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It's Elementary

Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Watson.

It's Elementary-1.1
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E73RN I ErjE73RN I Erj348,391
14 Dec 2020 21 Dec 2020
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To obtain this achievements you need to complete all the gigs (the yellow esclamation/question marks on your map) AND all the blue ones (related to the police). You can find them easily on your map (if you have trouble finding some of them, there are plenty of videos on youtube, or check Powerpyx site, all credit goes to him and his team).
What I want to UNDERLINE are a few key notions:
1) In some case, while completing the cops quest, (basically the blue-cube icon with a ? ), as soon as you'll grab the loot, the quest will CONTINUE (usually changing name). Most of the times it's just to go to another part of the area to collect additional loot. Sometimes it may lead out of Watson, but what it is IMPORTANT, is that you NEED to complete these "hidden" parts as well. As an example, the quest WORLDY POSSESSION is under this category (but it's not the only one) and you have to complete it! Thanks to Epic Louie and the others who confirmed that.
2) There are few secondary quests (not Gigs, but proper quests) that STARTS in Watson but they do not count for this achievement, such as the fighting pits (Beat on the Brat), the cabs one (Epistrophy), the street races, the cyberpsycho (the one in Watson yes, the others no. To be more precise in Watson you have 5 c-psycho, that have their own little quest, you need to do them, but not the main one, to neutralize all 17. There is another achievement tied to that) and the tarot ones. There may be more, but those are the ones I remember. The ones tied to the achievement are the YELLOW AND BLUE SIGNS on your map. Important NOTE: you need to reach a certain street cred level to unlock all the cops and yellow pointers. For the first area should be around 35 (could be lower though). I did mine while I was around 37, but as I said it was glitched, so could be way lower.
Moreover, you do NOT NEED to buy any car for this achievement to pop. There is another achievement related to them.
3) If you started to do that before patch 1.04 (as I did), it may have happened that you finished some quests, they don't appear anymore on your map, but they are still stuck on the journal and you not have received the rewards, because Regina did not call you. That happened to me with 5 quests (I was stuck at 98% for quite a long time) and the way I was able to fix this (without reloading hours of content/restarting the game) was the following. GO FIND THE CYBERPSYCHO, it doesn't matter where in the map. Whenever you approach the area, you'll receive a call from Regina. In may case, I received the call for the psycho and the call for the reward of the quests I did hours earlier. I can not guaranteed it'll work for you, but to me that worked, after trying any other method (reboot, hard stop etc). With the patch 1.04 this shouldn't happen anymore (to me it didn't and I was able to clear Japantown way more easily). I still have those 5 quests stuck in my journal, but the achievement popped and I got my rewards.

Hope it may help someone, happy hunting!
NoHeroes94No where near this point yet, but just incase (as I started before 1.04), which gig are psychopaths linked to? Or do you mean the Cyberpsychos?
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 14 Dec 20 at 09:31
Xenic AcidUPDATE: I did a few side quests and the last NCPD hustle showed up on the map. Hope this may help anyone else.
Stuck at 98% with no NCPD or gigs left in the journal. Nothing left on the map either. Any help would be appreciated. All cyberpsycho sighting in Watson are done as well.
Posted by Xenic Acid on 14 Dec 20 at 17:32
zzy369Need to complete all of Cyberpsychos missions?or the final boxing mission?
Posted by zzy369 on 14 Dec 20 at 21:33
Splinunz@Xenic Acid. I found the last 2% SW at Westbrook, North Oak. (Crematorium)
Posted by Splinunz on 15 Dec 20 at 04:21
E73RN I Erj@NoHeroes94 I meant cyberpsychos, who are psychopaths lol. In any case I corrected it, to avoid further confusion.
@zzy369 Only the ones in Watson. No you don't need to complete the final boxin mission.

