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Five Finger Discount

Stole and fenced an item.

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02 Jan 2021 24 Jan 2021
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The achievement unlocks when you fence a stolen item. Stealing and selling are both easy tasks. Finding a fence who will buy a stolen item is a harder proposition and the majority of this guide will deal with how to find Star Camp where the first fence in the game is located.

As stated, stolen items are easy to come by. For example, when you arrive at Gorhart near the beginning of the game, you can go to the unoccupied second floor of the Golden Alchemy shop and loot the cabinet for peasant clothes without anyone seeing. It will be quite a while after arriving at Gorhart that you'll find your first fence. As you proceed in the game, eventually, you'll arrive at Star Camp. There, you'll find a merchant by the name of Trader Hidon. He's a fence. Sell him a stolen item and the achievement will unlock.

Stolen items: You acquire stolen items through various means—pickpocketing and looting of ‘owned’ containers, cabinets, or items in an inn or a house. You are provided with an onscreen warning accompanied by the odds of getting caught. If you loot an ‘owned’ item in an unoccupied area, the odds of getting caught are zero. Stealing is a crime. Take precautions if you don’t want to be caught (sometimes you do to get certain achievements).

Once you have one or more stolen items in your possession, the next step is to find a fence. You can identify the stolen goods in inventory by the red hand icon. Only merchants who are also fences will buy items indicated by the red hand icon.

If you look at your world map, you’ll see a clump of trees between the Glendara and the Lorca-Rane sub-regions. If you travel there, you will encounter Grim Onwig who will invite you into Star Camp. There are two entrances—north and south. It doesn’t matter which one you approach. As soon as you get in the vicinity, you’ll meet up with Grim as a scripted encounter. After the conversation with Grim, you can enter. Talk to Rolan Arleand. Sell him an item from your inventory with the red hand icon to its left. The achievement will pop.

Note that, whereas you can go directly to Star Camp and sell a stolen item to a fence to unlock the achievement (as just described), there is a more profitable way of ‘discovering Star Camp:

Recommended Method to Discover Star Camp: Take the main road east out of Gorhart and go through the passage from Odarath West to Odarath East. Then, take the main road southeast. At the junction, take a right on the main road. Stay on the main road until you see Penri Kell. Exhaust the blue conversational options and answer, "I'll do it." This gives you a task, "Reprisal, Reprised."

Hunt antelopes in the immediate vicinity, looting their corpses until you have four heads. Return to Penri. She will tell you to mount the trophies in the ruins. Mount three of them in accordance with the quest markers and amber arrows. Before you mount the fourth, make a save in case you fail an upcoming persuasion check. (It's high probability so chances of failure are slight). Mount the fourth head. A high level troll will appear. Go into reckoning mode and defeat it. Loot its corpse to obtain the Maiden's Ring.

Penri will run up and ask for the ring. Use your persuasion and answer, "I think I'll hold on to it." As soon as you pass the persuasion check, you’ll get a notification that, "Star Camp has been added to your map." Maiden's Ring is a decent accessory. Equip it if you want 10% increased health.

Note that you can get Star Camp to appear on your map without doing the side quest. Simply ask Penri about Travelers—it’s one of the white or gray conversational options. However, the quest offers decent experience—first, in killing the troll and, second, by successfully concluding the quest. The Maiden’s Ring, moreover, is a decent accessory whether you intend to use it or sell it. The following video shows the end of the Reprisal, Reprised side quest and the discovery of Star Camp.
Panzerdrako7I couldn't find roland in star camp, but trader hidon was enough....
Thnx for the detail guides
Posted by Panzerdrako7 on 24 Jan at 11:14
Allgorhythm@Panzerdrako7; Thanks for your comment. Rolan was my slip-up. He's the trader and fence at Sun Camp. Trader Hidon, as you point out, is the merchant and fence at Star Camp. I've corrected the guide & appreciate your feedback.
Posted by Allgorhythm on 24 Jan at 15:38