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The Quick and the Dead

Kill or incapacitate 50 enemies while time is slowed.

The Quick and the Dead-0.3
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12 Dec 2020 14 Dec 2020
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For this achievement you must have a cyberware implant that slows down time equipped so that you can kill an enemy while time is slowed.

Method 1:
The cheapest cyberware implant that slows down time is a nervous system implant called “Kerenzikov” which costs $5000 at a Ripperdoc (scissors icon on the map).

* Kerenzikov allows you to aim and shoot while dodging. Slows time by 50 percent for 1.5 sec. when blocking, aiming or attacking during a slide or dodge. Cooldown 5 sec.
I used the Ripperdoc in Japantown to purchase this implant.

Weaken enemies by shooting them until their health is low. While sprinting press cn_B to slide then quickly hold cn_LT to aim and slow down time for a short time. You must kill the enemy in this short time window. Shotguns, revolvers and pistols work best. Kill 50 enemies like this and the achievement will unlock.

This is a video of how it is done:
Method 2:
You can purchase the “Dynalar Sandevistan MK. 1” operating system which costs $7500 from the western most Ripperdoc in Northside, Watson. To equip this item, you need 6 Reflexes.

* Dynalar Sandevistan MK. 1 slows time by 50% for 8 sec. (Cooldown 30 sec.). Increases any damage dealt by 5 percent when Sandevistan is active. Activated by holding cn_LB cn_RB.
Once you have it equipped, find a group of enemies (story missions, side missions, around the open world or police), activate it to slow down time and kill enemies while time is slowed.
Some other nervous system implants that slow down time can be seen in the image below:
External image
FlezzaSo just as a confirmation to anyone who night be wondering, my build currently is super tech orientated. 10 in tech and int and the base 3 in everything else.

I made a save, installed the £5000 implants mentioned above l, got out a shotgun and went around doing assaults.

Held LT to aim as mentioned, then double tapped b while holding forward (or backwards if I was too close) after aim was vaguely lined upto enter slow mo and that made it hard to miss.

Of course it goes without saying being on easy will definitely help this if you want to grind it out.

Cant do it one after the other there's a short wait you can spend reloading etc before I would repeat the process.

Didnt take me long at all, reloaded the save (£5000 isn't much but that car achievement takes loads so wanted to keep the cash from an implant i never use cause I'm all about hacking).

So yeah your build doesn't matter, I'm sure higher skill in things like said shotgun or athletics will help but you'll certainly not have trouble if, like me, you have nothing in those areas. Just in case anyone was worried about that.

Good guide, dude. Was worried about it potentially being missable for me when I saw talks about Body Att 11 for a perk. Unlocked easily.
Posted by Flezza on 12 Dec 20 at 13:45
TheFalloutFan39I'm wondering if this achievement is sensitive. Because I have been grinding it and it will either go up, or won't at all. I'm at 80% and I reload saves to try it
Posted by TheFalloutFan39 on 12 Dec 20 at 19:34
Ryan D StimoI have a feeling this game follows in game stats. Reloading a save for me and repeating kills doesn't seem to stack.
Posted by Ryan D Stimo on 13 Dec 20 at 12:45
FlezzaMost likely yeah, the life path talk choice achievement doesn't let you reload either. Which is mildly annoying giving the options are finite and twice xbox hasn't tracked the option and I cant reload to get it to register.

I didn't reload to grind kills, only to revert back to before I bought the implant as its one I never use in my tech build so I obviously can't say for definite.

But given other achievements being weird about reloads It wouldn't surprise me at all if this one was also a little weird.
Posted by Flezza on 13 Dec 20 at 14:01
TheFalloutFan39So I guess the best bet would be to keep playing and doing it on new enemies. Very weird CD would do that
Posted by TheFalloutFan39 on 13 Dec 20 at 17:39
alladaskill17A nice item to have is the Zetatech Sandevistan MK.3 (requires 12 in reflexes though, so save and reload if you want) but you get it free off a body for the CyberPsycho at the Seaside Cafe.
Posted by alladaskill17 on 16 Dec 20 at 15:49
I DIRTGRUB IYep! Solid tip from alladaskill17 the Zetatech Sandevistan MK.3 is on a body in the search area after you defeat the CyberPsycho. The location is in the bottom left corner of Heywood right where the ocean hits land and meets the river.
Posted by I DIRTGRUB I on 19 Dec 20 at 18:50
AllOvaMyselfI cannot get any movement on the tracker for this achievement. I know I've performed some correctly because I'm stuck at 8%, but I don't know what I did to make them count. The only thing I had to slow time when I got these is the lower-level one that triggers it when you get spotted.

Every attempt I've made since to deliberately try to kill an enemy during the time slowing has given me nothing. I've even added in the one that slows time when you aim while sliding and still can't get any tracking.

I thought maybe it was because I was using stealth that maybe they weren't technically enemies since they weren't aggroed. But no, I just shot a guy in the face while in open combat with him and his body hit the ground before the time-slow stopped and I'm still at 8%.

I'm kinda hoping that the magic of TA will work and that my complaining about this here will make it fix itself. A long shot, I know, but it's worked in the past. laugh
Posted by AllOvaMyself on 24 Dec 20 at 16:59
AllOvaMyselfSure enough, it started tracking again despite my doing nothing different other than post here and now I have the achievement.

The magic of TA.
Posted by AllOvaMyself on 25 Dec 20 at 05:53
The Reverend JCI knocked this out at the same time as True Warrior (melee kills). Basically just went to a bunch of assaults I was over levelled for and snuck up behind enemies, ideally small groups. I'd then let them detect me by standing up and batter them all with a tire iron while Synaptic Accelerator had time slowed down for me. A pretty much foolproof method.
Posted by The Reverend JC on 14 Jan at 23:03
VaguerLlama48It stopped for me at 76% and all I did was change the method of slowing down time. Original I was doing the dodge method, then I moved to the berserk method and it kept tracking.
Posted by VaguerLlama48 on 17 Jan at 16:28
StripSackMilla7I am stuck at 72% and have no idea why. Was tracking just fine then stopped. I’m using sandevistan mk 3. Could the update have bugged this?? Help!!
Posted by StripSackMilla7 on 26 Jan at 05:41
SjoeterSince v1.1 this achievement progress is stuck for me
Posted by Sjoeter on 26 Jan at 11:49
I Argonaut IMy progress bar is stuck as well..
Posted by I Argonaut I on 29 Jan at 22:19
SnowWolf75Thanks for all the comments and additions. I'm using a combination of the Kerenzikov, Synaptic Accelerator, and Zetatech Sandevistan Mk 2. Having only a 6 in Reflexes is really limiting. Also, I'm on PS5, not Xbox/PC, so I don't have the fancy tracker to know I'm making progress. Wish me luck.

{ETA} Less than an hour later, the trophy popped. Now ditching this useless deck and going back to my stealthy hacker setup.
Posted by SnowWolf75 on 25 Feb at 04:48
ShimaClassicFor all those saying "my progression bar isn't moving and stuck".

Simply fast travel to anywhere on the map, then fast travel back to where you are once the enemies respawn, then try killing them in slow-mo again, you'll notice the progression bar now moves. Tested this last night and now have my cheevo!

I will get around to making a video later on in the week.
Posted by ShimaClassic on 29 Mar at 19:08
40 gig update and NOT fixed. Not only that but still can't interact and pick up some random items. That's 10 minutes of playing after the new update and yeah, it's still broke. Back to the shelf for another 6 months I guess
Posted by OneBgBdArtemis on 30 Mar at 01:26