I added a tiny bit of information that I thought I mentioned, to unlock ALL the blu and yellow pointers, you need to reach a specific street cred reputations. I think it's around 35, but could be lower.
Posted by E73RN I Erj on 15 Dec 20 at 07:57
Irru3nto OGFirst complete main quest: "Playing for times", doing so will unlock the mission: "Cyberpsycho Sighting: Bloody Ritual" (Northside). After completing the encounter with the cyberpsyco, this theft-type contract will be unlocked: "Scrolls Before Swine", completed and unlock the achievement! 🥰
Posted by Irru3nto OG on 15 Dec 20 at 10:26
l TiiG lHey guys! I have a question, you might be able to answer. I am currently at 94% on this achievement and unfortunately failed a gig (freedom of the press) and a sidequest (happy together). They are nonetheless shown as "completed" in the journal. Will I still be able to unlock this achievement?

Posted by l TiiG l on 15 Dec 20 at 16:02
E73RN I Erj@I TiiG I Mmmm, I failed happy together as well, but it still unlocked. However, regarding freedom of the press I don't know. Since you are at 94%, it means you still have 3 gigs/cops stuff to do. Tell us if you unlocked it even if you failed the Freedom of the press!
Posted by E73RN I Erj on 15 Dec 20 at 18:37
ValgyBut with the blue one of the police, do you mean the little brawl too, or only the skulls? (that kind of spiked club)
Posted by Valgy on 15 Dec 20 at 22:10
E73RN I Erj@Valgy everything blue on your map basically! So both the spiked club and the Skulls ones
Posted by E73RN I Erj on 15 Dec 20 at 22:46
RoboKenStuck at 98% like other people. I'm right before the point of no return, level 50 street cred, cross checked with the powerpyx site that I completed every gig and cyberpsycho in Watson, and every blue marker finished including the columbarium. Is there anything I could possibly be missing? Don't like being paranoid it glitched on me because I did start before patch 1.04.
Update: Last blue skull appeared after doing the side quest "The Hunt." Be sure to complete everything you can I suppose.
Posted by RoboKen on 16 Dec 20 at 08:31
efstratiosFor what it’s worth if you’re stuck at 98% go to your journal and scroll down to the ncpd gigs and check for the reported crime:worldly possessions mission (you’ll notice it has the Watson icon). It’s not actually in Watson and is located on an island in Westbrook. This worked for me
Posted by efstratios on 16 Dec 20 at 14:22
LEGEND 3This is way more grindy work than I initially thought. The achievement description was also pretty vague as to which missions qualified towards it. I ended up just doing every side mission on my map, often times not seeing the percent go up on a few missions. Currently at 89% but my street cred isn't as high as described needing to be in order to see the remaining missions.
Posted by LEGEND 3 on 16 Dec 20 at 22:06
FoogaI’m gonna try your cyberpyscho method but I doubt that’ll help my situation where my “More Ways to Skin a Cat” quest won’t progress at all. I go into the warehouse and it doesn’t update, keeps telling me to go to the quest area.

I even read ahead online to see if I wasn’t doing something right, and when I uplinked to the computer you’re supposed to access to steal the van, V just sits there with the cord in the computer and nothing happens. I have to reload my save as there’s no way to get out of that animation.
Posted by Fooga on 17 Dec 20 at 02:54
ShallowArcher93If your completion percentage is stuck in the ballpark of 94%, clear your cache on your xbox or PS4! I was dumbfounded for hours trying to find the last 6% in Watson, and clearing the cache on my Xbox fixed this. Last NCPD mission and last 2 gigs popped up immediately. crazy shit lmao
Posted by ShallowArcher93 on 17 Dec 20 at 07:43
FightingMegaFooIf you fail a Gig, do you have to reload an earlier save, or does it still count?
Posted by FightingMegaFoo on 17 Dec 20 at 15:48
MustaPastoriI can say that the two missions from Nyx, while not straight contributing to the achievement progress, are pretty much required to unlock this. I was stuck at 98% and I'd done everything on the map in Watson, but after I finished Nyx's missions, a gig "Small man, big evil" appeared on the map and after finishing it the achievement popped. toast
Posted by MustaPastori on 17 Dec 20 at 21:44
Omni CinderIdk what is going on. I have an undiscovered gig with the Watson logo on it, but it is located in Westbrook. When I go there it is a building that has an interior, but no way inside. Usually a fixer calls when you get close to an undiscovered gig. But that didn't happen either. I fear this is bugged for me for good.

