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Romancing the Gem

Crafted an Epic Gem.

Romancing the Gem-0.2
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The achievement is unlocked when you use a sagecrafting altar to create an epic gem. You must be at sagecrafting level 8 or higher to do so. Interact with a sagecrafting altar by approaching it and pressing cn_A. Select the first choice, "Craft Gems." On the next menu, select the fourth item down, "Epic Gems." You then can select among your shards and combine two of them into an Epic Gem. The game gives you a preview of what your result will be. Press cn_A to accept it. The first time you craft an epic gem you unlock the achievement.

All types of shards can be used--cloudy, lambent, and pristine. The two gems used in crafting must be of the same level. For example, a cloudy protection shard plus a cloudy poison shard gives you the Epic Gem of the Attentive: +4% experience. If the pristine variants are used, the pristine protection shard plus the pristine poison shard gives you the Epic Gem of the Enlightened: +10% experience. Virtually, every combination of two different shards of the same tier results in an epic gem. Thus, as long as you have a few shards, you should have no difficulty selecting two of them to create the epic gem for the achievement.

Level 8 Sagecrafting:

The simplest way to get to level 8 sagecrafting is to invest skill points as you level up. However, to advance from level 7 to level 8 in sagecrafting by investing skill points, you must be at overall level 16. Nevertheless, you can use the advanced sagecrafting trainer, Itran Sconn at the Scholia Arcana in Rathir - Upper City, to advance from level 7 sagecrafting to level 8 before your overall level reaches 16.

You can pick up the sagecrafting skill book from the well just outside St. Hadwyn's Mission in the northern sector of Glendara (it's a hidden item and requires detect hidden level 2). Reading the book advances your sagecrafting level by one point regardless of your overall level. You can pick up the book at any time and defer reading it until your sagecrafting level reaches 7. At that point, when you read it, your skill will advance to level 8.

You can buy Greater Jeweled Shilelagh from Driadore Sele at the Arcadium in Adessa. This potion increases your sagecrafting skill by 2. If you are at level 6 and ingest the potion just before interacting with the sagecrafting altar, you will be able to craft epic gems.

Finally, there are accessories like the Gem Cutting Handwraps that increase your sagecrafting skill by a point. The Gem Cutting Handwraps can be obtained during the Scholia Arcana faction quest, Shardfall. (You must loot Donnel's body to get a ring. When you give it to Anker, he exchanges it for the Gem Cutting Handwraps--sagecraft +1).