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Harvest 50 turkeys

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Mr Kai W DegMr Kai W Deg162,771
09 Apr 2021 06 Aug 2021
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The achievement itself is pretty self-explanatory, so I thought I'd just leave some pointers about hunting turkeys.

- As of writing this, Turkeys are only found on the Silver Ridge Peaks and Te Awaroa reserves. If you're already hunting on these maps often, you should get this achievement naturally.

- Again, as of writing this, the drink time for turkeys is 15:00 - 16:00 on both reserves. Set the time to just before 15:00 and hunt around the lakes and rivers. Sometimes, their feed and rest zones are close to their drink zones as well, so as long as you hunt around water you shouldn't have much difficulty finding them.

- For weapons, turkeys are a class 1 animal so the .22 Virant Rifle, shotguns with birdshot, and small game arrows are the ethical choices, and will net you the most cash and xp.
The .22 rifle is probably the best overall, it has long range and ten rounds so you can take down multiple turkeys before they take off.
The various birdshots are all pretty good. You may have to get closer than the 22, they take longer to drop if you hit them with only a couple pellets, but its difficult to miss.
Small game arrows are quieter, that's about their only benefit. Use them if you want, but you're better off sticking to .22 and shotguns in my opinion.

- The in-game description describes Turkeys as having a strong sense of movement. From what I've gathered, this function's differently than their sense of vision. Turkeys are quicker to spot you when you are moving quickly rather than your proximity to them, so take it slow.

- If you haven't got the Thanksgiving Achievement yet - for harvesting a diamond Turkey - try and stick to harvesting the gobblers (males) as only they can make diamond (as far as i know) you might get lucky and snag this achievement along the way.

Happy Hunting!