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A Sutra of Pain

Achieved a combo of 108 hits or more.

A Sutra of Pain0
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22 Jan 2021 22 Jan 2021
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When you get BOW at Fortress Vimana,
1. go to left when ZEBEI was in a jail.
2. Curiously you can see ZEBEI at there, stay next to him.
3. spam your cn_RB
4. the combo counter appears on top-right on your screen.
5. it pops when the counter stops.

And Indivisible has unique save data system. It maybe helps your trouble.
Check "Load Game" and move cn_LS to right, you can see bunch of your old save data.
If you're the all save point traveler, the best data is the 2nd of Fortress Vimana.
TheOnlyMattothis is a great solution man!!!
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 26 Jan at 04:24