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Squad Goals

Score a Goal while in a Club Match (Online Matchmaking only)

Squad Goals-0.6
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30 Dec 2020 14 Mar 2021
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Just got the achievement... Was unbelievably difficult due to the luck element. So this is just a couple of tips to help you get it.

A club match is not a real mode in the game, therefore you cannot perform a dedicated search for it. A club match - Is where everyone on YOUR team is in the same club, and everyone on the opposing team is in the same club (separate club; their own)

Your team setup is easy. Just fire up a second controller and an alt account and get them both in the same club. There are plenty of solutions on how to do this, but if you need me to explain I can. Once they're both in the same club, you need to get them both in a party, so you'll be in split screen with it once you get into a match.

You used to be able to reliably boost this, but now it seems it is changed in an update. I tried for many many hours with multiple people to match up, and unless one of us were doing something incorrectly, it would never pair us up. (even on South Africa or Middle East) It just sat on the searching screen for 15 or 20 minutes and didn't give me a match, despite how we were both searching with same settings. Could be the level difference now, or other factors. If you can boost, it will be very difficult to find the perfect person to do it with.

So, that leaves you with the option to do it by yourself. I tried for hours again popping in and out of casual matches and got absolutely no luck. On rare occasions I would get one of the opposing members in a club. However, when I switched to competitive, I got a club match within three games. Not sure if this is a coincidence. Exorr says this may be because the game wants to match clubs against each other whenever possible in a competitive match. However, you will have to wait 5 minutes to queue up for another match if doing competitive. (Which is strongly recommended)

Once you're in a club match, you will need to periodically, (every 7 or 8 seconds) move your second account's controller or slam into him with your own car. You can get disconnected for inactivity and you do not want this to happen once you get a club match!

You shouldn't have too much trouble scoring a goal in the five minute game.
exorrThis solution needs to get to the top of the page. The old method of boosting seems to be patched out. Not sure if they won’t let you join a competitive match coming from the same IP or it has to do with rank, etc, but either way I tried to boost it and could never find a game together. Spent a few hours trying.

Gave up and just searched competitive 2v2 with my guest in my club and 2 games in found a match against another club and then it was just a matter of scoring a goal, which thankfully wasn’t to hard. I assume when a club is searching it will try to match them with another club as my first match was against one guy in a club and his guest, who just wasn’t in the club with him.

Just be sure to hit A every 10 seconds or so on the 2nd controller so you don’t idle out. Your main will pop up with a message in the lower right saying “you are about to be booted for being idle” and you have about 3 seconds to move the guest before booted when that message pops up.
Posted by exorr on 13 Mar at 15:54
SincereSeeker6Glad it helped! This is by far the hardest achievement in this game. I remember having a lot of trouble with this, and wanted to prevent other people from wasting a bunch of time trying to boost this like I did. Glad you got it!
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 14 Mar at 03:31
exorrDefinitely a big help. I think the key is competitive as the game seems to want to match clubs against each other. Thanks for posting this.
Posted by exorr on 14 Mar at 03:48