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Ancient Hunter

Defeat 15 different ancient mobs.

Ancient Hunter-9.0
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xx Kenshira xxxx Kenshira xx1,404,357
01 Mar 2021 12 Jul 2021
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** Achievement is super buggy, but still unlocks**

This isn't my spread sheet, but this is a collection from a group on reddit, it has all spawns, items etc. everything you need to knock this achievement out in like 5 hours.

Added note the tracker doesn't always move after every kill, so don't worry about that, it will jump like 20% or so after about 3 total. each time, until roughly 70%, but this isn't the case for everyone. sometimes it moves on all etc.

Pets may be required to kill the ancients. But this method isn't known to always work. This achievement has been getting more buggy with each update.

Ancients with the black box with the ? in the middle are spawns you haven't killed before.
Added, Since people are spamming A to skip the introduction to ancient hunts in game, That explained this haha
Posted by Bu5hranger on 01 Mar 21 at 16:44
Fuzzmeister JThere are a lot more bosses than that spreadsheet has, so don't only rely on it. Also, my track may not go up on bosses I've not seen yet. It's very random what counts on the tracker. I can have the same boss twice in a row but only the 2nd one counts.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 03 Mar 21 at 21:20
BRiT wtfdotcomFinally got the achievement with the following mobs:

????? (Mooshroom / Mooshroom)
Abominable Weaver (Spider / Creepers)
Barrage (Armored Skeleton / Skeletons)
FrostWarden (Geomancer / Iceologer)
Grim Guardian (Zombie / Necromancers)
Haunted Caller (Necromancer / Skeleton Horsemen)
Oozing Menace (Smaller cube / Large cubes)
Pestilent Conjurer (Witch / Necromancer)
Solemn Giant (Armored Pillager / Endermen)
The Ancient Terror (Wraith / Spiders)
The First Enchanter (Enchanter / husks)
The Seeking Flame (Vex / 3 evokers)
The Tower (Baby Zombie Stack / Chicken Jockies)
The Unending (Spawner / Whiter Skeleton Archers)
Tiny Scourge (Baby Zombie / Redstone Golems)
Unbreakable One (Red Stone Golem / Royal Guard)
Unstoppable Tusk (Boar / Piglin Bowers)
Vigilant Scoundrel (Royal Guard / Pillagers)
Posted by BRiT wtfdotcom on 04 Mar 21 at 23:55
Gizmo2kWhat I've noticed is, as you're putting inventory into the Ancient Hunt slots and the mob is chosen, if it's ?? you've not encountered it, otherwise it'll show the mob's icon. Might save you wasting time starting it. I guess everyone knows this, but just in case they don't, now you do :)
Posted by Gizmo2k on 05 Mar 21 at 19:39
Dusk X2Gizmo2k I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip. Probably more useful to me than the guide above.
Posted by Dusk X2 on 06 Mar 21 at 03:30
xx Kenshira xxit was in the introduction the 1st time you walk up to the portal. so i didn't think i needed to add it to the guide
Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 06 Mar 21 at 04:05
Gizmo2kI blame my son for missing that message 😂
Posted by Gizmo2k on 06 Mar 21 at 09:11
xx Kenshira xxHaha you're all good. I get that sometimes with mine too
Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 06 Mar 21 at 09:44
Fuzzmeister JI don't think it matters if you have not seen it before. I've not got progress on things I've not seen and did get progress on things I've already seen. I think it's just buggy.
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 06 Mar 21 at 13:47
MrFunkoPop996For myself the counter for this only went up every 2/3 new ancients that were killed including having to kill another after the achievement should off been achieved (killed 16 in total).
Posted by MrFunkoPop996 on 07 Mar 21 at 18:13
CortanaramaLike @MrFunkoPop996, I too had two bosses that I beat, but the tracker AND game never registered as being beaten (Ancient Terror and Tower, with having beat Tower 3 times in the run).

