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Green with Prenvy

Defeat Prinny Kurtis in the Post-Game and make him an ally.

Green with Prenvy-1.2
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01 Mar 2021 01 Mar 2021
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To fight Prinny Kurtis you need to find him in the item world and talk to him 5 times. You will find him in Innocent Town randomly. Innocent Town is randomly accessed after every 10 Stages in the item world. You shouldnt havent to grind this as you will be doing a lot of item world boosting in the post game but if you want to. You can use a Gency exit on every 10th floor to head back to the base. You should get an auto save at that point but its best to make a Save yourself in case you head back to the base by accident.

Simply Head to the exit and clear that Stage and you will either head to Innocent Town or be asked to go to Base or Next Stage. If you get Innocent Town, look for a Green Prinny and talk to him if he is there and continue on. If You dont see him or get prompted for the next stage. Quit to the title screen and reload the game and try again. If you are using the autosave DONOT select Return to Base as that will overwrite the autosave.

Once you speak to him for the 5th time, he will talk about you being a good opponent and want to fight you. You will then need to pass a bill to "Fight the defender of the Earth" through the Cam- Pain. I cant recall the amount of Mana.

Once passed you will have an option under the dimensional gate at the base after Episode 10 somewhere and you can fight Prinny Kurtis who is only LVL 150.
JDuke705just a note that you have to be in post game as with all the others. but I had reset to do some of the others and after finding him 5 times I did not have the bill available until after completing the base story again.
Posted by JDuke705 on 07 Apr at 01:51
xShoot4WarAmpsxIf you beat him once you dont need to find him or pass the bill again on a new Cycle. His option will just be there next time you are in post game. Dont know if there was any post game stages that needed to be cleared first. I think you need to beat Petta or Pringer X
Posted by xShoot4WarAmpsx on 07 Apr at 02:02