Edit: so turns out that gig is based in Westbrook is well known to be bugged called "Getting Warmer". I learned that cause now I can't finish Westbrook either. So I have two districts stuck. Probably just gonna put this game away till the patches start rolling out.
Posted by Omni Cinder on 17 Dec 20 at 22:25
afatlemur2277Stuck at 96 percent a NCPD crime is stuck on my map but I already completed it. I go there and nothing is there. Read all the shards looted everything and nope. Very frustrating especially since city center cheated me by not completing 3 gigs that I completed.
Posted by afatlemur2277 on 18 Dec 20 at 01:25
zzy369Today I opened the game and I found a blue skulltag in Watson (Martin Street), finished it and got this achievement, I was stuck at 98% for four days, I don't know why maybe they fixed the bug (Gig: Hippoctatic oath the same spot)
Posted by zzy369 on 18 Dec 20 at 06:57
fire99xyzI too have the issue oh having completed a bat side job and it not disappearing/ being recognized as completed. Enemies don’t ersparen either. The last ncpd bat job in Watson simply doesn’t spawn any ideas?
Posted by fire99xyz on 18 Dec 20 at 17:52
E73RN I ErjSometimes you need to reach specific Street creed for them to appear
Posted by E73RN I Erj on 18 Dec 20 at 19:21
Capt Ligma2I am stuck at 98% in watson and can't find the final event. I am going to try to find the cyber psycho tonight. @fire99xyz try scanning the area. One area you must scan blood to complete and another area you have to find a specific shipping container
Posted by Capt Ligma2 on 18 Dec 20 at 19:49
Ultamisia"IMPORTANT, is that you NEED to complete these "hidden" parts as well." no, you don't.

all you need to do is level up your street cred. and more activities unlock. I completed Watson without doing the majority of hidden items.
Posted by Ultamisia on 18 Dec 20 at 19:55
RevengeSystem@Capt Ligma2: I was also stuck at 98%. Had another police event marked with the Watson sign in my journal. The event needs to be completed in the south of North Oak. Had to find an urn of some kind.

This location is nowhere near Watson....
Posted by RevengeSystem on 19 Dec 20 at 02:34
TUV3YTo add to this, I was stuck at 96%. Turned out the 2 gigs I had left, 'Small Man, Big Evil' and 'Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy', were dependent on other gigs being completed that I had only just done. I went to the area they are started in and waited in increments of 6 hours, after a couple of waits they both appeared on my map.
Posted by TUV3Y on 19 Dec 20 at 04:49
FireRaiser1985My tracker was stuck at 98% and I pretty much gave up on this achievement. Suddenly, after I was done with the HOLDIN ON mission (mission with Johnny, tied to the To Bad Decisions! achievement), this marker appeared on the map: Probably totally random but it might be useful for some of you.
Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 20 Dec 20 at 13:15
xIDarkSideIxI'm determined this is now fully bugged, I'm max level on both normal and street cred, stuck on 98% still I've done every single thing in Watson so I have no markers left at all, bought all the cars there, done all the races, got all tarot cards, done the cyberphsyco, all gigs and NCPD scans I can see, so I've no idea what's up with it :(
Posted by xIDarkSideIx on 20 Dec 20 at 16:35
Epic LouieI was stuck at 94% for a while, but it finally unlocked for me. One NCPD hustle showed up at 8am, another didn't show up till 8pm. I also saw @efstratios comment. He mentions a mission in Westbrook called Worldly Possession. That mission counts for Watson for some reason. The achievement unlocked after completing it. I hope this helps someone else.
Posted by Epic Louie on 20 Dec 20 at 21:01
PhobicRaptorCan confirm, was stuck at 98% and found the mission Epic Louie mentioned. Unlocked right after completing it, thanks!
Posted by PhobicRaptor on 21 Dec 20 at 01:24
vonScuzzmanI had to chat with the fixer face to face to get my last 2 gigs to show up.
Posted by vonScuzzman on 21 Dec 20 at 13:37
KroniAfter a few days of being stuck on 98% I started going through some Watson side missions. After I completed the Dream On job, the Gig: Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy showed up. After it says Job Complete, Regina will call; once the funds were transferred the achievement popped.
Posted by Kroni on 21 Dec 20 at 22:11
l Archvile lI was stuck on 98%. But after skipping time 24hrx3 a Mystery gig appeared. When I got to it, it changed into Gig: "Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy"
Posted by l Archvile l on 23 Dec 20 at 01:47
UsedTissue18Can you still get the achievement if you fail a side mission? For example if you failed to rescue somebody, then the gig is failed and you cant redo it
Posted by UsedTissue18 on 23 Dec 20 at 17:13
NoHeroes94UPDATE: If you're missing a scanner hustle, sleep in V's apartment and skip 16 hours. I had to do this for both Pacifica AND Watson. 1000G is mine!