As OP mentions, I had to go back and check for the ? box to see which bosses had actually tracked for me.

Hopefully, they flush this out because this achievement took some time, especially when RNG didn't even provide one of the ancient mobs in a run.
Posted by Cortanarama on 08 Mar 21 at 06:43
Taro Korya SanI killed the Pesilient Conjurer twice now and still no progress. This achievement is broken. I checked after the level was done and its no longer a '?' so I guess it counted? IDK
Posted by Taro Korya San on 10 Mar 21 at 23:59
BRiT wtfdotcomThe tracker never advanced when I defeated The Tower either, despite having done it 4 times over 2 different hunts on 2 different days on 2 loads of the game -- I fully exited the game (Menu > Quit) and restarted the console in between too. I don't remember which other ancients the tracker didn't progress for either.

That is why I listed all of the Ancients I ran through to get the achievement.
Posted by BRiT wtfdotcom on 13 Mar 21 at 19:06
xx Kenshira xxit's odd some people are having issues, i just did the 15 in order on the list, my tracker didn't move on all, then jumped like 20%ish randomly, which is why i stated it doesn't move on all. i had 3 other mates in the game with me, we all got the achievement on our 15th boss kill. tower was 1 that we did kill. and it moved for us on that one,
Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 14 Mar 21 at 03:53
DanPalf1991This site really helped me:

Outlined the rune images needed for each. I got lucky and one spawned every time.
Posted by DanPalf1991 on 21 Mar 21 at 11:42
neilbanDied as I killed the Frostwarden this morning got the drops but didn’t get the kill assume my Pet delivered the final hit.
Posted by neilban on 21 Mar 21 at 14:23
xx Kenshira xx@danpalf1991 that link is the same as what I've got above. But updated to look nicer instead of a spread sheet. But it's got all the same information.
Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 21 Mar 21 at 21:49
Ron69BongkowskiYeah I've killed 19 unique ones and this isn't popping. I've got 14 to register, but I can't get the last one to count. No matter how many ones I kill, it will always remain blacked out and with a ? over it. Has anyone gotten past this? It's very frustrating
Posted by Ron69Bongkowski on 25 Mar 21 at 03:53
Ron69BongkowskiI just got it to unlock by uninstalling and reinstalling. The first one I tried gave me the achievement. So if you get stuck, I would just try reinstalling
Posted by Ron69Bongkowski on 25 Mar 21 at 05:06

This unfortunately didn't work for me. I killed the Unending about 5 times, and no progress for me. After un- and reinstalling the game I killed it twice within 2 minutes. But I'm just stuck on 80% no matter which remaining ancient I kill, while staying marked as undiscovered. Feelsbadman
Posted by Edos on 26 Mar 21 at 16:44
xx Kenshira xxI'm wondering if there was an update after i did it, because me and all the 8 others i did this with when i unlocked ( we had 2 groups running at once), had 0 issues, we did it week 1. it sucks if that's the case. we did unending as part of our kill, and i've helped about 15 others give or take, but always unlocked after 15, as stated above i stated it never counted each kill, but we kept going then it skipped like 3-4 kills in the %. that might be the case. if it's the last kill, i'm not sure sorry, but killing something that was a ? and remaining, no fkn idea, never happened to us, and i've done it on 2 account now. to double check. sorry i cannot be any more helpful. wish i could.
Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 26 Mar 21 at 17:22
EdosIt should definitely be my last. The Unending, Vigilant Scroundel, The Tower and Haunted Caller all did not increase my %. Considering I need 3 more I killed more than enough. With that said, there has been a patch on March 24th, which indeed might have accidently messed this achievement up a bit. Very few people on TA have unlocked this since that update, none today in fact (26th).

I have tried solo, coop with me starting the hunt and coop with the other person starting the hunt.

