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The achievement unlocks when you complete one of three origin stories during the first part of the three-part prologue. You will be asked to select your “Lifepath.” You choose one of three mutually exclusive main story missions. Main story missions are called main jobs and referred to by an MJ designation. Note that the life choices do NOT affect your character build and the only impact is that infrequently you will have a dialog choice based on origin that may simplify a task or job:

MJ-01: The Nomad
MJ-02: The Street Kid
MJ-03: The Corpo

The origin stories are relatively short. MJ-01 Nomad is the quickest if you want instant gratification. However, I recommend doing all three. Each gives very different background information on the world of Cyberpunk. Playing through all three will give you a much better understanding going forward.

I recommend making a save after completing each story and before doing MJ-04 Practice Makes Perfect. This is the second part of the prologue. When you have gone through all three select the save corresponding to your preferred choice.

When you start a new game you will be asked to choose the difficulty level: Easy, Normal, Hard, or Very Hard. It can be changed at any time through the game. I recommend Very Hard because it will encourage you to make full use of the entire spectrum of Vs abilities. Moreover, the higher the difficulty the better the loot and enemy drops of which there is an extraordinary amount in the game. Note that, regardless of difficulty, V very quickly acquires a wealth of skills and abilities that allows him to function with ease against formidable opposition.

After that, choose your life path. You are asked to create your character. The first part is cosmetic the second is substantive and relates to the attributes and skills associated with the character. The choice is up to you and your personal preferences but the build you pursue will affect achievements (see the character build paragraph below).

Once you finish your character creation, you start to play the lifepath you selected. The achievement comes most quickly when you choose, “Nomad.” The Nomad story is very linear. It has a short in-vehicle shooting sequence. It is not challenging even under the very hard difficulty but note the controller settings recommendations below. When you conclude a Lifepath origin story for the first time, the achievement pops.

At this point you may continue on or start another new game to experience one or both of the other lifepaths. For planning purposes, you should know that you are about a third of the way into the prologue. The second part can be skipped. It is a tutorial that instructs in hacking, melee combat, stealth, and shooting. The different ‘courses’ can be repeated as many times as desired. The third part of the prologue is MJ-05, The Rescue which provides a practical application for the skills covered in the prologue. Once it concludes, the game transitions to Act 1 and gameplay becomes much less structured.

Character build: tldr; intelligence, body, and cool. It's most important you have fun. There are no 'wrong' or 'right' choices. These recommendations are provided only in the interest of an expedient route towards unlocking all leveling related achievements some of which are missable.

You choose among five attributes: Body, Reflexes, Technical Ability, Cool, and Intelligence. There are achievements that require high body. There are achievements that require high intelligence. There is one crafting achievement that requires either high technical or high intelligence. There is an achievement for maxing out (level 20) any skill under any attribute. A skill cannot exceed the numerical value of the attribute it is under so this has the implicit requirement of maxing out one of the attributes My recommendation is to work towards Intelligence of 20 (Max) and Body of 16. This will get you all level related achievements. Once you max out intelligence at 20, you will soon achieve the max of 20 in Breach Protocol and Quickhacking. The first skill to reach 20 unlocks the Ten out of Ten achievement.

Further character build considerations: I also recommend investing attribute points in "Cool." This is the stealth attribute. Most importantly, the "Cold Blood" skill falls under Cool. This is a special feature of Cyberpunk and enhances all other attributes and skills. It is a game changer. I do not put any points under technical. Your level is capped at 50 and will not acquire enough attribute points to invest in everything. The main advantage of technical is you can open locked doors some of which require a high technical skill. You can craft equipment. However, overpowered weapon, armor, mods, etc. are easy to come by. So, unless you enjoy the crafting process for its own sake, I recommend this attribute be the one you ignore.

If the controls feel strange to you, read the following:
Once you have control of your character, you may find the controls to be loose. This is because there are some specialized values used to tune the controller. I did not like them. I preferred to play with the feel of a conventional controller. This is how you remove the specialized values:
Press cn_back and Select Settings -> Controls -> Show Advanced Options (Sixth entry down under “First-Person Camera (Controller).”
Turn Advanced Options on and zero out the below advanced controller settings:
Vertical Turning Bonus
Turning Ramp-Up Time
Turning Delay
Horizontal Turning (ADS)
Vertical Turning (ADS
Turning Ramp-Up Time (ADS)
Turning Delay (ADS)
In other words change all advance controller settings to zero (0) except for the first one, “Horizontal Turning Bonus.” Back out of the options menu and experiment with turning & looking up and down with left stick & adjusting camera angle with RS. Then go back into the regular options menu and adjust horizontal sensitivity and vertical sensitivity to your liking. I did not change the horizontal turning bonus but you may want to.