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Silent Assassin

Complete The Final Test unspotted. Kill only Jasper Knight, ensuring his body is not found.

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27 Jan 2021 27 Jan 2021
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From the main menu simply navigate to the "Campaigns" section then go into the "Training Prologue" scroll across to "The final test" Select and play.

As soon as the mission starts run to the left and vault the fence, turn left and run towards the bushes. you will see a guard on the right next to a truck to the left you will see a booth and with two windows run and jump through the first window.

as you run through the window exit the office and run left go around the outside of the map at the end of the building you will see a drain pipe. Run towards the drain pipe and climb up it and walk across towards the first window.

wait at the window and wait for jasper to walk away the guard is always slow to react and follow him. As the guard starts to walk off jump through the window and subdue the guard. Once subdued drag his body into the toilet to your left and put the body into the box.

Wait for jasper to come back into the room he will go into the desk and look at something on it. leave the toilet, pull out your fiber wire and kill jasper. once you have killed Jasper drag his body into the toilet and place him into the same box as the guard.

Now exit the toilet and go back through the same window that you entered. Go back to the drain pipe and drop down following the exact same route you used to get into the facility. Once you have done this climb the fence and go over to the exit area pressing the button.

GerbasgamerDidn't work for me.
There's a mechanic coming when I stand near the window and the guard doesn't move fast enough that I could get inside.
If I wait in the bushes until the mechanic is gone, I cannot catch up quick enough to subdue the guard.
Even if you wait for another cycle, there will be another guard outside that will spot you at the window.
Posted by Gerbasgamer on 01 Apr at 18:25