I'm on 98% but I had no issues with gigs. Checked the PowerPyx list, and I've got them all. I've done all the reported crimes, too, and all other districts. Logically it must be a scanner hustle...hope I find it!
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 23 Dec 20 at 22:38
carnut jrMy progress is stuck at 96% because my gig: fixer,merc,soldier,spy won't complete I've stolen the data shard and put it in the drop box but it won't finish. I don't have any objective for the gig and if I try and track it it doesn't display
Posted by carnut jr on 24 Dec 20 at 21:38
VanGekoone REPORTED CRIME in Watson Northside is missable or buggy. i cant end it, because i found the second chest before scanning the blood.
Posted by VanGeko on 25 Dec 20 at 07:01
Xpro PTMy last GiG was Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy. It unlocked after doing all Cyberpsychos then when face to face with Regina to complete the Job Psycho Killer, then I left her HQ fast forward 24h and the Gig fixer, Merc, soldier, spy show up in the map. Hope it helps.
Posted by Xpro PT on 26 Dec 20 at 04:57
Nv Defines@Xpro PT thank you, that's exactly what I was missing.
Posted by Nv Defines on 26 Dec 20 at 22:46
l Archvile l@RileyTheHusky2. Yes. You can fail Gigs at least. I failed 1 and it still goes under as Completed, and achievement unlocked.
Posted by l Archvile l on 27 Dec 20 at 00:43
irobotbubbleDredged up NCPD bug for me
Posted by irobotbubble on 27 Dec 20 at 20:56
Ranthor1671So what finished it for me was loot coordinates in the water just west of Little China.
Posted by Ranthor1671 on 28 Dec 20 at 00:32
VanGekojep Dredged up my last thing on the map too.
Posted by VanGeko on 28 Dec 20 at 02:18
luuwatgamingI got 98% not sure what’s missing can’t find it
Posted by luuwatgaming on 28 Dec 20 at 19:01
CollanaterI was stuck at 96% for a decent while. The fix that worked for me was going to your apartment and then sleeping and then skip time until after 8 p.m. and the skip time again until 8 a.m. This then revealed the last two gigs that I needed to complete. Note that this only works if your gigs aren't showing up on your map. All credit goes to PowerPyx
Posted by Collanater on 28 Dec 20 at 20:31
VanGekoi start ah new game for this 2%, after 11h iam done with alle gigs an ncpd again.
Posted by VanGeko on 29 Dec 20 at 09:43
irobotbubbleNCPD Dredged up is broken, put mark on this achievement, it's buggy
Posted by irobotbubble on 29 Dec 20 at 11:52
cobalosIn my case the gig called "Many ways to skin a cat" is bugged. It says to get into the van but the quest marker is 20 metres underground and no van in sight...
Posted by cobalos on 29 Dec 20 at 12:49
carnut jrI still have no clue what I'm missing for this achievement, as far as I can tell I've done everything in Watson, I even went to an older save and did everything again and it still hasent popped and I'm stuck at 96%. All my other achievements for the districts popped, I even missed a NCPD hustle in the city center but I got the achievement anyway. I'm starting to think the achievement is just straight bugged in some cases
Posted by carnut jr on 30 Dec 20 at 05:31
FIFTH0KI have done everything On The entire map and Watson is stuck at 98%. Something is wrong with this achievement.
Posted by FIFTH0K on 30 Dec 20 at 08:26
FIFTH0KI found solution in my case. If you have Hwangbo NPC glitch following you, wait till he spawns ( its random i think ) when he spawns drop him of at the drop Point form The gig related to him. One minute after achievement popped. Hope that will help someone.
Posted by FIFTH0K on 30 Dec 20 at 14:17
XXIl Ares lIXXMy situation was slightly different than everyone else's it would seem. In my case, I was stuck at 98% completion even after verifying that I had completed everything that could be tracked via the journal (Gigs and Reported Crimes, your journal won't show Suspected Criminal Activity or Assault in Progress).

