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In the Footsteps of the Gods

Complete the Asgard and Jotunheim quests

In the Footsteps of the Gods-0.9
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01 Jan 2021 06 Mar 2021
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These are long sequences with 2 big maps: Asgard & Jotunheim. And 5 boss fights.
Recommended level for Asgard is 90+
Recommended level for Jotunheim is 190+
* I did both maps drastically under-leveled. Had trouble with some bosses, but still finally beat them

Spoiler-free & streamlined list of missions:
A Wise Friend
In Dreams

View Above All
Defensive Measures
Extended Family
Forging a Bond: Part 1
A Feline's Footfall
Taking Root
Forging a Bond: Part 2
The Big Finish

Mistress of the Iron Wood
The Lost Cauldron
A Gift from the Past
A Feast to Remember
The Price of Wisdom

Bound to Fate

Binding Fate
Cheating Fate
Minimal spoilers here:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

If you have met all quest requirements but the achievement hasn't popped, Jimmy15 suggests going to your Ubisoft Connect challenges and redeeming any pending rewards. You might get lucky when you go back into the main game.

-- not required for this achievement, but beneficial for 100% completion and for earning skill points, each map contains Mysteries to complete and Wealth to collect and make offerings with (30 each of Ymir's Tears and Ymir's Blood stones) (rewards: 5 skill points each map); neither map contains artifacts or anomalies --
AldeanovitaNo pop for me.
Posted by Aldeanovita on 10 Jan at 13:51
TheDude722I didn't include the last quest... adding it now:

After defeating the final Fenrir boss, talk to Tyr again to watch the last cinematic, Cheating Fate. After that is complete, you should finally have your achievement.
Posted by TheDude722 on 12 Jan at 13:27
tskxsniper1During the final boss, Fenrir disappeared from the map and glitched underground. So i left and returned to Norway but now every time i return to Asgard, i immediately take damage and get de-synced. Anyone else?
Posted by tskxsniper1 on 26 Jan at 03:02
TF SmackFuck! I have done everything and nothing!!
Posted by TF Smack on 05 Feb at 01:20
Jimmy15This didn't initially unlock for me, but I went through the Ubisoft challenges and accepted all the timed challenges I had completed. Popped once I went back into game and exited to main menu.

Might be worth a try for anyone that didn't have theirs pop immediately
Posted by Jimmy15 on 06 Mar at 10:12
TheDude722I'll add this advice to the bottom
Posted by TheDude722 on 06 Mar at 16:59