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The Duke

Drive 30 miles in the Duke Coupe Off Road Mod

The Duke-0.9
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31 Mar 2021 12 Apr 2021
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Drive ~50 Rounds (30min) - after that, drive threw the finish Line
(Achievement Progress Bar only rises, if youre driving threw the finish line)

Achievement will pop :)
AlyselleUnfortunately not the best track. It keeps getting stuck, so it’s Not an AFK-thing.
Posted by Alyselle on 01 Apr at 15:55
IX Bricktop XI+1 Worked absolutely fine (AFK'd too). Cheers toast
Posted by IX Bricktop XI on 08 Apr at 18:26
MagmaticNevada8-1 cause its cant be done when AFK
Posted by MagmaticNevada8 on 12 Apr at 09:31
CerberustormStill worked a treat but occasionally I'd have to reset the car but saves me driving 30 miles
Posted by Cerberustorm on 03 May at 10:22
Dylan XBAHe doesn’t specify anywhere that it can be done afk. What a stupid reason to downvote.
Posted by Dylan XBA on 01 Jun at 11:21
IX Bricktop XIif you notice Dylan XBA, the OP edited the solution on the same day MagmaticNevada8 downvoted. The original solution did state that it could be done AFK. Personally I managed to completed this AFK no problems.
Posted by IX Bricktop XI on 01 Jun at 13:56