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7 Day Survivor

TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Survive for at least 7 days.

7 Day Survivor0
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08 Mar 2009 02 Jan 2021
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Loosely follow "DrNewcenstein's Non-Confrontational 5 & 7 Day Survivor Guide for Dead Rising" which can be found here

That guide will enable you to get all of the static food with minimal confrontations.

Use Hoddans Survival tool, a mirror of which can be found here

Use it to check off the food as you collect it, and keep easy track of the in game time (you don't have a watch in infinity mode). By selecting food from the drop down box, you can see how many health blocks you will gain from consuming it (remember to to put a tick next to the health books you collected).

Additionally, you can see which psychopaths and survivors are active in what location at what time and tweak the Non-Confrontational guide accordingly. The psychopaths in particular give out huge amounts of food, so even if you take a beating from them, the reward should far outweigh it.

Lastly, use the dead rising alarm timer by dyxtra, which can be found here

I would advise setting a conservative time to ensure you have the food ready and don't die a silly death. You could also use a wireless controller, which should switch off with plenty of time to spare, BUT ONLY IF you are at full health when you put the controller down!

This achievement will take 14 hours of real time to obtain, there is no way to save, but you can pause.
Taco BobThere are much easier methods rather than a non-confrontational one. I found it way easier to just go after survivors and get food from them. If you follow this guide you'll go insane trying to keep up with the times, and worry if you will run out of food every time a zombie grabs you. If anything I suggest you follow this guide very loosely.
Posted by Taco Bob on 12 Jun 09 at 19:59
slikI would agree with TOO Taco Bob, follow the guide loosely but make sure you have read through all of it to give you some pointers in regard to your tactics. Again, as TTB says, survivors are an easy source of food. Good luck.
Posted by slik on 04 Jul 09 at 18:33
Mr Midnight 1Just extending my gratitude for the link to the guide... Completed this achievement about half an hour ago after one of the longest days of my life.

Anybody attempting this, i would advise you to listen to the two people who have commented above me, while the guide does work you will make life a great deal easier for yourself by going after a few psychopaths and survivors along the way...

As a quick tip, Otis is on the roof near the vent exit to the security room and Paul is in Entance Plaza as soon as the game starts, i would definitely kill both of these guys just to get you ahead of the game...
Posted by Mr Midnight 1 on 13 Aug 09 at 23:17
DimitriTo add on to the above, the good dr. tries to schedule everything in the game, which is way unrealistic, and s/he forgets to mention a crucial part of the survival strategy:

If you stand still for ~17 min you life bar will be down to 1 or 2 bars, you can time it if you want, but more importantly, your wireless controller, if not touched, will automatically turn itself off in ~15 minutes, leaving you with around 3-4 bars left.

i.e. just put the controller down in a safe spot with full life, when your ready, could be 15 minutes or two hours, you turn on your controller and have plenty of time to eat. I would switch my TV to the satellite and watch some shows whilst Frank is hopelessly surviving the zombie onslaught.
Posted by Dimitri on 13 Oct 09 at 19:28

If you use the Survival tool with the Dr's playthrough your guaranteed success..
Posted by ShadowMonkey987 on 30 Oct 10 at 00:20
Pedle ZelnipI just got 5/7 day survivor mostly using this guide, however, I'd agree with the others who say that following the non-confrontational guide to a T is definitely not the easiest.

I followed the NC guide for the first 3 days or so, and then started using the list of survivor's/psycho's at:

Whenever there was an easy survivor/psycho who had a big payoff I'd venture off to get his/her stuff. In the end I had over 12 hours of food left after 7 day survivor popped, and I never entered the park to take on the convicts (this is the part of the NC guide I think is the most problematic: on day 7 it'd suck to get killed by the convicts).
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 23 Dec 10 at 11:50
Hunter KahnI know some people have been critical of DrNewcenstein's Non-Confrontational Survivor Guide in the comments, but I personally found it to be very helpful. I agree that it should be followed loosely and you should feel free to pick off the occasional psychopath here and there to get a little extra food, but having a loose guide that could help me find all the food in such a way as to avoid the chance of getting killed in some fluke moment was really helpful to me. I was a little stressed about whether I was keeping up with the right time, but found I didn't have to constantly keep watching the clock, just follow the guide loosely and I was always a little AHEAD of the specific times in the guide. It worked for me, anyway!
Posted by Hunter Kahn on 17 May 16 at 13:14