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Global Giants

Created a squad with a Team Strength of 3000 or more in myClub

Global Giants-1.3
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19 Jan 2021 19 Jan 2021
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I got this after playing 8 ranked matches so it's pretty easy.

Do all the challenges in the 'my records' tab to gain coins and spend these on special agents.

Check what kind of players the special agents are offering and only use ones that have completely black rarity players to get this up.

When you start my club you should get a host of players to make your team good which will bring to around 2000.

Hope this helps.
DJB HustlinYeah, special agents make this so much easier that I thought it would be
Posted by DJB Hustlin on 02 Feb at 14:45
DcupsOfJusticeSpecial Agents is a huge help. I found myself short on the gold tokens with less than 100 left for team strength. Luckily, I had plenty of 4000 XP boosts to use and upgraded my current squad until it pushed me over the 3000 mark. The achievement took a minute to unlock; but, it did. One could take their time to wait for the free gold to buy players with the special agent or use the XP boosts if you have them. My XP boosts came from playing games and trying other ways to get the gold tokens. I'm horrible at this game and winning online is not an option for me as the people who play are stacked and play often.
Posted by DcupsOfJustice on 04 Mar at 20:18