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Ten out of Ten

Reach the max level in any skill.

Ten out of Ten-0.4
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23 Dec 2020 27 Dec 2020
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*Confirmed working after 1.06*.

For this guide we will be maxing 'Athletics' under the 'Body' attribute. Make a manual save before you begin if you wish.

1. Max out 'Body' Attribute to level 20.
2. Buy any 'Berserk' Operating System Cyberware from a Ripper Doc and equip. (I used Militech Berserk MK.5. Available at the Westbrook, Charter Hill District ripperdoc)
3. Activate Berserk mode, LB+RB together while on foot outside
4. Start sprinting.
5. While sprinting, press B to perform a slide
6. While sliding/mid slide, press 'Menu' button.
7. That's it. Sit back and let it rack up. The progression will go up automatically.
8. Stay in the menu so progress isn't interrupted by coming out of the slide.
9. Achievement popped as soon as I hit Level 20 Atheletics, while inside the Attributes/Body screen.

Note: To check progress. Go into Body attribute. Then back out to the Attributes screen. Wait a few moments, and them go back into the Body screen. The progress will have increased. I went from Level 9 to 20 in about 15-20 minutes.
EbizuWork like a charme on 1.6 too... Thanks dude !!
Posted by Ebizu on 25 Dec 20 at 21:12
JackTheCreeperWorks great on 1.6, which is great news because I specced into Intelligence with Breach Protocol and Quickhacking at 19 at the end of the game. I had already cleared out all of the Side Gigs and NCPD Hustles in every region so I didn't have enough content left to finish them out. Clearing out the other achievements while also having my own bit of fun using weapons would have made me have to start another playthrough or use some duping exploit, which I'd say takes more effort and is not my sort of thing anyway.

Kudos for a great solution!!
Posted by JackTheCreeper on 25 Dec 20 at 23:12
KriostyxIt seems it has to be that exact berserk deck. I tried two other ones before, a rare and a legendary of a different manufacturer and it wouldn't work on like 20-30 tries. Second try on the Militech Berserk Mk.5 from the ripperdoc you mentioned and it worked!
Posted by Kriostyx on 28 Dec 20 at 09:48
ElSelchoI have no idea why, but it works. Who comes up with this stuff ?! :D
Thumbs up!
Posted by ElSelcho on 28 Dec 20 at 18:45
micmon83@Kriostyx: it works just fine with the Berserk MK1 aswell, no need for the MK5
Posted by micmon83 on 29 Dec 20 at 15:17
NeoInTransitI couldn't believe this when I read it, so I had to give it a shake. It freaking works. The berserk deck doesn't matter. It really makes me scratch my head that this works at all but hats off for the weird discovery.
Posted by NeoInTransit on 30 Dec 20 at 00:46
KnaussenheimerThis method is incredible, thank you so much. I am usually so bad at making glitches work but got this one without trouble. accidentally backed out of the menu but once my berserk cooldown finished went right back in and finished it off without trouble
Posted by Knaussenheimer on 31 Dec 20 at 01:30
DavidJust a heads up that the 20 mins mentiomed should certainly be more around the 40 min mark.
Posted by David#4473 on 31 Dec 20 at 23:32
Boo its JackWorked perfectly, took about 30 minutes for me, great find!
Posted by Boo its Jack on 01 Jan at 12:44
Jacob2IsraelThank you very very much. This is so awesome I was running, jumping and sliding like crazy and was getting nowhere.
Posted by Jacob2Israel on 03 Jan at 02:10
Kriostyx@micomon83 Good to know! Maybe I just had unrelated timing trouble getting it to work with other decks for some reason.
Posted by Kriostyx on 03 Jan at 10:54
IthillienxbIt works!! I was having big trouble to get this achievement, I focused on maxing the blades skill tree, but I was stuck at 17... So much grinding... Thank you so much 😂
Posted by Ithillienxb on 03 Jan at 13:15
yaomicquiWorked perfect on pc 1.06. Thank you very much!
Posted by yaomicqui on 04 Jan at 22:23
dungavinWorked a treat and saved me from a load of tedious grinding, gave me 7 perk points too! nice one 🙂👍
Posted by dungavin on 07 Jan at 11:17
A Dank SlothThank you my friend
Posted by A Dank Sloth on 08 Jan at 09:19
JockySteerAwesome, worked for me. Only bought 350 items so it took about 15 mins but job done.
Posted by JockySteer on 08 Jan at 22:42
Callum 1787An achievement while doing the dishes... I'll take that! Great guide
Posted by Callum 1787 on 10 Jan at 12:41
MONSTERMAN2714Still works as of 1/10/21. Thank you!
Posted by MONSTERMAN2714 on 11 Jan at 03:50
Its Just RaveDoesn't seem to be working for me currently. Will keep trying and edit comment if it does.

