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Hey sneaky rat, how do you keep slipping away?

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02 Jan 2021 02 Jan 2021
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I found an exploit to grab this achievement fairly easily.

Chapter 3:

Near the beginning of this chapter you will eventually reach a kitchen. You will need to sneak past the chef by crouch walking and head down a short flight of stairs into the next room. The chef will follow you.
This is the same area where the Helping Hand secret achievement can be obtained.
When you enter this area a Nome will run from under a table. Chase it and it will lead you to a wooden crate near the bottom of the screen with 4 bottles of wine and a wedge of cheese on it. Climb on this crate.
Stand on the right side of this crate to lure the chef to that side. You can toss a bottle to lure him if he isn't already chasing you. He needs to be on the right side as there is another crate that prevents him for getting too close.
As he gets near, move to the left of the crate. If you move too far left too soon, he will run to the other side. If you do this just right he will attempt to grab you 4 times but you will be out of reach. You will see an eye symbol appear on the bottom right of the screen after every grab attempt.
After the 4th attempt, he will pause for a second. Drop off the left side of the crate onto the floor. If you don't drop down he will do a lunge and grab you. As he starts to run around the table to the side you are on, simply jump back onto the crate and lure him to the right side again. Rinse and repeat until achievement pops.