 21.25 and still pushing through it 😬
Posted by Stevee x1 on 05 May at 13:18
SincereSeeker6Nice! Three people out of the 21 who have gotten this haven't completed the game. I find that absolutely nuts.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 05 May at 23:12
LIMZYYSeeker you only have 1 hour played how is this possible ?🤷‍♀️
Posted by LIMZYY on 07 May at 19:10
SincereSeeker6@LIMZYY I did most of the work on Steam simply because that was easier for me. It's cross platform and the progress you make there will count on Xbox as well.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 09 May at 12:44
Stevee x1level now 30.10 and its a getting to be a pain 😒
Posted by Stevee x1 on 16 May at 23:53
pomikoli@Stevee x1 Not just any pain, full-on kick in the balls
Posted by pomikoli on 17 May at 19:22
thanatos8285@Stevee x1 You might want to consider tapping out now. You know how big of a drop-off there was in level gains once you passed level 30? Expect just as big of a drop-off again once you pass 40. Keep at it by all means if you're a completionist but I just figured you should have a heads-up if you're already starting to lose your patience.
Posted by thanatos8285 on 23 May at 02:41
FuchsdhGiven that you can just idle it, you can hardly complain about one tough achievement in an otherwise simple game. I can leave it running while I'm doing work and just poke the control every five minutes or so, that way it's not cutting into actual game time.
Posted by Fuchsdh on 25 May at 14:47
Angels Kill TooThis game can eat s**t Lmao
Posted by Angels Kill Too on 01 Jun at 05:55
DaDuelingDonutsI think an important thing to note is that you can turn off voice chat or all sounds in the settings of your watch to avoid listening to everything and save yourself some sanity
Posted by DaDuelingDonuts on 02 Jun at 13:19
SuperPowers762For people who have level 50, i had some one random person message me asking to use my RR Account. With the effort i put into this one i basically told him to pound sand. THis may happen to you also.
Posted by SuperPowers762 on 10 Jun at 21:34
SincereSeeker6Yeah. That happened to me too with a couple different people.
That's also considered "Cheating" according to TrueAchievements because that's using someone else's account/savegame. So definitely shouldn't do it.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 11 Jun at 13:56