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Full Body Conversion

Install at least one implant in each system and body part.

Full Body Conversion0
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E73RN I ErjE73RN I Erj348,315
12 Dec 2020 06 Jan 2021
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This achievement is rather straightforward. Once you gain access to the Ripperdocs, just go visit them and buy one implant for each part of the body (eyes, arms, legs, immunity system and so on). Some enemies drop implant as well, so you may not need to buy them, but you still need to go to the Ripperdocs to install them.
Remember to change your internal RAM as well, it counts as part of your body. Not all Ripperdocs have an implant for each part of the body, so you may need to visit more than one. For example, Viktor doesn't have legs implant, while Cassius has.
Implants cost, especially the higher version of them, so be ready to have some money to spend. As an indicator, Cassius legs implants costs 45k each, so be ready. Also, some implants may be locked under specific traits such as intellingence 12, body 10 and so on. They could also be locked under Street levels (the arms one need 20 Street Cred), so you may need to come back later when you can fulfill all the requirements, or go to another Ripperdoc.

Happy hunting!
TheFalloutFan39Does anybody know of a spot that has an immune system mod that doesn't require a high cool level?
Posted by TheFalloutFan39 on 14 Dec 20 at 18:21
Sket Slayer@TheFalloutFan39 You've probably already found it by now but the ripperdoc next to Megabuilding H8 has a really cheap immune system cyberware for anyone else that needs to know
Posted by Sket Slayer on 26 Dec 20 at 19:13
SoH AnarchyArms was my last one. Didn't pop when I bought it. Bought another and then it worked.
Posted by SoH Anarchy on 30 Dec 20 at 01:25
The Reverend JCAre there any Arms upgrades that don't require 20 Street Cred? I wanted to pop this tonight but couldn't find anyone selling anything below the above requirement 🙁
Posted by The Reverend JC on 02 Jan at 19:02
The Reverend JCThe answer is no so far as I could see, 20 Street Cred seems like a requirement to pop this. Maybe add that to the guide 🙂
Posted by The Reverend JC on 05 Jan at 23:52
E73RN I ErjTechnically you can get drop them before that! It's rare but it could happen. But yeah, added that little bit of info.
Posted by E73RN I Erj on 06 Jan at 00:48
smokemareI think there's a gig where you can find Legendary Mantis Blades that don't have a street cred requirement? It's a cyber psycho mission. If you search YouTube for 'Free Legendary Mantis Blades' you should be able to find the location. It is a high level mission, but you don't need to complete it, you can sneak in, grab the blades and sneak out.
Posted by smokemare on 06 Jan at 11:16
GabweSame as for SoH Anarchy, the cheevo didn't pop when I bought then last upgrade I needed (arms), then I re-bought another one for immune system, and it popped.
Posted by Gabwe on 12 Jan at 18:36