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The Creative Assassin

Complete the Contract Creation Tutorial.

The Creative Assassin-0.9
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SiLenT Pr3ySiLenT Pr3y135,578
20 Jan 2021 21 Jan 2021
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This is a written guide but at the bottom is a video if you prefer to copy it visually! The video is a little bit different to the way I did it but hey ho dance

EDIT: Before we venture forth, someone has mentioned that on their first opportunity to leave the mission, they left and the achievement didn't pop for them. If that happens to you, I recommend doing this again (it only takes about 3-8 minutes). And if it doesn't pop again, then restart. But if it doesn't pop after 3 times then you might have to play through the whole thing :/

Simply, hit cn_RB 3 times to get to game modes and then press cn_A on Contracts. Then press cn_A again on "Create Contract - Tutorial"

You might get a warning which says "Spoiler Alert", be assured, the tutorial tells you nothing about the main story that may spoil it. The only spoiler that I can get from this is the level, which is part of Agent 47's training at the start of Hitman (2016). And then go to Play and just play through the level.

Without further a do, if you just want to take it from here and do it on your own, then I'm not stopping you but I will provide details on how I did this. It's pretty straight forward but whatever wink

When you load in, your first objective is to approach Terry Norfolk. He will be marked with a turquoise kind of blue person in a diamond. Just approach him and hold cn_RB and then press cn_Y to mark him. You'll then get a little bit of info about marking. If you're new to the Hitman: World Of Assassination trilogy then feel free to read on. If you're not, then you should be pretty familiar with this in contracts. Then repeat again but unmarking him. You'll then get even more info about unmarking.

You're next objective is to infiltrate the yacht. This is pretty straight forward too. Just turn around and infront of you but a bit to the right you should see a wall with an empty square in it. It has "Garage" in neon lights if you can't see it. Just vault through the window by pressing cn_A. You will be trespassing but don't worry about that. Approach the worker (I have no idea if he's a construction worker or a mechanic) and when you can, just mash cn_X to subdue him (go Agent 47! rock). Then hold cn_A to disguise as him. You'll then get even MORE info. Time to hide his body! I mean, you can leave the worker's body, but that's not very professional is it? Hold cn_B to drag his body. Drag him through the door behind you (press cn_Y to open the door). Then dump his body in the locker on the opposite side of the room (hold cn_Y).

Leave the room and turn left and run through the loading bay (hold cn_LB to run).You'll then get even more info about mission stories. Press cn_back to activate one. Click on the one labelled "Skilled Assassin". Then press cn_B to resume. There's a door in the corner next to the stairs. Go through that door. Turn right and then left. Wait for the guard to be at the end of the corridor you were facing, then quickly hold cn_RB and press cn_Y to mark him, and then start subduing him (mash cn_X) when you can snap his neck (cn_Y), DO IT! Or you can just shoot him in the head if you didn't manage to snap his neck. You can then hold cn_B to drag his body and dump him in the locker behind you.

Well done! You're nearly done! Just re-trace your steps and go back to the beginning. Hold cn_Y to end the mission. Then just cn_LSd four times to exit to menu! Quite a lengthy guide for a 15G cheevo but oh well!

For those who prefer to do it off a video and not writing: (credit to: Trip0dT0m Gaming)
L0RDM0NEY0FMANJust to add, there is a point where the game has a popup to either keep playing or to exit. I choose to exit to main menu and didn't get it, I guess you have to keep playing and exit the mission to get the achievement.
Posted by L0RDM0NEY0FMAN on 20 Jan at 20:40
SiLenT Pr3yHuh, I don't know why that's happened... On my first opportunity to leave, I left and I still got the achievement. Probably bugs, to be fair. The game is quite new. I'll still update the guide nevertheless
Posted by SiLenT Pr3y on 21 Jan at 08:29
Nv DefinesDef didnt work and theres no option to leave by the normal exit. Cooool
Posted by Nv Defines on 30 Jan at 04:12
SiLenT Pr3yIf my written guide didn't work, I advise you try the video guide
Posted by SiLenT Pr3y on 02 Feb at 09:44