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Plan Beaten

Collect every achievement in Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

Plan Beaten-0.5
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Resi Gamer 18Resi Gamer 18414,436
02 Jan 2021 02 Jan 2021
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Note, this achievement likes to not unlock. Fury after spending nigh on 25 hours practising in the lair to finally beat Capital B, only for Hive Won to unlock but not this. Even the ingame achievement page shows all others unlocked but not this one. Im not holding my breath for a fix either.
planchetflawThe game skipped my 16 bees saved achievement badge. It unlocked on xbox, but the game shows it as not completed.

planchetflaw playing Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair
Posted by planchetflaw on 21 Jan at 10:44
I Formosa II have all the achievements, all unlocked in the ingame achievement page as well but I still have yet to unlock it :(
Posted by I Formosa I on 23 Feb at 18:24
MuppeT May CryThis one glitched for me, is there a way to fix it?
Posted by MuppeT May Cry on 11 Mar at 00:11
ZeylexIts not unlocking for me
Posted by Zeylex on 13 Mar at 14:25
pheonix580Also glitched for me.
Posted by pheonix580 on 27 Mar at 20:26
Bjoern NeunHere the same 😑
Posted by Bjoern Neun on 03 Apr at 07:37
FlopsyTheRabbitGlitched, got all the other badges but not this one
Posted by FlopsyTheRabbit on 07 Apr at 15:50
berdysiUnfortunately it decided not to unlock for me too
Posted by berdysi on 09 Apr at 23:17