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Party Patrol

Get 10 squad wipe medals in Fireteam.

Party Patrol-1.3
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07 Jan 2021 25 Jan 2021
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**This solution is outdated! The Fireteam Duo playlist was patched out! Sorry!**

Update January 2021

The Fireteam Duos playlist made this achievement extremely easier. All you have to do now is to kill 2 people instead of 4 and it will still count towards your Squad Wipe medals count.

Some general tips to speed things up for those who don’t play COD often:

- Use guns with large magazines and/or extended mags attachments. This is due to the fact that players in fireteam tend to have more life points compared to other modes. Also they will become useful when trying to take down more than one enemy at once.

- When you down an enemy don’t just end em right away. Instead, let them crawl around the ground a bit while you camp the spot. Often times, their buddy will come and rescue them and you can pop him as well (squad wipe)

- Dive head first in the dirty bomb sites, forget about the rest of the map. Just go there and play, don’t worry about KD or skill. You should be able to get 2 to 3 medals per match, even more if lucky/skilled enough.
MatCrew7I can confirm it's very easy now, I got it in only 3 games and i'm far from being a good player.
Posted by MatCrew7 on 08 Jan at 15:39
MCmichaelDMade it a breeze. Thanks for having your solution up. The medal description says a squad of 3 or more so I wanted to verify that duos would still work. toast
Posted by MCmichaelD on 09 Jan at 07:24
afatlemur2277Definitely easy now. Got all 10 in 1 game
Posted by afatlemur2277 on 13 Jan at 22:02
CakauFireteams Duos is no longer available in the playlists, after today’s update...
Posted by Cakau on 15 Jan at 06:44
Pig BimpingI’m going to have to wait until duos (hopefully) comes back. I’ve been trying squads for a few days and I’ve only gotten two wipe medals. It comes down to luck more than skill getting the last kill as teams will frequently be separated. Frankly, this mode is hot trash for those solo queuing.
Posted by Pig Bimping on 08 Feb at 23:02