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Go For The Bronze

Win 12 Bronze Daily Challenge badges.

Go For The Bronze-1.7
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04 Feb 2021 01 Mar 2021
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A Daily Challenge badge is rewarded at the end of each month, so this one will take you a full year to complete. roll
EDIT: If you have premium, you can go back to September 2020 without touching your phone settings, making the achievement available as of August 2021.
If you don't want to spend money on premium, then you can go into your phone's settings and set the date to 31st of Dec, 2020, and you will have access to November and December, saving 2 months of your time!
More on this in the "Note on Date & Time + Warning:" spoiler.

To earn them you need to do Daily Challenges and earn points from them, luckily, each badge includes the ones below it, so if you earn Gold, you will also get Silver and Bronze.

- Bronze ≈ 30 puzzles, or about six days of puzzles.
- Silver ≈ 60 puzzles, or about twelve days of puzzles.
- Gold ≈ 90 puzzles, or about eighteen days of puzzles.
- Diamond ≈ about 120 puzzles, twenty-four days of puzzles.

There's a total of 140-155 puzzles per month, so you've got some room if you find some too difficult.

Note for people reading in/after Dec 2021:
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Note on Badges:
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Note on Date & Time + Warning:
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JedEganIf you buy Premium you can use the calendar on the top right to legitimately go back to the 1st September 2020 (without having to mess with device settings) and do challenges for all preceeding months, so you could get this done in August 2021 hopefully.

I just finished my "do all daily challenges" for Feb 2021, so I'm now going to work my way through September 2020 to January 2021. I will post another comment if the achievement tracker works for this when you've got Premium.
Posted by JedEgan on 28 Feb at 12:12
TheDonSimeoniYup, I just realised this. I was waiting to get the "Do all challenges in a month" + "Do a challenge every day" before trying it myself. Upon testing, I saw the same. I've updated all three solutions to inform everyone.

NoodlesJr said on the solution to the gold achievement, that his tracking took a few days, to update, but it did update.
Posted by TheDonSimeoni on 01 Mar at 10:26
JedEganJust a quick update, my tracking for all bronze/gold/silver updated straight away as soon as I met the requirements each month from September 2020 to January 2021. Have since gotten gold in March too and tracking updated no problem there as well.
Posted by JedEgan on 23 Mar at 00:37
TheDonSimeoniYeah, with premium it seems to update straight away, with the date changing it only updates when another update from the current month happens.
Posted by TheDonSimeoni on 23 Mar at 09:44
xUND3RTAK3RxRKOI was wondering if anyone knows if you can get this before august 2021 somehow?
Posted by xUND3RTAK3RxRKO on 10 May at 01:41
VisibleRaptor5Nope. I will get this in December 2021. I won't chance that. You can get in trouble with TA on that one.
Posted by VisibleRaptor5 on 21 May at 13:07
xUND3RTAK3RxRKOHow will you get in trouble with TA visibleraptor5?
Posted by xUND3RTAK3RxRKO on 31 May at 05:12
speedygamers90Hacking probably. A lot of people do the date time change for time sensitive achievements. No bans over that.
Posted by speedygamers90 on 19 Jul at 02:56
If your achievement ticker doesnt update after doing a month in the past just do one in the present and it will synch, only 5 more bronzes and 3 silvers and dome with Boomer Match 2
Posted on 19 Jul at 18:00
planchetflawNow available to complete as of the 24th July with date changing which is a legal and accepted tool on True Achievements.
Posted by planchetflaw on 26 Jul at 02:40
Posted by VisibleRaptor5 on 27 Jul at 19:16