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Shortcut Killer

Find and unlock 15 Shortcuts.

Shortcut Killer+2.8
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12 Feb 2021 30 Mar 2021
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There are a total of 17 shortcuts in the six main campaign levels. Once you've opened/unlocked them they'll remain unlocked for any future playthroughs.

The shortcuts are broken down as follows:
- Dubai - 4 shortcuts
- Dartmoor - 2 shortcuts
- Berlin - 3 shortcuts
- Chongqing - 3 shortcuts
- Mendoza - 3 shortcuts
- Carpathian mountains - 2 shortcuts (But if you get them in order you won't need these for the achievement.

Below I've linked youtuber MrFreeze2244's video walkthroughs for unlocking all of the shortcuts (his walkthrough videos are, in my opinion, the best out there, I'd highly recommended checking out his videos if you're struggling with any challenges).

Update 30th March 2021: The March update includes a fix for those who haven't had this achievement unlock when it should have. See the patch notes here, in particular: "Players that have been affected should unlock the relevant trophies/achievements when they launch the game after installing the 3.20 patch"
Dubai (4 shortcuts)

Dartmoor (2 shortcuts)

Berlin (3 shortcuts)

Chongqing (3 shortcuts)

Mendoza (3 shortcuts)

Carpathian Mountains (2 shortcuts)
Note that this video actually covers all the challenges for the Carpathian Mountains (except suit only / silent assassin). If you follow through from the start you'll unlock the first shortcut at 6:32, and the second at 9:24.
Funky MonkeeI have all 15 shortcut challenges from the first 5 levels unlocked and the achievement hasn't popped. Perhaps unlocking a shortcut and then reloading a save from before the shortcut was opened screws with it or something. Hopefully it'll pop when I unlock the last 2 shortcuts
Posted by Funky Monkee on 16 Feb at 18:32
Pat MustardI have all shortcuts in the game unlocked now and it won't pop

Edit: Popped after I reloaded into Chongqing! Must have been an issue with saves
Posted by Pat Mustard on 17 Feb at 09:35
Funky MonkeeI have all shortcuts but can't get it to pop. Seems bugged
Posted by Funky Monkee on 21 Feb at 15:30
Funky MonkeeThe latest patch has supposedly fixed some achievements but this one still won't pop
Posted by Funky Monkee on 23 Feb at 19:32
FruitDogs@Funky Monkee - I had the same problem, reset all my progress in Hitman 3, and re-did the levels & the shortcuts and it just popped for me.
Posted by FruitDogs on 24 Feb at 18:03
Funky Monkee@FruitDogs thanks. I will give it a bit more time in case it gets fixed and if not then I'll try this. Would quite like to keep progress though 😂
Posted by Funky Monkee on 26 Feb at 12:35
LoWLiFe SniPeRDefinitely buggy, probably from saves, won't pop for me after unlocking all.
Posted by LoWLiFe SniPeR on 07 Mar at 17:28
OmbroodleIOI are working on a fix:
Posted by Ombroodle on 10 Mar at 19:53
cdrw1987I had a couple of problems in chongqing, the shortcut out of the elevator shaft is open but I didn't get the challenge for it, and the other door shortcut I got the challenge but it won't stay open no matter how many times I unlock it. I got the achievement so I'm not all that concerned but still.
Posted by cdrw1987 on 26 Mar at 13:30
OmbroodleThe latest game update includes a fix for those having issues. Should unlock when you next launch the game.
Posted by Ombroodle on 30 Mar at 20:10
cdrw1987The shortcut that wouldn't stay open for me is, well im not 100% it stayed open but I got the challenge for that one unlocked now. I thought that challenge was for a different shortcut, but apparently not.
Posted by cdrw1987 on 31 Mar at 09:46
Funky MonkeeStill can't get this to unlock, even after deleting my saves from both local and cloud (NOT resetting progress though, just wiping saves) and loading up the game, loading up levels etc. All shortcuts are unlocked, all challenges popped but the achievement still refuses to unlock
Posted by Funky Monkee on 01 Apr at 09:06