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Enemy of the Poor

Grab and Throw 25 Harassers.

Enemy of the Poor0
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Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter891,686
11 Sep 2008 04 Aug 2016
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Whenever you are down in the streets, sometimes a lady will chase you asking for coins/ food, simply grab and throw her, do this 25 times and the achievement is yours.

Also, you can throw each beggar 5 times before they die.

Note: The mental people that push you, as well as the drunks that push you, if thrown, do not count towards this achievement.
CurtiesonSheesh, I was going making it a point to throw the guards that were part of the "Save a Citizen" quests...thinking they were "Harassing the villager" or THEY were the Enemy of the poor...I didn't know it was people harassing ME!!!

This makes sense too...but shoot...have to start the counter over, haha
Posted by Curtieson on 07 Jul 10 at 21:44
Solario32The reaction the ladies have is priceless after you push them.
Posted by Solario32 on 20 Sep 11 at 03:09
Inmate00187Does NOT have to be different people.
Posted by Inmate00187 on 11 Jan 13 at 02:09
Crimson DrifterThanks Inmate, changed it around a bit!
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 11 Jan 13 at 05:57
ConchieJoeThis is kinda pissing me off. I have done this about 40 times already and the achievement hasn't popped. Does it all have to be done in one play-through? I mean, could I turn my xbox off and start back up where I left off?
Posted by ConchieJoe on 23 Aug 13 at 14:36
Crimson DrifterI'm pretty sure it saves them as you go, or as you save the game yourself/ autosave, it was a long time ago, but pretty sure I got the 25 over a long period of time.
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 23 Aug 13 at 22:05
ConchieJoeThanks Crimson. I actually got it around 51. Maybe it glitched for me?
Posted by ConchieJoe on 25 Aug 13 at 17:28
Crimson DrifterI wouldnt rule that out lol. I'm guessing it didn't register some of them or something. At least you got it!
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 25 Aug 13 at 22:22
Ragnar2008Do you need to grab and throw, or can you just punch the beggar? I've been punching away and not unlocked yet.
Posted by Ragnar2008 on 29 Oct 13 at 00:08
Drackthornyou need to " GRAB " and throw.
Posted by Drackthorn on 27 Oct 14 at 14:00
Apostle92627They die after you push them five times. So I'm not sure what you mean when you say it can be the same beggar. That's why I voted negatively.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 03 Aug 16 at 21:12
Crimson DrifterI dont think I ever tried to throw a beggar more than 5 times, honestly. Ill make note of that! Thanks!
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 04 Aug 16 at 04:34
Apostle92627I changed my vote, though I would've appreciated credit.

Also, if you're not careful you can through them into a stand and it'll collapse on them. I've done that before.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 04 Aug 16 at 16:16
nanoc1111i grabbed and throwed a lot of beggars 5 times each but still no achievement yet. doesn't work for me lololol.
Posted by nanoc1111 on 01 Dec 16 at 00:50
KiRRAYNEThrowing the same one multiple times definitely does not work.
Posted by KiRRAYNE on 13 Dec 17 at 15:34
nanoc1111"Also, you can throw each beggar 5 times before they die." but ye ok, i already completed this.
Posted by nanoc1111 on 13 Dec 17 at 22:20
Lord MaahesPretty sure I got this by using the multiple throw method, arrived in jerusalem visited the poor district and only threw 8 or 9 beggars 3-4 times each.
Posted by Lord Maahes on 30 Sep 21 at 07:23
ALoneWolf42During one of the earlier assassin missions I keep dying & throwing the same lady. It doesn't seem to be working, I think I'm up to 30 or 35 by now.
Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 10 Dec 21 at 05:33
ALoneWolf42I'm kindof nervous that this achievement is glitched for me. I've thrown about 50 or 60 poor ladies at this point and it still hasn't registered.
Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 11 Dec 21 at 05:06
SwarmingMost satisfying achievement in this game
Posted by Swarming on 16 Apr at 15:30
HaKaNoWI killed at least 200 poor mentals before i read this : ) Sorry
Posted by HaKaNoW on 21 Aug at 12:53