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Ten out of Ten

Reach the max level in any skill.

Ten out of Ten-0.4
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16 Dec 2020 21 Dec 2020
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This is only if you don't want to cheese your way to max skill level!

The requirements for this are to have an attribute(Cool,body,Reflexes, etc.) to level 20 and one of the Skills related to said attribute to be level 20 as well. Your skill level will not go beyond your attribute level, example Handguns will max out at 10 if your attribute Reflex is at 10 and will not gain any extra XP until you upgrade your reflex to 11. Perks are not a requirement although you can buy a Tabula from rippersdocs to respect your perks if needed for a low fee of 100K Eddie's.

For my playthrough I maxed out Cool and went with stealth.
The problem for myself was that I played on easy which means I didn't get as much XP after completing every side gig and NCPD scanner hustle in the game and at the end I was only level 17 stealth.

Keep in mind these numbers aren't at all accurate which is why I'm giving ranges.

To reach level 20 on your skill it will take around 500,000 Skill XP not including leveling up attributes. You get a set amount per kill/action on what difficulty level you play on. Since I was on easy I got around 80-90 per stealth kill and double if I dumped the body in a container/fridge/dumpster. Playing on very hard will grant you at least double that if not a little bit more.

With that said I had to grind from level 17 stealth to 20 and it took some time but would've been way longer doing this on easy so I recommend on very hard. Also keep in mind I was heavily specced into stealth so from stealth with an upgraded revolver I one shotted every enemy headshot or not. This route took me 10-15 minutes eventually when I got it all on routine and netted me 4-5K skill XP per run.

method for attribute levels and skill levels
This grind spot I used is really only for people who are in my position and who are trying to max out these skills:
If you've maxed reflexes attribute:

If you've maxed out body attribute:
Street Brawler

If you've maxed out cool attribute:
Cold Blood

Intelligence attribute may work as well for quick hacking and breach protocol but may take longer

Now onto the grinding spot: Pacifica dataterm by the Grand Imperial Mall contains a clockwise loop I took with about 30-35 enemies with plenty of places to dump bodies if you're doing stealth.

1.When you spawn at the dataterm to your left will be three enemies. These respawn on a short timer.
2. To the right of them is market area a few metres away. This area may or may not respawn the enemies when you leave the Pacifica but won't hurt to check.
3. Turn around and head inside the Grand Imperial Mall. There are 8-10 enemies here, they usually respawn after leaving Pacifica via dataterm and coming back. Also, lots of places to dump bodies.
4. Head out the mall to the left you will see three enemies firing at a turret. These respawn on a timer like the other 3 near the dataterm.
5. Across from the highway jump up to a small market area with 6-8 enemies.
6. Now head back to the dataterm but on the way the you will see a construction site to your left with another 6-8 enemies and places to dump bodies.

Every stealth kill granted me 188XP and double if I dumped the body in a container. One other note on dumpsters/containers, once you fill them up you can't again for some reason they stay full so after awhile you will fill all of them within this area and can't use them again for some reason.

Below is a list of skills and how to get XP for each
Athletics: Dash, Dodge, Climbing, Jumping
Annihilation: Using Shotguns & LMGs
Street Brawler: Using melee blunt weapons
Assault: Using SMGs, Assault Rifles, & Sniper Rifles
Handgun: Using Handguns & Revolvers
Blade: Using Blades
Crafting: Crafting and dissasembling items
Engineer: Using Tech Weapons or smart guns
Breach Protocol: Doing breach protocols
Quickhack: Using quickhacks in battles
Stealth: Stealth Kills, Successful Takedowns, Surprise Attacks, dumping bodies in containers/freezers/dumpsters
Cold Blood: Using bladed weapons
Hirsute DaveFML, maxing Tech was a bad idea...

