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Blood Sucking Freak

Defeat Hemovorous the Invincible.

Blood Sucking Freak-0.9
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09 Apr 2021 16 Apr 2021
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The quest can be found and started on the Sanctuary III in Claptraps room.
After picking it up wait a second until the small box on the table opens up as it will gift you 500 Eridium for free. Next head to Darkthirst Dominion and simply follow the quest marker.

@evomat91 told us in the comments that
"If anyone is having trouble with this go into the invincible game with level 11 mayhem start the fight then turn the mayhem of. It says will reload achievement then unlocks".
-> As several people have confirmed it looks like it works on the second attempt. Please look in the comment section below to find out if the trick still works and share your experience. I will try to update the guide frequently.
-> I still recommend doing this the normal way with just killing him.

To fight against this Boss you will have to pay 500 Eridium - that means if you die you have to pay the 500E again in order for another try. You will face a huge door which only opens once you payed the price.
NOTE2: @SideKick Dan pointed out that after respawing the door was still open. He only had to repay after he left the level to grabed some different weapons and came back.

I suggest to disable any Mayhem/Chaos mode and play on normal difficulty.

After entering the arena you will have to kill a few mobs and Hemovorous the Invincible will mutate a few times before you will face his final form and the real fight begins.

The Boss himself got two health bars:
The first one is yellow (Corrosive will melt through Armor).
The second one is red (Incendiary damage tears through Flesh).

Regarding his attacks I suggest to not stand still and always keep moving while shooting.
You can dodge some of the attacks with moving/jumping over it.

Down below you can find a helpful video and I suggest you to watch it before fighting him by yourself.
I killed him solo in my first try and the achievement popped straight after he died but only two seconds later I died too and wasn't able to loot him facepalm.

Video Credits: Griffins Gaming Guides

Good luck fellow Vault Hunters!
SideKick DanPretty sure I didn’t have to pay 500E each time I died. After respawing the door was still open. I only had to repay after I left the level to grab some different weapons and came back.
Posted by SideKick Dan on 10 Apr at 05:26
vSullyIs this difficult solo?
Posted by vSully on 10 Apr at 06:37
JanSH4DOW@Sidekick Dan: Ah okay thanks for pointing it out. I fully died directly after beating the boss so the door was locked for me and I wasn't able to loot him but the Achievement popped. I will edit it in the solution, thanks. :)

@vSully: I think it depends on your current equipment and playstile. I did it with my max lvl Beastmaster and was specced in a crit build. I did went down a few times but either my animal buddy revived me or I was able to kill some mob around the boss. It is medicore difficulty I think and as long as you always keep moving, kill some mobs and dodge the attacks of the boss it's definitly doable solo. :)
Posted by JanSH4DOW on 10 Apr at 10:29
Calex dEUSIf you are just looking to get it done, normal with no mods is the way to go. If you do it on TVHM (I was level 10) vermivorous the invincible spawns too who is smaller and weaker but more to worry about. I think it took me 10 minutes or more to but them down with a decent speced Moze that handles everything else in the game with ease. I tried it on normal and it was more like 10 seconds as opposed to 10 minutes laugh
Posted by Calex dEUS on 10 Apr at 19:12
vSullyRight on. I’ll be trying it later tonight or tomorrow. I have one character, a siren, that is marginally geared well enough to play through the entire story and all the other achievements on normal difficulty. Or basic difficulty. I started playing the mystery missions and it took me a few minutes to even remember the controls and the basics of the game. I didn’t even remember what my action skill did :D
Posted by vSully on 10 Apr at 19:24
evomat91If anyone is having trouble with this go into the invincible game with level 11 mayhem start the fight then turn the mayhem of. It says will reload achievement then unlocks
Posted by evomat91 on 10 Apr at 19:40
JanSH4DOW@evomat91 Thanks for pointing this out. I will add it into to guide. Cheers :)
Posted by JanSH4DOW on 10 Apr at 19:53
evomat91Np don’t know how long it will last before they patch it but saved me the hassle
Posted by evomat91 on 10 Apr at 19:55
JanSH4DOWYeah it's great for people who just want the achievement. I just added it. Thank you :)
Posted by JanSH4DOW on 10 Apr at 19:57
moonpocoI can confirm the Mayhem switch glitch. I first went into the battle area at Mayhem 10, turned it off, and no pop. Next I changed to 11 and went back into battle and turned off Mayhem and it popped the achievement. So the trick does appear tied to level 11 and not just Mayhem. Note that it does place you outside the door each time you change Mayhem so if you want to do battle you are required to repay 500 Eridium to re-enter after the Mayhem change.
Posted by moonpoco on 10 Apr at 20:41
vSullyDidn't work for me. I turned on mayhem and cranked it to 11, paid the eridium to unlock the door, then followed the objective markers to an area with varkids. Once there, I turned off mayhem, prompting me to reload the area. I appeared outside the door and no achievement. What did I do wrong?
Posted by vSully on 11 Apr at 02:44
vSullyNevermind, I tried a second time, and fought the varkids for a while. It worked this time after turning mayhem off.
Posted by vSully on 11 Apr at 02:54
moonpocoInteresting what vSully mentioned about fighting the varkids. During my initial attempt using mayhem 10 I did not start fighting - I paid 500 and dropped into objective area but the first couple seconds when the varkids spawned I turned off mayhem and got no pop. The second time when I entered with mayhem 11 - I did battle for 15 seconds, then turned it off and the achievement popped. So if you want to safely cheat this achievement before paying the 500 eridium - be at mayhem 11, battle for a little bit, then remove mayhem. Or I suspect anyone sticking with Borderlands 3 this long and buying this DLC - beating this boss will be relatively easy especially if you remove mayhem before entering :-)
Posted by moonpoco on 11 Apr at 10:32
BiggDopeI turned Mayhem to 11, opened the door, and fought the first 4-5 varkids. Turned it off and no achievement pop. Am I supposed to fight the raid boss itself for a bit before turning off Mayhem?

