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Road Trip

Taxi aircraft for a total distance of 100 miles.

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You will likely get a lot of progress towards this while working on the rest of this game. Heck, you should definitely unlock this naturally if going for Wing Commander (1000 hours of flight time). But if you're just itching to get it over with, here is what I did:

World Map >
Departure: KLGA (Laguardia, New York) - GATE (GATE 1 -- GATE SMALL)
Arrival: KJFK (Kennedy Intl, New York) - GATE (GATE A 14 -- GATE MEDIUM)
Plane: Textron Aviation Cessna 152

Once you load in, let the AI Co-Pilot take over and they will automatically start the plane, taxi, take-off, land, taxi, and park (if they don't crash somewhere along the way). Took about 15 minutes each time and got 4-6% added to the tracker each time it completed (if the AI Co-Pilot didn't crash).

Long and short is this is likely not the easiest or most efficient way to get this, but it's how I got it. The point is to find a larger airport, click on it, and choose "Zoom For Details" (Under Set as Departure/Arrival). You want to choose a Gate/Ramp that is far away from a runaway to increase the amount of time the pilot has to taxi. Same goes for the arrival airport.

I'm sure there is a better, longer route combination to maximize the amount of taxi time per flight. Feel free to share and I will update the solution! Let me know if I can do anything to improve this guide!
WhoIsJohn117My tracker stopped at 60%. It appears people are still getting the Achievement, so maybe my progress reset. I tried with both me taxiing and the AI taxiing with no increase.
Posted by WhoIsJohn117 on 08 Apr at 21:52
codomojumpSorry to hear that @WholsJohn117. I personally didn't have any issues but the game is definitely a buggy mess. I think the AI Co-pilot got worse after the last update lol
Posted by codomojump on 09 Apr at 06:11
WhoIsJohn117Yeah, I have to keep an eye on mine also. I did just discover there is a tracker for taxi distance in the Pilot Profile. From the home screen, go Profile > Pilot Profile > Search 'taxi' or scroll down to 'Total Distance Taxiing (M)'. Mine is in meters, and I don't see a way to change it. Mine is currently at 24,503.27 m or 15.2 SM/13.2 NM, so something reset. We'll see if it's SM or NM once the tracker starts going up again.
Posted by WhoIsJohn117 on 09 Apr at 12:55
BeyonkerI used LFPB Parking 143 to LFPG Parking 55 which was giving about 7% and the AI never crashed
Posted by Beyonker on 14 Jun at 02:44
Jambo CamboYou can get this naturally by just making sure you start at gates and taxi to the runway, then taxi to parking when you land.
Posted by Jambo Cambo on 11 Aug at 21:05
Mumbo Jumbo UKThink the devs need to sort out AI co-pilot, never seen a plane go fast slow on a taxi way rather than a constant speed
Posted by Mumbo Jumbo UK on 17 Aug at 20:47
SincereSeeker6I'd like to recommend Purplbacon's guide. Easily the best way. You can turn the rudder a little bit to the right and go in circles the entire time. About 120 KTS.
Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 29 Aug at 18:11