Edit: Purchased the Millitech Berserk Mk5 and it worked first time! Cheers!
Posted by Its Just Rave on 11 Jan at 18:08
Beady HThis worked for me but it was not a 15-20 minute trick. To get from level 6 to 20 took an hour and a half.
Posted by Beady H on 12 Jan at 20:51
YoungMeezyWasn't working at first. I then pressed menu just as the slide started and now it's working
Posted by YoungMeezy on 15 Jan at 05:03
God of the Cornbest way to do this one is to get a really big stack of either a grenade or maxdoc or any consumable that has like 999 in the stack, then equip it, then disassemble it in your backpack. It gets you to level 20 crafting in minutes. The game thinks youre disassembling every one of the grenades/maxdocs in the stack. Here's a video showing how its done:
Posted by God of the Corn on 16 Jan at 23:32
The Reverend JCThis trick worked at the first attempt and took about 30 minutes to get me from Athletics 3 to 20. Thanks for saving me a grind 👍
Posted by The Reverend JC on 22 Jan at 19:31
MunroeJust tried this on version 1.1 and still works, thanks! I've so far gone from level 5 to level 13 in about 10 mins
Posted by Munroe on 23 Jan at 17:09
Sneaky G WizardI just completed the main storyline, all side quests and all the NCPD/Gigs. I have been overly-focused on crafting since the beginning. I looted until I hit my carry limit, dismantled them all and then crafted as much as possible. I have repeated this process countless times since the beginning (to the point it felt like it was the main objective of the game) and I am on lvl 14. Maybe I got really unlucky choosing crafting but this achievement seems ridiculous. Superb guide +1
Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 24 Jan at 06:05
Creiz89Think the new hotfix patched this one? Did it before to lvl 18, but wasnt maxed out yet. Cant do it now. Tried several times
Posted by Creiz89 on 28 Jan at 13:59
Sneaky G WizardI actually didn't have the points in BODY for this solution (as I mentioned, I concentrated on crafting) but found an equally efficient glitch for this. First use a duplication glitch on grenades, equip them, hold Y to break them all down (there is no prompt for this but it does it anyway) get the XP depending on how big the stack was, exit out the menu and repeat. Hit lvl 20 in no time
Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 28 Jan at 18:55
I Argonaut IThis method doesn't seem to work after latest patch or hotfix. I downvoted and will reverse that vote if others can confirm it works and I am just inept!
Posted by I Argonaut I on 29 Jan at 16:37
Sneaky G WizardIn over a decade of being a member on TA I have never seen anyone take the time to explain a downvote. Respect.
Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 30 Jan at 01:02
FalloutOverseerStill works as of 1/29/21. I did not time it, but I went from Athletics 9 to 20 by using the original method
Posted by FalloutOverseer on 30 Jan at 03:25
Soloist 921/31/21 - It still works. It gives about 500 exp. per second.
Posted by Soloist 92 on 01 Feb at 05:18
ciderioLiterally just earned it this second using this method. 01/02/2021 with latest patch and using Moore Tech Beserk MK.2, so can confirm still working.
Posted by ciderio on 01 Feb at 15:55
TayTayM88Still working with the 1.11 update as well, thank you for this tip!! 👌🏻
Posted by TayTayM88 on 05 Feb at 18:55
XfunaIt still works 2/05/21. Thanks!
Posted by Xfuna on 05 Feb at 20:05
I Argonaut IApparently I just can't slide and pull up a menu correctly... Changing my vote.
Posted by I Argonaut I on 05 Feb at 20:20
LexiPantsPreem. Thanks Choom. 👍
Posted by LexiPants on 11 Feb at 05:40
GamerDDadDid this 2/24/21.
For clarification, the menu button is the button on the right, not the one that brings up the Save/Load screen.
I just did this and while looking at the character screen I would click on body and it would be higher. So I left it alone while I ate dinner and emptied dishwasher.
Around 40 minites it went from level 4 to 20.
Posted by GamerDDad on 25 Feb at 03:26
MeBorreiTodostill working
Posted by MeBorreiTodo on 01 Mar at 19:48
martian18Think its patched now doesnt seem to work
Posted by martian18 on 25 Mar at 22:45
prakkeroYeah, unless I'm doing something wrong, this isn't working anymore...
Posted by prakkero on 02 Apr at 22:59
ViiiiiktorIt still works on April, 5th 2021.
I managed during many time to try it and can’t have the bar to increase until I tried one last thing and it works :

I equipped any Berserk as in the solution and was on the Badlands running straight away from anything. It tooks me a few minutes to increase the bar near 96/98% of athletics but I activated Berserk at the moment I reached the next level and slided right when the top Athletics bar appeared saying I earned a level. Then I started the menu as said in the solution and it works.

Hope this will help anyone.
Posted by Viiiiiktor on 05 Apr at 15:04
prakkeroYes, that worked for me, with a slight variation.

Anyway, here's what I did:

1. Raised Body attribute to 20
2. Installed Militech Berserk Mk. 5
3. Got athletics near to level up (99% for me), and made a save.
4. Ran around jumping and punching stuff until I got the Athletics level up text on the top of the screen.
5. Immediately started sprinting, THEN activated berserk mode, performed the slide and immediately went to the character screen.
6. Started switching between the main attributes screen and Athletics screen, and what do you know, Athletics was going magically up. Took about 30-40 minutes to reach level 20 from level 8, where I started.
Posted by prakkero on 05 Apr at 23:30