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The Umbra

Win a run with all covenants enabled on The Umbra.

The Umbra-1.3
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Ikne AmarathaIkne Amaratha299,659
27 Dec 2020 27 Dec 2020
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In the Community Challenges section input the following seed.


This set up gives every friendly Damage Shield 2 and Multistrike 1, including the champion. You will want to start with the Glutton champion.

The overall idea is to place the champion on the top floor and feed him as many morsels as possible. You will want to pick up 1 Morselmaster (creates a copy of a morsel you summon) and put him on the floor with your champion. After each boss fight take the additional capacity option so at the end you can summon 4 morsels on the top floor.

A few things will greatly improve your odds of winning and killing Seraph before his final round.

Go for the Umbra banner to get Morselmaster, you only need one.

Take Trample card when you beat Talos.

Turn on the Trial for level 4. This will give you the Fossilized Fangs artifact which doubles gorge abilities.

Take the Unstable Vortex path on level 7 to get the Shroud Spike then use the Merchant of Magic path on the final level to add +2 to the X ammount.

Finally, buy Hell's Banner from the last trinket shop which will add 3 ember when you summon your second unit (hint: morsels are 0 cast and count as units)

The plan for the final fight is to use your Shroud Spike when you have 7-10 ember. This will give your champion around 1300 damage, with trample and multistrike and should be enough to kill Serapth before his battle phase.

This can unlock the Win at Covenant 5, 10, 15 and 25 achievements as well as The Umbra and Sans Serapth if you do not have them already.

Leap Of Faith77Thank you so much for this. Fantastic guide!
Posted by Leap Of Faith77 on 13 Jan at 23:32
MastaGusWasn't able to pull of Sans Seraph with this run. A couple of things seem to be off:

The Merchant of Magic on the final level had no option to add +2 to X-amount. W/ or w/o re-roll.

Why take the second floor upgrade if you can place a max. of seven units per floor?

How do you evolve your Hero after Glutton? II and III or Architect route?

+1 for the solution regardless and thanks for your solutions overall!
Posted by MastaGus on 05 Feb at 07:54
MaizeString8630Thanks for the guide! Beat first time and defeated Seraph 2 turns before the combat phase. Couple of things to add which worked for me which may help others

Got the Abandoned Antumbra artifact at the start which adds a morsel each turn.

I cleared the deck of Stewards, Frozen Lance's and the Magic squids when given the chance with the unstable vortex.

One key thing for me that wasn't mentioned is after beating Talos, get the Feast card and then take the next spell shop where you can apply holdover so you can double up on gorging each turn.

For the champion upgrades, took Architect to add more spaces, then Glutton II

Turned on all the trials which didn't add much bother, one of them gave me the Shadowbox artifact which deals 150 damage to all units after playing 20 morsels.

Didn't take the second floor upgrade as useless if you upgraded to architect, I added it to more ember but card draw would be suitable too.

Had enough cash at the end to also buy the Teeth of Gold artifact (deal 3 damage to the back unit on eating a morsel) and the Mask of Penumbra on a reroll (draw 1 when playing first morsel).

Had close to 1000 health and dealing out ridiculous damage each turn by the end :)
Posted by MaizeString8630 on 26 Feb at 07:37
wolfsburgrazThe new update messed with the seed a bit, some things weren't as listed in the guide (no shroud spike for example) but overall the knowledge and setup still made for an easy run. Thank you, thumbs up on another one of your solutions I've used.

As an aside, I was generating so many morsels during my run that I was just using them as fodder on the first and second floors. It was hilarious watching these little guys multi-strike and kill enemies and some of the earlier bosses through death by a thousand cuts. laugh
Posted by wolfsburgraz on 01 Apr at 18:38