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Complete 5 Expert puzzles without using a Reshuffle, Undo, or Hint.

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29 Jan 2021 29 Jan 2021
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The good news - you can redo the same Expert puzzle over and over again until you get this.

Puzzle Pack 1 #21 and #75 are generally easy Expert puzzles that can be bulldozed through in a few minutes without much planning. Personally I find #75 easier but that's a personal choice.

There are times you may still hit "no more tiles". Just select retry and the tiles will be refreshed for you to try again.
Madtown BPack 1 #75 is a piece of cake. Nice recommendation!

My strategy was to do all of the expert levels in the puzzle pack I plan to complete first, in case I was lucky enough to beat with no assists, then I cleaned up my last couple for this achievement with #75.
Posted by Madtown B on 31 Jan 21 at 19:53
TheDonSimeoniYup, #75 is super easy to get it on. I had a few unsolvable puzzles on it, but it's a small puzzle so your only losing 2 mins tops.
Posted by TheDonSimeoni on 03 Feb 21 at 10:57
neeker75You're right. The randomized tiles for these puzzles sometimes means you'll get unsolvable puzzles. I've gotten "no more moves" after two matches, and have had the game hit "no more moves" immediately upon the board loading without a single match being made. laugh
Posted by neeker75 on 04 Feb 21 at 02:07
Ex6I got this achievement randomly today when aiming to unlock the "Bring It On!" -
Complete 10 Quickplay puzzles -
Mahjong by Microsoft (Mobile)Bring It On!Ex6The Bring It On! achievement in Mahjong by Microsoft (Mobile) worth 16 pointsComplete 10 Quickplay puzzles.
achievement ... The expert puzze under quickplay did have a lot of tiles, but solving it was not hard at all. :)
Posted by Ex6 on 19 Feb 21 at 19:56
guns vs kittensPlaying quick play just randomly selects a tile set from all of the puzzle packs, so you can randomly get expert puzzles there.
Posted by guns vs kittens on 23 Feb 21 at 19:23
CandidFever3You should try puzzle 269. Most of the pieces are in a vertical line. So if the puzzle is solvable it will be an easy solve. You just have to be careful as to how you use the side blocks.
Posted by CandidFever3 on 18 May 21 at 04:17
DaDuelingDonutsCame to say I personally had more success with 75 than 269, but thay both work well. I recommend trying the other if one isn't working
Posted by DaDuelingDonuts on 23 May 21 at 19:23
HumidTube35number 75 for sure
Posted by HumidTube35 on 16 Nov 21 at 20:18
segagamer75 was done easily for me. Didn't need to try 269
Posted by segagamer on 03 Dec 21 at 06:43
Lathanar75 still the best. Took me 10 minutes to knock this out.
Posted by Lathanar on 04 Jan at 19:17