EDIT: Eh, never mind. Decided to leave it in normal and kill him the regular way :)
Posted by BiggDope on 11 Apr at 17:54
vSullyI never saw the actual raid boss. Maybe you just have to do it two times? That's what seemed to work for me and for moonpoco.
Posted by vSully on 11 Apr at 17:59
BiggDopeI was hesitant in it possibly not working a second time and losing so much eredium, so I killed him regularly just to be safe.

But 2x may be the trick!
Posted by BiggDope on 11 Apr at 18:04
Vito084Just worked for me on my second attempt on mayhem 11
Posted by Vito084 on 11 Apr at 21:33
Its Uncle KevDoesn’t sound like a reliable glitch. Just do it the normal way. Is not that bad on normal with mayhem off.

Forgot to add, just killing him regularly will pop the achievement first go.
Posted by Its Uncle Kev on 12 Apr at 11:08
Springbok NLMayhem 11 trick still works as on 25/04/2021. Tried it solo twice without success and third attempt was the mayhem 11 trick and popped instantly after applying mayhem off.
Posted by Springbok NL on 25 Apr at 09:16
WeisGuy9Mayhem 11 trick still works as of 4/29/21. Worked on second attempt.
Posted by WeisGuy9 on 29 Apr at 23:06
AsturgisIf anyone needs help killing him on Mayhem 10 to get usable loot out of the boss, like Atlas Replay or Ionic Disruptor, you can MSG me directly on Xbox Live and I will help you out, as long as I have enough Eridium left which isn't guaranteed laugh I have farmed him for all he's worth already.
Posted by Asturgis on 04 May at 14:54
A Monkey PriestI killed this boss on Normal on my own in less than a minute. Maybe the game has been patched. Super easy boss to kill
Posted by A Monkey Priest on 22 May at 09:20
Cr4ck Sh0t23Works May 26, 2021. I played with the varkids for a minute before I turned off mayhem.
Posted by Cr4ck Sh0t23 on 27 May at 03:39
LiquidHotMAGMA9You can also have it on Mayhem 11 and go to Sanctuary and it'll still unlock.

Side note did anyone get 2 Hemovorous the Invincibles during the last part or is that just a random bug that I got.
Posted by LiquidHotMAGMA9 on 05 Jun at 01:32
motterWorks August 05, 2021. Shot at varkids for a few seconds before turning Mayhem off.
Posted by motter on 05 Aug at 18:30
DJ TraxionAugust 14th still works, first attempt shot at varkids then switched Mayhem 11 off popped while game was reloading
Posted by DJ Traxion on 15 Aug at 03:21
FTW1884MJAugust 17. Just did it. Trick still works.
Posted by FTW1884MJ on 17 Aug at 13:20
B4LL15T1C xBRxWorks on Aug 22
Posted by B4LL15T1C xBRx on 22 Aug at 15:41
DaMikeSCThat was a shockingly easy boss fight. Zane with the falcon and digiclone special abilities. Powerful corrosive assault rifle and I blew through it in a few minutes.
Posted by DaMikeSC on 27 Aug at 19:55
Max Stat CatStill works as of September 21
Posted by Max Stat Cat on 21 Sep at 18:47
FroggaliciousCan confirm still works as of 30th October 2021. Did it by mistake, had one failed attempt, lowered mayhem lvl which reloaded area and achievement popped straight away
Posted by Froggalicious on 31 Oct at 06:39