Anyways, I'll try an ancient hunt every other day to see if it randomly progresses. Could just be bad luck
Posted by Edos on 26 Mar 21 at 20:06
Ron69BongkowskiMine was stuck at 80% too. I reinstalled, started up a hunt, killed one of the bugged ones, returned to camp immediately, and it worked. I might have just gotten lucky.
Posted by Ron69Bongkowski on 26 Mar 21 at 20:07
DJB HustlinI returned to camp after realizing I was not going to get an Mob but I cannot continue Ancient Hunt. It makes me put in items to start another Hunt. Anyone have this issue?
Posted by DJB Hustlin on 28 Mar 21 at 02:24
Ron69Bongkowski@DJB when you quit you start on the next level and can't go back. So if you were on the 3rd level, it just makes you restart. If you quit on the first one, you go to the second and so on
Posted by Ron69Bongkowski on 28 Mar 21 at 07:23
DJB HustlinAh, I see. Thanks

It looks like the achievement is bugged anyway. It's not tracking any of my hunts (7 so far), in game it still shows completed mobs as unknown and no one has unlocked it since the 25th
Posted by DJB Hustlin on 28 Mar 21 at 15:13
vl Insane lvYep it's broken. Stuck at 60%. Wasted alot of gear and used a couple points just for it to not track.
Posted by vl Insane lv on 29 Mar 21 at 06:45
vl Insane lvI submitted a bug report to mojang. More people should too so they fix it.
Posted by vl Insane lv on 29 Mar 21 at 07:20
EdosI saw your post, as well as someone elses and 'voted' for it, guessing it gives it more attention. When entering their site they specifically put to not make posts of already existing topics. I don't think making 100 posts would matter, but voting for your existing one on the site doesn't hurt. Signing up is required.

Link to site:
Posted by Edos on 29 Mar 21 at 08:11
xx Kenshira xxcheers for letting me know guys i will add above for now.
Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 29 Mar 21 at 10:19
DeaconFrost2kSpent over 40 enchantment points last weekend cry to hunt them with my son, i hope they fix this soon and track "lost" Ancients
Posted by DeaconFrost2k on 29 Mar 21 at 16:21
LythirisI found a way to get it to count more reliably than it currently is. Its very odd, but if I waited around for about a minute after calling in the boss then summoned an iron golem and let him kill the boss it seemed to work most of the time. This was on default 7 difficulty.
Posted by Lythiris on 30 Mar 21 at 07:57
I can confirm this worked!
Posted by Edos on 31 Mar 21 at 18:38
vl Insane lv@ Lythiris
Thanks man! It works. Why does it work though lol. Maybe just waiting a minute to give the game time to register the ancient.
Posted by vl Insane lv on 31 Mar 21 at 22:10
LythirisI tried just waiting and it didn't work by itself. Maybe it was just one of the bad runs, but I didn't have enough resources to keep testing.
Posted by Lythiris on 01 Apr 21 at 06:23
DjentLivesI think the killing with the pet is the important part, I just got progress by using my pet to kill an ancient mob. They may have also just patched it. If they didn't then I suspect my weapon was putting status effects on the mob and it wasn't counting the kill properly
Posted by DjentLives on 01 Apr 21 at 14:23
sαвσ αy ησηProgress remains frozen for me, even following all the past tips.
Any solution?
Posted by sαвσ αy ηση on 01 Apr 21 at 20:09
DarklinkvortexYup the bug fix update totally glitched a few achievements from unlocking so seems you can make progress on this one even if you kill the ancient mobs
Posted by Darklinkvortex on 01 Apr 21 at 21:02
DjentLivesOther things I noticed are that my achievement tracker was only moving about 2/3s of the time. If you want to check if it worked then setup another hunt with the same runes and see if the mob has a question mark over it, if it is named instead then it counted.

