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Last Call

Become the club owner, and have a sit down with the ICA.

Last Call-4.4
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21 Jan 2021 21 Jan 2021
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Mission: Berlin: Apex Predator

The first step to complete this is to get to Hirschmuller's office (Level -2). This can be done through a series of disguise changes or sneaking around.

Once here, use the gramophone to lure Rolf to the corner of the room. Take him out, hide him, grab his disguise, and pick up his phonebook.

Now, use the phone to call a meeting with the ICA agents. Sit down in the chair, and wait a few minutes for the meeting to conclude. Upon concluding, 5 total agents will be in the room. Agent 47 will kick over the desk, and you can grab a shotgun. Use it to take out all the agents, and escape the level.
TheBoxyBearLike with the bird pictures, you don't need to finish the mission. Just Replan and it popped for me
Posted by TheBoxyBear on 27 Jan at 02:48
Maka91@TheBoxyBear, but you need the challenges to get to mastery level 20 anyways.
Posted by Maka91 on 31 Jan at 06:09
Blackout 4171Maka91 to save your challenges you can reload any saves and it will count, for example i got my mastery 20 in berlin just by being on the guest list, i saved and reloaded that save and during the reloading i got my achievement for mastery 20
It was already like that for Hitman 2 otherwise it would be so long if you had to finish everytime the levels by extracting
Posted by Blackout 4171 on 02 Feb at 23:46