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It's Elementary

Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Watson.

It's Elementary-1.7
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06 Jan 2021 06 Jan 2021
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For anyone wondering what ncpd scanner your missing its not located in watson its in located in westbrook north oak and its called worldly posessions
EliasVVThank you so much, I've spent so many hours trying to get this achievement, and this was it. I don't even play on xbox I literally just logged in to say that, so thank you. <3
Posted by EliasVV on 09 Jan at 00:36
Saint G Man 93Thank you
Posted by Saint G Man 93 on 10 Jan at 04:18
DeeecoAny tips for getting it to show up? This is the last one I need and I've been playing for hours and it won't show up. I've kept on top of my shards in case something crops up there but it's just taking its time. I'm worried because at the beginning of the game I cleared that area out including where you go for that gig
Posted by Deeeco on 14 Feb at 22:35