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Diamond in the Rough

Crafted a Pristine Shard.

Diamond in the Rough0
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13 Dec 2020 22 Dec 2020
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This achievement is unlocked when you use a sagecraft altar to strengthen two lambert gems of the same type and combine them into one pristine gem. You must be at sagecraft level 3 in order to do this.

Shards are commonly found as loot or can be purchased relatively inexpensively from many merchants. They come in three varieties--cloudy, lambert, and pristine. Cloudy shards can be strengthened into lambert shards while lambert shards can be strengthened into pristine shards. It takes two of the lower quality shard to combine into the higher quality shard. Pristine shards cannot be strengthened since they are already at the highest level.

Provided you have the requisite shards and are at sagecraft level 3, approach a sagecraft altar. Press cn_A to interact with it. Choose, "Craft Gems," the first of three selection items. Then, scroll down to the bottom of five items, "Strengthen Shards" and select it. This brings up your list of shards. Choose any type of lambert shard (you must have a quantity of two or more) and select it for strengthening. You create a pristine shard and unlock the achievement as shown in the 30 second video below:

Note: If you don't have any or enough lambert shards but plenty of cloudy shards, you can strengthen cloudy shards to craft the lambert shards you need.

Even if you have no desire to invest skill points in sagecrafting when you level up, you can still reach a sagecrafting level of 3. There are two sagecrafting trainers in the City of Ysa--Savant Raina Njorn and Viscount Setter. Viscount Setter is found by checking your local map. Savant Raina Njorn is in Delving Hall and you must first get the key from the nearby Scholia Arcana Embassy in order to enter. Each of these trainers will provide you with a sagecrafting skill point in exchange for 15,120 gold. A third sagecrafting point can be acquired by reading a sagecrafting skill book found as a hidden item in a well just before you get to St. Hadwyn's Mission in the northwest border of Glendara.