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Ten out of Ten

Reach the max level in any skill.

Ten out of Ten-0.4
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20 Dec 2020 20 Dec 2020
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This achievement requires you to put enough Attribute Points into an Attribute (Reflexes, Intelligence etc.), then level up a skill within those attributes (Handguns, Crafting etc.) to Level 20. Your skill level is capped by your attribute, so if your Reflexes is 8, then your Handguns level will be capped at 8 as well.

There is currently a glitch to make this really quick. Firstly save up enough attribute points from levelling up so that you can get Technical Ability up to 20. Then make a manual save that you can revert to after so you get back your spent points. Use all your points to get the attribute to 20. We are going to get Crafting to 20.

Now you need to get a beverage, any will do. I used 'Nicola' out of the vending machines. Get one of these and go to a Drop Point (box symbol on the map). Make a save. Now sell your beverage to the Drop Point. Back out of the menu, then hit cn_Y + cn_back at the same time. It may take a couple tries, but you should get the shop screen with a clear background. Now you can just mash cn_A on the beverage and buy it as many times as you want. I bought nearly 1000.

Now go into the backpack and drink one of the beverages. Then hold cn_Y on the beverage and it will ask you how many you want to disassemble. Disassemble all of them. What should happen is none of them will be disassembled, but you still get the Crafting XP for disassembly. Now just disassemble over and over until you get enough XP to get 20 on Crafting.
IgnignockI've been struggling with this achievement. This guide worked perfectly. Took me less than 20 minutes. Thanks
Posted by Ignignock on 20 Dec 20 at 18:45
The S bot 9000Took me like 5 minutes after the duping was done from a level 12 crafting rank. A few things to note
1.)The store screen looked the same to me, the only difference was that when i tried to buy the item: it wouldn’t transfer back (still made the buy sound though).
2.) Duping more than 1k will obviously make this go faster, I duped ~1300 but you can prolly get away with 1500-2000+
3.)No progress will be shown for your ranks as you break down the items (unless you scroll to the crafting menu) so don’t freak out if it feels like you’re wasting your time.
Posted by The S bot 9000 on 23 Dec 20 at 08:27
TheDylanator36It disassembled all of them for me
Posted by TheDylanator36 on 23 Dec 20 at 08:35
DJ BatfinkIt just disassembled all at once for me then gone, and if I drink one first I then don't get the option to disassemble.
Posted by DJ Batfink on 28 Dec 20 at 10:48
Hirsute Dave@DJ Batfink - just hold Y anyway even if the UI doesn't give you the option. It worked just fine for me.
Posted by Hirsute Dave on 02 Jan at 05:14
argony90For PC its R+ESC, keep spamming, your Interface (UI, Layout) will look messed up a bit, i watched top left, it cutted some of the text out of the screen, it looks like it zoomed in a bit.
Drink it, the option to disassemble will disappear, still press Z for doing it either.
Thanks for sharing.
Posted by argony90 on 05 Jan at 01:57
KoParkerI did the same method but with an Epic Carnage (power shotgun) and when I bought them back, I had several hundred of them but at the uncommon rarity.

It is a bit of a hassle dismantling all of them since weapons don't stack in your inventory but another way to get ton of crafting components/xp.

Keep in mind that weapons have much more weight than the beverages mentioned so don't be surprised if your inventory was ~5000/400 like mine.

EDIT: These buybacks are NOT FREE like the beverages
Posted by KoParker on 10 Jan at 22:13
Fl0ydPinkert0nI don't get the option to disassemble food / drinks, and holding Y on them does nothing.

Edit - Finally got this achievement putting my points into intelligence, and then grinding quickhacks (pinging different electronics).
Posted by Fl0ydPinkert0n on 30 Mar at 17:34