I can add though that grenade kills add to crafting XP.
Posted by Hirsute Dave on 16 Dec 20 at 10:31
DarnokIs it possible to get a skill to 20 without getting the attribute to 20? For example could I have Body at 18, and then get the Street Brawler skill to 20?
Posted by Darnok on 16 Dec 20 at 19:01
Maxumilli0nNot possible, upgrading your attribute unlocks the next levels of skills.
Posted by Maxumilli0n on 16 Dec 20 at 19:13
MarkyshizzleThere is a duping method right now... and skill shards work. Look it up on youtube.
Posted by Markyshizzle on 17 Dec 20 at 06:11
DarnokLooks like you are able to buy a shard from certain ripperdocs that allows you to re-spec your attributes:
Posted by Darnok on 17 Dec 20 at 06:13
Maxumilli0n@Darnok the Tabula doesn't respect attributes only perks. There's no way in game atm to respect attributes unless you reload a previous save before you spent the points. Perks aren't necessary for the achievement as well.
Posted by Maxumilli0n on 17 Dec 20 at 06:33
Pennywiseskill shards dup dont work patched
Posted by Pennywise#3747 on 18 Dec 20 at 11:02
Maxumilli0nSince when? I just did this yesterday was there a patch?
Posted by Maxumilli0n on 18 Dec 20 at 12:32
Maxumilli0n@pennywise#3747 not sure what you're on about but I just tested and still works.
Posted by Maxumilli0n on 18 Dec 20 at 20:01
balladurHi, how can you store the shard in your inventory? It seems to use it whenever I pick it.
Posted by balladur on 18 Dec 20 at 20:04
Maxumilli0nI wrote in solution it,ll give you an option to press X to pick it up or Y to learn it.
Posted by Maxumilli0n on 18 Dec 20 at 20:19
balladurIt doesn’t go to my inventory when I press x... thanks anyway
Posted by balladur on 18 Dec 20 at 20:46
Kelle1994Same problem here. X and Y do the same and it says 1 perk point available and doesn't appear in my inventory
Posted by Kelle1994 on 18 Dec 20 at 23:16
Maxumilli0nNot sure why you guys can't pick it up I just tried again today and was able to pick it up. Are you guys looking in your consumable tab?
Also the game had a 15GB update today, dup glitch was tested again still works for me.
Posted by Maxumilli0n on 19 Dec 20 at 01:22
IgnignockHaving same issue. No matter what I do it wont let me pick it up and ha e it in my inventory. It just auto uses it regardless of what button I press
Posted by Ignignock on 19 Dec 20 at 05:26
Maxumilli0nHmmm which shard are you picking up?
Posted by Maxumilli0n on 19 Dec 20 at 05:38
J2B9Each of them shown in the video just get added automatically no matter which button you press
Posted by J2B9 on 19 Dec 20 at 09:57
Kelle1994I noticed you have a skill shard for quickhacking in your inventory. I only get perk shards, which i can use on any perk.
Posted by Kelle1994 on 19 Dec 20 at 12:12
CamJobThese also "use instantly" when I press the X button. X and Y both do the same thing--can't get it to my inventory
Posted by CamJob on 19 Dec 20 at 16:16
Scotty x360aYeah, i've no idea how you're supposed to pick them up, pressing or holding X to take/take all just makes me learn it for some reason. I do have 3 in my inventory (3 that are of no use to me for this achievement, since I'm not level 20 in intelligence) and i'm like 1/3 of the way towards lvl 20 in another skill anyway, but it would have been nice to get it to work for other skills.
Posted by Scotty x360a on 19 Dec 20 at 16:20
CamJobI have seen a bunch of these go on my screen from just playing, but I've been saving attributes/have been maxed on my abilities for a while. Seeing the "Gain XP for ____" popup I just thought that meant I needed to level up before I could use the shards...but it looks like they've all just been auto-consumed. I've definitely only ever looted everything with X.
Posted by CamJob on 19 Dec 20 at 17:19
Maxumilli0nDeleted the solution guys. Looks like it was fixed. The video I posted was for perk shards but when I went to test actual skill shards they autoconsumed. It will work if you already have a skill shard in your inventory already though.
Posted by Maxumilli0n on 19 Dec 20 at 18:52