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Swim a total of 3km with the horse

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13 Dec 2020 13 Dec 2020
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First of all I just want to say that I've attempted to get this achievement by following other user guides, however this never ever unlocked.
I attempted the following:
- Set-up three lengths of 1000m each and did this several times.
- Avoided going "up" to a walking stance when going through river beds.
- Accumulating 50km+ of horse swimmed distance.
None of the above worked. (please note i attempted all the above on a 95 hour male eivor character)

I then attempted to restart the game, completed the prologue, completed Norway, headed to the settlement spot and then headed to a beer drinking activity in which i then proceeded to generate 150 coins. After this I found the nearest stable, bought the swimming perk and then completed this on my first attempt.
Please note I started this new game as the female Eivor (not sure if this will make a difference, but this is how i achieved it).

Think its also worth noting that the launch day patch was very buggy and that was when i started the game, starting a new game with the latest patch and with female eivor did the trick for me.

Hope this helps.
F1R3 PH03N1X6This worked for me. Game is now complete until the first DLC toast
Posted by F1R3 PH03N1X6 on 18 Dec 20 at 16:19