Apex Legends Review by Meat Smacker

Meat SmackerMeat Smacker17,631
11 Jan 2021
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As far as I can tell there is no fair matchmaking in this game, In my first match the guy who killed me had 27 season 7 wins while no one on my squad had a single win.

There is NO solo game mode meaning that if you don't have friends you are screwed.


The only really bad thing about ranked is that if you leave the match after you are killed you can get a 10 minute abandon penalty.

Gun play

This games gun play is some of the worst i've seen as the sentinel (Bolt action sniper rifle) Can be made a 4 shot kill if the enemy has legendary armour. The time to kill is incredibly long with most guns meaning you will rarely win a 1 v 2+ battle which occurs quite often.

Pay to win?

None of the vanilla characters are very good, while other characters CAN be bought with in game currency they are very expensive and in game currency is very hard to obtain.

This game DOES have a battle pass which will mean once every couple of months it will drain your bank account even more.

The good

While for this game the bad much out weighs the good the game does have some good fun aspects.

When you get a kill it DOES feel really good
The Game is free so it's just about as good as a free game will get
Matches are usually fast (For the battle royale genre.)
The player base is not usually very toxic like most battle royale games tend to suffer from.
Its ranked system (while still pretty bad) is relatively decent.