I scoured the map, waited over and over, reloaded saves, cleared system cache, etc.

Turns out, the last assault in progress I had left would not show up because there was a side job in the same vicinity (in my case, it was the side quest titled for . As soon as I completed that quest completely, including the final step for
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
, the final assault in progress popped up in the same location as the initial quest marker for the above side quest. Completed the assault in progress and the achievement unlocked.

So, while some of the missions aren't required to unlock gigs, hustles, etc., they may actually be preventing them from popping up for you so if you absolutely can't find the last item(s) you need to complete, try clearing EVERYTHING in the district and see if it pops up.

TL;DR: Clear all quests including side jobs from the map to see if the last missions you need were being blocked by other active quests/jobs.
Posted by XXIl Ares lIXX on 31 Dec 20 at 01:21
carnut jrFinally got the achievement to pop, in my case my first character was glitched. I had a NCPD hustle that didn't check off even though I did it and a gig that didn't check off even though it was marked complete. Had to start another character to get it, hope this might help someone who is having an issue with the achievement
Posted by carnut jr on 01 Jan at 03:26
GabweI'm also stuck at 98% because of the Dregded Up bug... Hope they'll patch it.
Posted by Gabwe on 03 Jan at 23:37
SoundgoodizerStuck at 96%, this sucks. I've also done everything in the game up to this point so I can't do any of the brute force troubleshooting mentioned here, literally gonna have to start a new character ffs.

UPDATE: Wow, I really fixed it by going and talking to Regina (the fixer for Watson) in person, waiting 5 days in game time, dying, and walking around a bit. Suddenly I stumbled upon 2 "undiscovered" gigs from her. Who designed this lol?
Posted by Soundgoodizer on 04 Jan at 23:36
Tyger7Might want to include warning for Violence mission. If you say "it's worse" then you have an extra part of job that has a game breaking. The body will spawn below the environment and you can't pick it up. I believe this is my last as I am at 98 percent. If you don't agree to help move body, it fails mission.

Can anyone confirm the mission must be a success? Or does it register a failed mission as complete. Technically I didn't fail, as I only refused to get my hands dirty when asked.
Posted by Tyger7 on 05 Jan at 12:01
MajkelMossI was stuck on 98% too. None of new missions appear on the map. The problem was that stupid prophet. When I approch him the mission mark appear again. When I finally figure out how to complete his mission and do so the new mission mark appear. It was Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy. When I completed this gig the achievement popped.
Posted by MajkelMoss on 05 Jan at 22:19
E73RN I Erj@Tyger7 Violence doesn't count for the achievement at all. Only quest that start with GIGS and Police activity.
Posted by E73RN I Erj on 06 Jan at 00:46
D From 3I am stuck at 98% and I have everything else on my map completely done any resolutions.
Posted by D From 3 on 08 Jan at 05:52
DavidI am on 98%. I figured out I hadn't done the Prophets mission from outside Misty's so I done that but it still left me on 98%.

EDIT: Ok, so finally a full IRL day after beating the prophets Gig a new NCPD Hustle (skull) appeared on my map and completing it gave me the achievement.
Posted by David#4473 on 11 Jan at 08:34
DJ BatfinkFor me it was the Gig: Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy. but it will only appear sometime after doing Gig: Welcome to America, Comrade, as it was a follow on mission.
Posted by DJ Batfink on 06 Feb at 14:38
IndiscriminatorI was stuck at 94%. I was missing "Reported Crime: Worldy Possessions" which starts in Watson but ends in Westbrook. I was also missing an NCPD Assault in Progress, because the icon was camouflaged with the road on the map! (Credit to Hazey for posting this find on the Steam forums.) East side, under the highway, just south of Longshore North fast-travel station. Once I had those two, my final mission popped up.
Posted by Indiscriminator on 22 Feb at 08:30