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It's Elementary

Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Watson.

It's Elementary-1.7
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Metal CrusherMetal Crusher592,513
22 Dec 2020 23 Dec 2020
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Below is an image of all the Gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles for Watson that must be completed in order to unlock this achievement.

The locations on this map are the exact locations I completed to unlock this achievement. I kept track of my progress on the achievement tracker until I unlocked the achievement.

You might have to increase your Street Cred Level if a location does not appear for you. Also, this is best done right before the point of no return as some Gigs will not appear until certain story missions are completed.

I completed all of these locations right before the point of no return (right before the last story mission "Nocturne 0P55N1").

External image

* Reported Crimes: "Don't Forget The Parking Brake", "Needle In A Haystack", "Dragged Up", "One Thing Led To Another", "Dangerous Currents", "Protect And Serve", "Paranoia" and "Worldy Possessions" will appear after you complete their corresponding Reported Crime NCPD Scanner Hustle (which is indicated by the red arrow on the map).

* The Cyberpsycho Sightings "Six Feet Under", "Bloody Ritual", "Where The Bodies Hit The Floor", "Demons Of War", "LT. Mower" and "Ticket To The Major Leagues" which are located in Watson are not required for this achievement. The exact locations of these Cyberpsycho Sightings can be found here:
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b3n irlThank you for putting this together, it's massively appreciated.
Posted by b3n irl on 03 Jan at 00:38
Metal CrusherGlad to hear you found it useful and I appreciate the feedback!
Posted by Metal Crusher on 03 Jan at 07:28
The Reverend JCThanks for this, really handy. The gigs "Welcome to America, Comrade" and "Monster Hunt" lead to further gigs, "Fixer, Merc, Soldier, Spy" and "Small Man, Big Evil" respectively. I thought something had gone wrong when I had everything checked off and was at 96%, finding that the above two gigs were missing from my journal. They appeared after waiting for roughly 36 hours and fast travelling to a terminal near their location (think it was Allen St South or similar).
Posted by The Reverend JC on 10 Feb at 23:46