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Frequent Flyer

Find all fast travel dataterms.

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Metal CrusherMetal Crusher595,558
12 Dec 2020 18 Dec 2020
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The achievement unlocked for me having found 120 – 123 fast travel dataterms. There is at least 130 + fast travel dataterms throughout Night City.

You do not need to interact with them for them to count. You just need to drive in the vicinity of each for them to count and they will show on your mini map. All can be found without leaving your vehicle.

* If your achievement tracker gets stuck, interact with one of the fast travel dataterms and back out. Doing this should fix the achievement tracker.

The locations of 130 + fast travel dataterms can been seen below:
External image
l Archvile lThis one is an odd one. I had at least 1 to go. But I got the achievement right when I discovered the one beforehand.
Posted by l Archvile l on 20 Dec 20 at 05:33
TheIcemanComethMy experience was the same. It definitely popped for me before I had them all.
Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 21 Dec 20 at 12:55
TheRealDeaIHow do you check????
Posted by TheRealDeaI on 21 Dec 20 at 17:23
Mr SpinelesS@TheRealDeal while there is a lot wrong with this game, the achievement tracker does work. Just look at the achievements (home button, tab over to game activity)
Posted by Mr SpinelesS on 22 Dec 20 at 14:47
RecovskiA mat zo reference.
Posted by Recovski on 27 Dec 20 at 09:35
FF7 BryanMy achievement tracker has been stuck at 96%. I found at least 4 more once I realized this and still stuck. I cross referenced with the list on powerpyx and confirmed I have every single one. This definitely did not pop early for me.

Posting this to hopefully reverse jinx myself.
Posted by FF7 Bryan on 03 Jan at 02:13
DavidMine popped before collecting the final 2.
Posted by David#4473 on 06 Jan at 12:34
The Reverend JCThis is the sort of bugged achievement I can live with, pretty sure I was missing in the region of 15 fast travel points when this one popped. Nice 👍
Posted by The Reverend JC on 24 Jan at 00:47
PapaparkinTracker stuck at 79%, tried interacting with a few terminals but to no avail. Maybe it’ll randomly update. Great map tho, cheers!

Edit: exited the game and restarted Xbox. Tracker started working again, now I’m stuck on 96% with no more terminals to find 😭
Posted by Papaparkin on 30 Mar at 16:43
EmotiveWhaleI'm also stuck at 96% and I don't see any that I'm missing. I've tried troubleshooting with the normal things like restarting the game, restarting the console, etc. but I can't even get it to increase, let alone unlock.
Posted by EmotiveWhale on 06 Apr at 02:49
JasonShenFxxKi am also stuck at 97%
Posted by JasonShenFxxK on 12 Apr at 16:34
GhostDivision VFound this at Powerpyx: Bug Warning: Patch 1.20 made this trophy unobtainable. Either wait for a patch or downgrade the game version (reinstall the game and stay offline so it can’t download the patch, works only if you have the physical disc, the digital version automatically downloads the patch).
Posted by GhostDivision V on 13 Apr at 20:32
Fluke939dunno if your map is incomplete or needs updating but seemed to be a few I could see on my game map that were not on the image here.
Also seem to be stuck at 97%
Posted by Fluke939 on 16 Apr at 22:07