For me I ran on apocalypse +1 and made sure not to hit the ancient mob with anything other than my pets (bees and a llama).
Posted by DjentLives on 02 Apr 21 at 08:10
Eel WhyCan confirm the pets trick work. I used Bee nest, Llama and Golem and let them kill the ancient mob. I killed some of the minions that spawned but didn't touch the boss. Play on a lower difficulty so your pets can do good damage. Started tracking after each mob killed when pets got the kill. I didn't have to finish the level, popped when my pets killed the last mob i needed.
Posted by Eel Why on 02 Apr 21 at 20:20
APkenobi175I have no idea how, but waiting about a minute and then letting an iron golem kill the ancient actually works!! thank you Lythiris for this method.
Posted by APkenobi175 on 03 Apr 21 at 00:09
EricGarcia4Have your pets do the killing. I unlocked mine by letting them kill the bosses. Downfall is if you had done all of them, you might have to redo all of them unless if you kept track of the ones you know you got progress for.
Posted by EricGarcia4 on 03 Apr 21 at 00:35
J4YC00MB3SMight be helpful towards those who are battling with this achievement.
I found that most of my Ancient Hunts did not register, trying countless times to do them all over and over again.
What made it quicker for me, that seemed to work, when hunting a specific mob, once found and defeated, collect loot, note the save ring bottom corner, now exit to camp, go back to ancient hunt, if that particular mob did not register towards the achievement, and the mob icon still "?", simply continue with the existing hunt, thus will reload a new environment, search again, I had massive luck finding the same mob. Killed it and only then did it registered. Keep in mind I only use one skill point making most my hunts around 63%.
Give it a try and see if this works for you
Posted by J4YC00MB3S on 05 Apr 21 at 21:29
DarklinkvortexYea this achievement just is broken, 7 different unknowns and not one registered. I wish they would fix this broken game
Posted by Darklinkvortex on 13 Apr 21 at 21:37
DemonicLinkIf the Ancient's face is shown below that means it has registered for the Achievement as well right?

Because my progress shows 3 out of 15 on the achievement (20%) but I can see 4 faces.

I've also killed an Abominable Weaver twice with an Iron Golem and it still shows as Unknown so I assume is not registered for the achievement either?
Posted by DemonicLink on 02 May 21 at 09:50
Hitman DarknessBroken ass, Microsoft junk! I loved this game played WAY more hours after getting all original 1000 BUT after hitting Level 255 and only needing this chevo I’m SICk Of this game this one Broken non tracking SHIT Achievement has now made me sick of this game, been stuck at 40% for ages killed new mobs over and over and nothing tracks tried restarting and other things to get it to work but NO chevo and NO tracking! So FUCK THIS GAME!! Too bad I wasted 100’s of hours just trying to unlock all the unique weapons just to have to trade them to try for this crap!
Posted by Hitman Darkness on 03 May 21 at 14:21
I kill 9 mobs and the tracker is by 0% N🍦
Posted on 03 May 21 at 22:23
duckonabikeThe tracking on this is super weird and glitchy. You have to kill 15 different mobs, so progress on the achievement tracker will be about 7% each time (100%/15 = 6.67% progress per Ancient). What I did is every time after I killed an Ancient, I would check the achievement tracker to see if it moved. If it did, then that means that the Ancient kill counted in game as well, so mark that Ancient as complete!

If the achievement tracker did not move, don't give up hope just yet! Wait until you get back to camp and enter the same combination of runes for the Ancient Hunt that you just did. If there is a light box in the lower left hand corner that has the face of the Ancient, that means it counted in game. This is good, because it means that on the next new Ancient kill, the achievement tracker will jump up 13% (6.67% for the Ancient you just killed, and 6.67% for the one previous that counted in game but didn't track). Now if you've re-entered the same combination of runes for the one you just completed but the box in the lower left is shaded and has a question mark ("?"), then it didn't count in game, so you'll have to kill that Ancient again.

For me, I had several not count in game and had to do them again. But many of mine did count in game, just not on the tracker. So just do another hunt against an Ancient that you haven't killed (or progress hasn't been tracked) and hopefully it tracks. To make sure you're not wasting too much time, only present the runes you need to summon just one Ancient, not multiple. This increases the odds of getting the Ancient you want. And always offer a single enchantment point. Whenever I didn't offer an enchantment point, I hardly ever had that Ancient appear. But when I offered just one, I almost always had the Ancient appear at least once, sometimes two or three times.

