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Backseat Driver

GTA Online: Direct a driver to 1st place as co-driver in Rally Mode.

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31 Dec 2020 27 Sep 2021
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Despite existing guide being very good, I'll give my contribution by guiding through an easy solo way to get this done, without needing any kind of voice communication or previous planning.

What you are going to do is winning in the "Criminal Records" rally racing as a co-driver. This is a short and circular circuit, so all the turns are to the same side. Even if the driver doesn't receive directions, he probably can't miss it.

Follow these steps:
1) From your current GTA Online session, go to pause menu, select GTA ONLINE, then select JOBS;
2) Select PLAY JOB, then ROCKSTAR CREATED and finally move down to RACES;
3) Press cn_LSc once to select the LAND RACES and scroll down until CRIMINAL RECORDS;
4.1) If you happen to be the host, select RALLY on the type of racing and put number of laps to 1 or 2, selecting your role as CO-DRIVER right after;
4.2) If you get into an existing lobby and are lucky enough to get a RALLY racing, then simply choose your role as CO-DRIVER and hope for the best;
4.3) If you get into an existing lobby and the race chosen by host is not RALLY, simply back out.

Some additional observations:
- To improve your chances of winning, select the highest level participant as preferable partner - this is done in the same menu you choose your role;
- Just for the sake of it, consider using cn_dpad to show your driver the turns (always the same directions, as the circuit is almost a circle);
- If the other players leave before the race and it happens to start with only your and your partners' cars, it will not count - there must be at least one other car on the race;
- It may take a few tries, but you are getting RP and GTA$ anyways, right? Took me 3 tries, but it's fast, believe me.

Hope this helps.