Don't worry about losing that enchantment point. It basically translates to sacrificing a level. So if I'm level 161 and I offer a single enchantment point, then I start the hunt at level 160, and can earn that point I spent back by leveling up again.

The Pet trick sometimes worked and it counted towards progress if my Iron Golem killed the Ancient, but not always. But I had it spawned every time I faced an Ancient.
Posted by duckonabike on 04 May 21 at 04:37
duckonabike@DemonicLink that's partially correct. If the Ancient's face is shown, it has registered in game, but may or may not have counted for the achievement. Since you have 3 of 15 (20%) on the achievement but you can see 4 faces, that means that one of those registered in game but did not count towards the achievement progress, so you'll have to figure out which three did register and which one did not. Just keep a checklist of all the Ancient's and note which of those counted in game and which ones counted towards achievement progress.

Since your Abominable Weaver still shows as unknown, that means it has not registered in game, so has not counted towards the achievement.
Posted by duckonabike on 04 May 21 at 04:42
Hitman DarknessAnyone know if this Chevo works any better or at all on the Pc/Windows 10?
Posted by Hitman Darkness on 04 May 21 at 04:45
Hitman DarknessI keep killing all the blacked out ?? Marks but they never count even know I’m finishing the mission
Posted by Hitman Darkness on 04 May 21 at 04:46
Is very buggy, i have kill all 21 ancient mobs and the tracker is by 0%!!! SHIT GAME
Posted on 04 May 21 at 09:50
DabimaI’ve now killed Barrage 5-6 times across 3 successful runs and he is still showing as undiscovered. I’ve gone through 13 bosses on the list so far and yet only have credit for 3. The rest show as never killed still
Posted by Dabima on 05 May 21 at 22:42
xx Kenshira xxNew patch coming really soon. So it might fix it. While some people are lucky and it's still unlocking fine for them. Not sure if there is an issue between versions i.e series X vs normal. Or it's just a error in the coding stopping a mass portion of players
Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 08 May 21 at 01:31
Hitman DarknessHoly Hell! Been trying so many things and THIS my friend worked twice so F yeah thank you went from 40% to 70 now so glad wow
Posted by Hitman Darkness on 01 Jun 21 at 19:08
PrimeBigTimeHas anyone figured out the 15 you can get without DLC? I'm missing some
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 26 Jun 21 at 06:17
PrimeBigTimeOh OK, thanks. It seems like some are locked at first but can unlock later. For example the mooshroom didn't unlock until I defeated 10 others. Not sure if that was the exact reason I could get it later, but it definitely was locked for a while, along with a few others.
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 26 Jun 21 at 17:08
PrimeBigTimeNo they are locked. If undiscovered it's a question mark over a black background. When it's locked it's a picture of a lock over a yellow background. That's why I thought it was DLC but when I tried later they changed to question marks. I'm trying to figure out the unlock criteria
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 26 Jun 21 at 18:44
PrimeBigTimeI'll try again tonight. Maybe I mixed up a rune after playing for four hours and everything kind of blended together. Thanks for the response.
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 26 Jun 21 at 18:59
GamerZz vIDefinitely down to luck, took me a good hour but eventually got it thank god!
Posted by GamerZz vI on 12 Jul 21 at 17:26
Kill the mobs with a golem or so. That has help me .
Posted on 11 Aug 21 at 16:44
HolyHalfDeadThe achievement tracker goes up 20% each time. So the first two you kill don’t count, but the third one does. I thought that was pretty obvious, but several people seem to be confused by it.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 17 Dec 21 at 12:28
HolyHalfDeadI have found another Ancient to add to the spreadsheet:

The Swarm = LLHO
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 18 Dec 21 at 01:09